With what you can and can not wear a coat

  • Combining coats with jeans and trousers
  • How to combine dresses and skirts with outerwear?
  • Combination with shorts and short trousers
  • With what in any case it is not necessary to combine a coat?
  • Basics of color combinations

Coats are considered to be the most popular outerwear, and all because of its versatility. Despite the fact that many models of such outerwear look extremely feminine, they perfectly match with any elements of the wardrobe. The perfect bow is created only if the person carefully thinks out every detail of his appearance. That's why the question of what you can and can not wear a coat, should be taken very seriously.

Combination of a coat with jeans and trousers

If a coat made of cashmere, wool and artificial leather can be safely called a universal outerwear, then without jeans it is difficult to imagine your everyday image. Their combination is considered classic in many respects due to the fact that, regardless of the style of the pants, the coat with them will easily harmonize. What are the ideal options for combining outerwear with pants?

  1. Look great in the autumn image of jeans-boyfriends with loose trousers.
  2. Suitable for such bow and narrow jeans, which have not lost popularity for several seasons.
  3. Look great with coats and classic trousers with print and straight trousers.
  4. The image will be able to fit and fashionable now leather pants, which look extremely daring, but this is no less interesting.

The combination with trousers of all possible styles suits perfectly for the autumn image. In this case, you need to carefully consider the selection of shoes. So, for example, popular long boots boots fit perfectly with autumn coats, but absolutely do not look like leather pants or classic trousers. Such contradictions should be avoided, because then the whole image will turn out to be blurry.

The ideal addition to jeans and trousers will be ankle heels with medium size or shoes with a closed nose. Such an image will turn out to be both classic, but still with some bold zest.

Jeans-boyfriends require a choice of straight cut. Skinny perfectly combined with shortened, fitted styles. It is better not to wear high boots to straight trousers, the coat should be a classic model.

As the styles of all these pants differ greatly from each other, choosing one or the other trousers as the basis for the onion, the lady will manage to look every day in a new way.

How to combine dresses and skirts with outerwear?

Not every girl is ready to give up romantic and sexy dresses in the autumn season or in the spring, even if the weather on the street does not have to wear such clothes. That is why skirts and dresses are often combined with outer clothing, giving preference to shorter models. Any outerwear will look perfect with the following combinations:

  • with strict dresses with a knee-length to create elegant office images;
  • are useful and skirts up to the knee and above, which will add an autumnal image of romance, restraint;
  • in combination with the coat look great long skirts in the floor, especially if they are complemented by half-boots on the heel;
  • models with flared hem should be combined with short coat versions;
  • you can complement the image with the help of an over-dress.

There are a lot of combinations, as in the case of jeans. A woman can stop on a strict office image, complementing him with ankle boots. Excellent will look and a variety of skirts with a length to the knee, which will add to the image of romance and youthful freshness.

If a girl chooses a short skirt or a dress with a short length as the basis of the image, she should give up shoes with a huge heel. In combination with such footwear, the whole image will look extremely vulgar.

As a top classic blouses of all shades, and elegant cardigans are also suitable.

Modern fashionistas are used to mixing their images. That's why a woman can choose a classic black skirt trapezoid and combine it with a warm green or blue sweater of large mating. As a result, the image will turn out to be very fashionable, and besides, it will not allow the lady to freeze.

When choosing a skirt in a floor or an elongated dress, the girl should be aware of the risk to which she is going. With such clothes, only a short coat with a length to the hips looks great. A coat below the knee in combination with a long skirt will not create the most elegant look. Due to the layering of the tissues of the foot, the women will look too short. As a result, the whole image will be crumpled, even if things look different from each other.

Combination with shorts and short trousers

How to wear a coat in combination with shorts is a separate issue that deserves attention. This version of the bow should not be discounted, because, despite all its contradictions, the image will be very interesting.

  • So, for example, a girl can choose shorts to the middle of the thigh with a bright print, adding them with pantyhose of black or flesh color. As shoes fit shoes with no heel with a free boot. It is interesting with these shorts look and boots in the men's style. If the girl will complement the image with an oversized sweater, then in combination with any coat this bow will look perfect.
  • Long shorts look a little worse with such outerwear, but they can be easily combined with boots and boots with heels. Perhaps the onion will turn out to be too sexy, but many girls just do it, trying to dilute the reigning around the autumn or early spring gray.
  • Incredibly fashionable now trousers-bloomers with a length just below the knee can also be combined with a variety of coats. These pants particularly well look with shortened outer clothing, as well as with long coats "from the male shoulder."Pre-dressed, feminine models just below the knee should not be combined with such trousers.

As a top to the trousers should be picked up a crochet-top, and the ideal version of the shoes will be either shoes in a man's style or boots on a flat sole. If the girl is able to achieve more and organic color combination, then the image will definitely be unforgettable.

Jeans shorts, which have long become a classic of the women's wardrobe, can also be successfully combined with shortened coats or with fashionable over-the-top models.

Such shorts organically look with half-boots on a low stroke, as well as with t-shirts of all colors and styles.

This youth image is suitable for girls who adore the impudent and in a good way rebellious style. If the coat itself looks feminine and elegant, you should not be afraid of combining it with jeans shorts, because playing on contrast can bear fruit, resulting in an organic image.

With what in any case it is not necessary to combine a coat?

It has been repeatedly emphasized that such universal outerwear is suitable for combination with any jeans and dresses, but there are also exceptions. Not all coats look great, for example, in the youth or street style.

Ultra-feminine, fitted model, for example, will look great solely with dresses and womanly skirts. It is almost impossible to fit such outerwear into a casual wardrobe in a sports or youth style.

There is an and a whole group of clothes that look bad with an elegant coat. What are the items of the wardrobe in question?

  1. Plush athletic suits - the very case when an ideal combination with a coat is simply impossible to achieve.
  2. Skirts with a length of midi are almost always badly combined with coats, so designers are advised to abandon them for a while.
  3. Evening toilets will be optimally looked only in combination with elegant coats, but models of oversize are better put aside.
  4. Cocktail dresses and dresses with lush skirts will also look bad in combination with the most popular outerwear.

The listed things should not be completely excluded from the wardrobe, but their use in a pair with outerwear will look extremely doubtful. Also, the girl should think about the right balance between shoes and the clothes themselves. For example, high boots will look bad in combination with sports things and evening toilets. Shoes in the masculine style also do not fit to complement the evening image.

Botilions are considered to be universal in this respect, as they are suitable for almost any image, for a woman at any age.

Basics of color combinations

If the question of how to wear a coat can still be solved with reference to standard images and personal style, then it is difficult to do in experiments with color without the advice of fashion designers. Now fashion designers urge in every way to experiment with color, so a coat of black or beige is better to put aside.

Excellent option will be the outerwear of standard color with a bright print( yellow or red).It's easy to enter such a thing in the wardrobe, and it adds to the brightness of the image.

If a girl prefers fashionable now colored models, then she should make this shade in the rest of the wardrobe. For example, now very popular are coats of green, blue or red, which literally blows in the spirit of the 60s.

You can combine such things with black and gray dresses, but some accessory must necessarily echo the outer clothing in terms of color combinations.

Also do not ignore the fashionable now colorful scarves with a large viscous, a variety of hats and berets. All these accessories help to make the image brighter, and often even give the person some kind of aristocratism. However, to use too many accessories in one image is not worth it, since the onion can be overloaded and too drab.

Beautiful coat is available in almost every girl's wardrobe, but not all fashionable women are able to correctly enter such clothes into everyday images. That is why when creating a holistic bow, you should carefully think through a combination of things so that the end result does not harm the figure and look unforgettable.


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