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  • How long does it take to sunbathe in the sun?
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Summer begins, the time of holidays, hikes, berry and mushroom raids. Finally, you can enjoy the bright sun and forest coolness, swim in the river, sunbathe. ..

Especially gets to the townspeople - after all in the city they get less ultraviolet rays, and the skin that is unusual for them reacts painfully to the sun. And sunbathing is why they should be especially careful.

How long should I sunbathe in the sun?

To take sunbathing, especially in the south, it is necessary in the mornings-up to 9-10, and in the middle band-up to 11-12 hours. First enough to stay in the sun for 10-15 minutes, gradually this time can be increased. If you have a bad sunbathing or very white skin, try to spend more time under the awning or in the shade of the trees, then the tan will lie evenly.

How to quickly tan?

To tan faster, you can lubricate the skin with a mixture of castor and sunflower oil, taken in equal parts.

Preparation for tanning

In the morning before the beach, wash with cool water without soap, infusion of herbs( St. John's wort, mint, lime blossom) or weak cold tea infusion. Cream for sunburn apply a very thin layer, well rubbing. Remove the surplus with a napkin. If the layer of this cream is thick, uneven, then when the moisture evaporates, the tan will lie unevenly, there may be burns. The face, densely greased with a fat cream, sweats, it also causes an uneven tan.

Lip protection

Sometimes the lips become inflamed from the sun, blisters and crusts are formed. It is better not to paint lips, but lubricate them with hygienic lipstick, vegetable oil.

Eye protection

Protect eyes. Wear dark glasses, but do not use them all the time: there will be a white band around your eyes.

Hair protection

Hair must be covered with a headdress. Do not dry them in the sun and comb in the shade, otherwise they will become brittle.

Skin protection

In summer, the skin emits more sweat, more dust. You need to wash it more often, just do not wipe it with cologne, especially leaving the sun to not cause inflammation.

One of the most pleasant and necessary procedures is bathing. The skin after bathing becomes more elastic and elastic. Well cleared. Bathe in the sea, massage the feet in the water, then the stomach and chest. After bathing, rinse with fresh water, grease the skin with a fat cream. In the evening, wipe the body with diluted table vinegar-it gives a feeling of cheerfulness.

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