Anti-cellulite massage by banks at home

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  • Where does the "orange peel" come from?
  • Advantages of anti-cellulite can massage
  • Contraindications for massage with vacuum banks
  • What vacuum cans to choose for massage at home?
  • What happens to the skin in the process of vacuum therapy?
  • Technique for performing a jar massage
  • How to make an anti-cellulite massage by banks
  • How to make a can massage( video)
  • Massage anti-cellulite oils
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With a hated "orange peel," not only girls with mouth-watering,, whose figures do not have any visible flaws. Massage from the cellulite banks at home will become a real wand and help you to make your skin more taut and elastic, removing it from all signs of cellulite.

To quickly get rid of all the roughness of the skin, beauties experience the latest techniques and unique technologies offered by specialists in fashionable beauty salons and massage centers. And what is left for busy housewives who can not even carve out an hour to indulge their body with different salon procedures? In this case, banks will help.

Where does the "orange peel" come from?

To everyone who wants to learn more about the principle of the action of canned anti-cellulite massage, we offer to begin to find out what is cellulite. We will not go into obscure medical definitions and try to explain this term as much as possible.

Cellulite is commonly referred to as a metabolic disorder in the adipose tissue, resulting in subcutaneous deposits. Such fatty formations are located inside a dense protein capsule, which prevents effective splitting of subcutaneous fats and smoothing all the tubercles.

If physical activity and severe food restrictions do not give any visible results, you have to mechanically influence the "orange peel" using a special can vacuum.

Advantages of anti-cellulite can massage

Earlier we already mentioned that massage with vacuum cans is an excellent alternative to all salon techniques, and busy housewives can use the procedure themselves without recourse to the services of experienced specialists. Therefore, the main advantage of this method is its availability, as well as the possibility of carrying out the equipment at any convenient time.

Now the girls do not need to carefully calculate their schedule in order to be in time for a scheduled massage session. In addition, you do not have to stand for hours in traffic jams or suffer in uncomfortable transport, when you want to relax so quickly and fully enjoy the full rest after carrying out vacuum technology.

  • Can massage in beauty salons is considered to be a very expensive service, which requires impressive financial investments. Having bought once all the necessary devices for a home procedure, you can decently save your family budget.
  • At home, it is much easier to perform preliminary training, carefully scrubbing all the problem areas in advance and preparing a mixture of aromatic massage oils.
  • You can decide for yourself which most problematic places will be given increased attention, and which parts of the body will undergo the procedure next time.
  • After the massage the body will be able to completely relax and recover, and you will get an effective result that will rid the skin of all unevenness and unaesthetic cellulite.

Contraindications for massage with vacuum banks

Before deciding to vacuum massage at home, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with all existing contraindications.

The main obstacles in the struggle for smooth, elastic skin can be:

  • predisposition of sensitive skin to various allergic reactions;
  • the presence of large birthmarks and moles at those sites that will be subjected to the procedure;
  • cancers or any benign formations;
  • skin inflammation or infectious diseases;
  • all trimesters of pregnancy;
  • varicose veins and other vascular diseases;
  • high blood pressure.

Do not massage the inner thighs, and also do the procedure on the chest, lower back and the spine.

Which vacuum cans to choose for massage at home?

The most effective are glass medical jars, which were used a couple of decades ago to treat all possible colds. However, this method is also considered to be the most inconvenient, because in order to create the necessary vacuum, it is necessary to heat up the glass container with the help of a manufactured "torch".Therefore, in addition to all, you will also need a plug, cotton wool and alcohol. As soon as the pot heats up, it is immediately put on problem areas of the body, which creates an anti-cellulite vacuum effect.

This procedure is considered the most effective, although the need for heating creates extremely unsafe conditions for a massage at home.

For a safe procedure, you can purchase special "massage bells" that you just need to squeeze in your hand in order to create a vacuum space. Such banks are made of soft silicone, so they are very convenient to conduct a home session of therapeutic massage. On sale also there are glass and plastic products in which vacuum is created due to compression of the built-in rubber pear.

Silicone cans are easy to use and absolutely safe, they can be taken without any difficulties on the road, because they are light and do not break under extreme conditions. However, unlike glass products, they are not so effective and effective.

What happens to the skin in the process of vacuum therapy?

Massage with vacuum cans acts on the upper layers of the skin, thereby increasing the lymph flow. Due to the increase in venous-arterial blood flow, intensive feeding of subcutaneous lymph by useful microelements and substances occurs, and tissue cells are saturated with the necessary amount of oxygen.

The created vacuum promotes the further disintegration of adjournment in problem sites of a body. The can vacuum also affects all nerve endings, so heat is continuously felt throughout the entire treatment session in the treated areas.

Vacuum therapy in addition to an effective result can cause bruising in areas exposed.
You can observe the appearance of severe redness after the first two massage procedures. After the lymph flow in the subcutaneous tissues is adjusted, and the blood circulation is normalized, unpleasant stains will no longer form on the sensitive skin.

Vacuum anti-cellulite massage effectively removes fat formations in the buttocks, hips and abdomen. Specialists recommend such sessions with the aim of rejuvenating the fading flabby skin. Also, can massage at home allows us to adjust the natural processes of regeneration of the skin, eliminating problem areas from scars and hated stretch marks.

