Fashion and colors of fashionable summer dresses of 2016 season

  • Semitransparent
  • Mosaic variants
  • Assemblages and flounces
  • Asymmetry
  • Chic and glitter
  • Fashionable lace
  • Fashionable summer dresses of large sizes
  • Summer dresses for girls

It would seem that the New Year has only recently come, and many women of fashion are already asking about that, what kind of outfits will be at the peak of fashion in the upcoming season and how to meet him fully armed? In fact, the dress is the most universal and irreplaceable thing in the wardrobe of any fair sex. Many girls are interested in what fashionable summer dresses should be purchased in order to be in the center of attention, to correspond to modern fashion trends and to emphasize their own individuality.

Fashion trends of the new season will be able to satisfy and please all women, because they abound with all sorts of options not only in styles and colors, but also ways of product execution. There are models that will appeal to the girls of romantic images, women who prefer the classics and restraint, as well as daring people who are not afraid of bold experiments.

Designers are well prepared and offer many models made in different styles that will be appropriate for all kinds of occasions. The range for selection is the widest - from daily and modest dresses in a romantic style to the most frank and sexy outfits for special evenings.


In the coming season, translucency has many facets. The leading fashion designers demonstrated their vision, so the following were noticed at the shows:

  • air dresses of the maximum length in the style of "hippies";
  • styles, reminiscent of night shirts, decorated with lace and a variety of embroidery;
  • mesh-skirts in a sports style, which were transformed into modern dresses.

Air and light translucent fabrics are very natural and comfortable looking in the summer. To create summer fashionable sarafans and dresses 2017use organza, chiffon, mesh and guipure.

At the height of fashion will be dresses made of translucent materials, designed for everyday wear. The base garment of any fashionable woman this summer should be a light dress of batiste of light tones.

Mosaic variants

Transparency has more than one season confidently occupies a separate niche in fashion shows, while mosaic dresses are truly a novelty, which, most likely, can become a new bright trend.

Designers have shown all their imagination and presented the most daring and unusual novelties, collecting seemingly completely incompatible fragments into a single whole.

In the fashion the following combinations of materials:

  • leather and chiffon;
  • knitwear and satin;
  • wool materials, which have different density and texture;
  • and even a single canvas, which was cut into individual parts and re-sewn into a whole piece of fabric.

An additional discovery and a godsend for fashion creators has become multi-layered. This novelty has every opportunity to win the attention of the most inveterate women of fashion. All conditions for using different in their density and texture of tissues are created here.

Felts and flounces

Fashion houses for the coming summer season with the help of lush skirts, all kinds of ruches, ribbons and an overstated waist created dresses that are designed to embody a puppet image for girls. In a particularly elegant way will look models in gentle pastel colors. Other designers suggest wearing lush dresses of dark tones in combination with leather jackets.

Here the trends for the upcoming summer for all girls offer several themes:

  • playful flounces on dresses in the style of "girlish frivolity";
  • frills, located on several different levels;
  • frills represented by careless performance in the style of "hippies";
  • very small frills, similar in appearance to the lace decor of the underwear.

Asymmetry of

Modern trends of were successfully combined with the designers of the trowel and successfully combined, while introducing an additional element of asymmetry into this creation. Ideal combinations of transparency, mosaic and multilayered, underlined by asymmetry in styles, create unique images. These techniques are so organically combined in each dress that it is rather difficult to single out only dresses with asymmetry or multilayered performance. The complexity of structures and materials fascinates the eye, suggesting the courage of choice.

Different lengths are allowed - from mini to maxi. Couturiers prefer asymmetry in the hem of the hem, because it can emphasize the beauty of the female legs, and also focus on the unusual cut.

Some portion of asymmetry is also present in dresses that have cutouts and cuts. In a particularly beautiful and tempting look models with a cut flowing along the entire length of the foot.

Even if your modest dress-case has a very small cut, it will still look attractive and elegant.

Chic and shine

Dresses with all kinds of shiny elements in the decor, presented in the form of sequins and sequins, are an excellent option for a grand event or special occasion. Dresses in the style of "metallic" in silver or gold colors, frequent visitors in collections of fashion designers of the upcoming summer season. Brilliant effects assume extremely simple and concise styles and the minimal possible use of elements as decor.