Technique for performing a jar massage

In order for home therapy to yield positive results and the skin to become more even and elastic, it is necessary to prepare beforehand for a vacuum massage session:

  1. At the initial stage, experts advise carefully to steam out the skin, taking a warm bath. For a better effect in water, you can add a little sea salt and five drops of any essential oil.
  2. Then, using a hard loofah, rub all the problem areas until a small redness appears. In addition, apply to the body special anti-cellulite gels and essential oils, which increase the circulation of blood in the upper layers of the epidermis.
  3. Instead of a washcloth, any peeling or scrub, prepared independently at home, is suitable.
    Necessary ingredients that will be needed, there are in the kitchen for any housewife: sea salt, honey, olive oil and ground coffee.
  4. Once the skin has thoroughly decomposed and the pores are opened for the subsequent impact of the vacuum procedure, you can proceed to the very technique of canning massage. After the bath, the body should be thoroughly dried using a terry towel.

How to make anti-cellulite massage with banks

Observance of the right massage lines promotes effective action on the "orange peel", and the skin eventually becomes more elastic and elastic. In order for the massage to help get rid of the hated cellulite, you should know how to do the vacuum procedure at home.

  • Before installing silicone or rubber cans on the body, they must first be neatly squeezed in the palm of your hand.
  • To form a vacuum space, the skin retraction area should be approximately 1.5 cm.
  • Further massage is performed due to three types of movements: circular, zigzag and rectilinear. For maximum effect, each species should be repeated at least 5-6 times.

How to do canon massage( video)

Direction of massage movements

Hand massage is performed from the back surface of the shoulder joint to the armpit area. The lower sections of the chest should be massed with zigzag movements along the rib line.

The posterior surface of the buttocks is massaged in the following directions:

  • by rectilinear movements from the back of the knee to the buttock fold;
  • in a circular motion from the central part of the buttocks to the outside of the thighs;
  • with zigzag movements from the middle of the gluteus muscle to the inner surface of the thigh.
The front of the thigh is massaged from the outer part to the inner side of the inguinal zone and from the kneecap up.

The abdomen area is treated in the direction of the lymph flow in several approaches:

  • with spiral movements from the navel to the outer contours of the waist;
  • the upper part is processed by linear movements from the navel to the costal spaces;
  • the bottom is massaged along the line from the navel to the inguinal surface of the body.

Each problem area of ​​the body is massaged for at least 5 minutes, and then a couple of minutes perform smooth stroking of the treated areas. The duration of the can massage should be approximately 40 minutes. At the end of the session, experts recommend 10 minutes to relax in the supine position. To achieve the best result, the course of home vacuum therapy should consist of 12 massage sessions.

Massage anti-cellulite oils

After several procedures, you can notice significant improvements and a noticeable transformation of the skin, if you use high-quality massage oils. Of course, you can use the usual purchased funds, a wide range of which is presented on the shelves of supermarkets and the nearest pharmacies. However, to all supporters of natural natural methods of body care, we recommend making a special mixture for massage at home.

The composition of massage recipes includes base and essential oils. As the base ingredient, grape and peach seed oil are excellent, in which no more than 20 drops of various ethereal compositions are added.

For vacuum massage, it is best to choose oils with anti-cellulite effect that promote intensive lymph flow. The following facilities have this property:

  1. Geranium oil effectively fights against cellulite and allows you to get rid of visible skin irregularities. This effect is achieved through intensive outflow of lymph. The oil positively affects the most stagnant processes of the upper layers of the epidermis.
    After several sessions the skin becomes tight and elastic, and the adjusted regeneration helps to eliminate even very deep stretch marks.
  2. To remove all harmful slags and toxins from the body, and improve all metabolic processes inside the body, juniper oil will help. It activates all stagnant phenomena and removes excess fluid, thereby relieving the skin of edema.
  3. Cypress oil improves natural regeneration and fights with the "orange peel".Thus, an effective rejuvenation of mature skin occurs, and cells of the upper layers of the epidermis receive the necessary amount of nutrients and oxygen.
  4. Cedar oil promotes intensive heating of the treated skin areas, which improves blood circulation and normalizes the metabolism inside the body.
  5. Grapefruit oil has a diuretic effect and helps to fight excess weight.
  6. Orange oil occupies a leading position in the top of the best anti-cellulite products: its useful trace elements saturate the skin with oxygen, remove all accumulated toxins from the body and promote the further regeneration of the skin.

Tips and tricks

If you want to get rid of cellulite once and for all, then to solve an exciting problem you need to approach it in a complex way, affecting the body from the inside and out.

  • Pay attention to your diet: perhaps you abuse fatty, flour and sweet food, which becomes the main culprit of the "orange peel".
  • Fast food and harmful fizzy drinks further exacerbate the situation, and in addition to cellulite, the problem of overweight appears.
  • Smoking and alcohol also provoke the appearance of unevenness in the skin, and the body is exposed to toxic effects, resulting in more active aging processes.

To avoid such negative consequences, it is very important to get rid of bad habits and begin to engage in any active sport. Do not forget to observe the norms of water balance and drink at least 1.5 liters of clean drinking water a day.

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