Smart images for the evening, of course, should be beautiful and seductive. Without a doubt, the most suitable length for solemn exits to the world should be "midi" or "maxi".It is at such a length that a woman will feel simply luxurious. Most fashion houses preferred this length of elegant cocktail models.

Actual dresses this summer will be presented in short styles, made of shiny and exquisite fabrics. At first glance, they will resemble a negligee, which in turn looks stunningly feminine and attractive.

Little satin dresses in the style of "negligee", supplemented with transparent inserts of soft and translucent chiffon, will be very useful in hot summer evenings. They will be appropriate not only for a romantic evening, but for a modest celebration with close people.

Leather dresses do not lose their popularity. Products made from a variety of colors and styles of leather are still relevant for many designers.

Clothing from velvet is experiencing a new heyday. Some time ago, velvet was considered a material that had lost its relevance, and even appropriated it as "obsolete".However, now some fashion designers reconsidered their opinion on the matter of this material, which is distinguished by its nobility, and offered many different types of clothes, among which there are dresses that fascinate truly a royal look.

Fashionable lace

Fashion trends in the upcoming summer season insist that girls in the wardrobe have lace dresses that will gently emphasize their femininity. For designers, there are no boundaries in the choice of colors, so the presented models are painted with a variety of colors. Despite the wide color palette, the favorite was a lace of pure white color.

These fashionable summer white dresses are very sexy. Separately it is worth noting the large lace, with the help of which these masterpieces were created.

Often, lace models are decorated with elegant details as ribbons, all kinds of brooches, exquisite lacing or flirty bows. In some products, lace itself is used directly as a decoration, when the dress itself is made from a denser fabric.

Fashionable maxi dresses this summer, fashion designers offer to decorate using laser cutting.

"Ethno" and "hippies"

Such a popular style of the seventies, which broke into all the podiums, made it possible for all women of fashion to choose the most vivid and exclusive options for dresses.

There is a variety of prints in the ethnic style, as well as amazing air models of maximum length, made in a free cut.


For those who do not share the colorfulness and cheerfulness of the "hippies", the designers offer reserved and strict dresses of black color of different lengths - from the very minimal to the "floor" dresses. Here, plastic fabrics are used, which are complemented by appropriate accessories in style.

Fashionable summer dresses of large sizes

In the upcoming summer season, owners of appetizing forms need to consider the following trends and features.

  1. When choosing an for a summer dress or a sundress, it is worth giving preference to a large pattern, since a small pattern will only increase the female size.
  2. Summer time is the most suitable time for clothes with juicy patterns. It must be remembered that the finishing and color elements should not be located at the level of the problem areas. The figure below the hem, on the contrary, is able to distract the attention of others from fluffy hips or imperfect waist.
  3. Dresses that have a long hem asymmetrically shaped, can add to the female silhouette additional vertical lines that can visually make the figure more slender.
  4. For fashionable dresses, vertical lines are best for summer, which can carry not only beads, but also longitudinal folds and prints. The dress with a deep cut on the hem will visually line the silhouette.
Girls with magnificent shapes look great multilayered outfits, as well as chiffon dresses in the style of "Empire".

Summer dresses for girls

For the youngest women of fashion designers also prepared a colorful and varied summer. Fashion dresses for girls from 15 years this season are characterized by truly royal luxury. Fashion houses prepared for the growing princess rich fabrics, decorated with embroidery and exquisite decor. The style of models is distinguished by magnificent skirts and multilayered.

The majority of summer collections for girls are characterized by a simple and comfortable cut. At the peak of fashion, fabrics of bright and juicy colors, as well as gentle pastel tones. Lush skirts for girls this summer will again be very relevant.

In the upcoming spring-summer season, dresses that combine 2 artistic elements will be especially popular. For example, a bodice with bright colors, complemented by a lush skirt of tulle with color transitions. Airy dresses of elegant cut are able to turn any girl into a little princess. Moreover, such models are very practical, since they will be appropriate not only in the summer, but also at a solemn event in honor of the birthday or participation in the wedding ceremony.

Designed for the summer season by fashion designers, the styles of dresses are characterized by tenderness and refinement.

On the catwalks are dominated by romantic images and "retro", a lot of air materials, quirky patterns and flirty elements. If in your childhood you could not fully enjoy the image of the princess, then the fashionable dresses for the summer of 2017 will give you the opportunity to translate all your dreams into reality.

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