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  • Getting ready to bring money into the house
  • Money tree: some interesting facts
  • Artificial or alive? Choose the kind of money tree
  • Create a cash tree with our own hands
  • We plant a cash money tree
  • We make a place for a money tree

We have long wanted to strengthen your financial well-being, attract a decent cash flow to your house? Looking for new sources of income? Have you heard that there are special practices for "attracting" wealth? You should learn a few secrets of Feng Shui to attract money!

You will be able to send the right energy to your house if you use the famous money tree.

You can make it yourself, calling to the aid of imagination and acquiring the necessary accessories. An excellent option is to plant a live money tree. It is a fat woman, beautiful, growing, will become the best magnet for finance. Remember useful tips, follow the recommendations and act on the algorithm. You will succeed!

Getting ready to attract money to the house

Certainly, when it comes to the money tree, everyone understands: the person has a specific goal. He dreams of financial well-being, stability, wants to achieve revenue growth. It is for this purpose that a well-known money tree is used.

Have you already decided to succeed with a money tree? Then you need to prepare to attract finance.

How to draw money into the house:

Be sure to answer for yourself a few questions, properly tune in the process emotionally and psychologically. You will not just plant another plant, but use one of the most effective methods of feng shui.

Ask yourself:
  1. Do you genuinely love money? Do not you have a feeling of inconvenience, shame, if you really have a lot of money? It is very important that you feel the sincere sympathy for the means. You need to treat them like they are living beings - your friends. When there are a lot of them, this should not embarrass you. After all, you have the right to dispose of them, help other people, do good deeds.
  2. What place does your money take in your life? You should determine how important it is for you to increase your financial well-being. Of course, making finance the center of life is not necessary. But they should occupy a prominent place in it, otherwise you will not have the necessary stimulus for the effective application of Feng Shui techniques.
  3. Do you know exactly what you need money for? This question is best answered in writing. Take an aesthetic sheet of paper, a pen. Carefully write down the serious expenses that you are counting on. In addition, identify all the main items associated with costs. For example, food, clothing, payment for services. If you are asking a universe, it's important to talk about your goals. Feng Shui often requires specifics.
  4. If you get a lot of money with a money tree, what exactly will they be able to improve your life? Make a short list. For example: the opportunities will expand, you can buy a number of things, you will be able to give more time to close ones, there will be a chance to have a good rest.
  5. It is very important to answer sincerely the question: are you ready to spend money not only on yourself? Can you help, do a good deed, having a lot of money? Are you sure that you will not use money to harm yourself and other people?
The energy of Qi is exceptionally positive, it will not bring the flow of wealth into the house to unkind people. We need to tune in to the positive, to understand that a good attitude towards others will necessarily respond positively.

When you have compiled the necessary lists, sincerely answered serious questions and restored the emotional balance, you can get down to business. It's time to attract financial prosperity by planting a money tree.

Money tree: a few interesting facts

It is necessary to get acquainted with the money tree closer, before resorting to its help.

Let's consider the basic data on the money tree in Feng Shui, its meaning, varieties.

  • The money tree has long been the main symbol of wealth in the teachings of feng shui. Suffice symbolize Chinese coins, you can raise money by placing miniature fountains in the apartment. Someone puts a prominent toad with a coin in his mouth.
  • If you decide to attract well-being with the money tree, planting a living plant is not necessary. Sometimes people are genuinely upset that they can not afford to live a fat woman. Someone has small children at home, someone can not protect the plant from animals. Of course, the symbolic tree must be completely safe! The best option is to make an artificial tree and supplement it with appropriate accessories. The technique will remain effective!
There are many ways to attract finance for feng shui, but it is the symbolic tree that remains the main magnet for the flow of money.
  • The best way to attract wealth to a house is to plant a living plant. Tolstyanka grows well, aesthetically looks, pleases the eye and improves the quality of the air in the room. Such a tree, ozonizing and decorating the house, will become indispensable for all fans of feng shui. This is really the main symbol of financial well-being.
  • It's interesting that just making an artificial plant or planting a living tree is not enough. It is important to choose the right place for him, use additional accessories.

Now it's time to get acquainted with the basic principles of raising funds with the help of a money tree.

Artificial or alive? Choose a kind of money tree

Fans of feng shui know perfectly well that inanimate objects can radiate and attract energy, become powerful magnets for attracting success, money, love. Therefore, you can also choose the artificial symbolic tree.

But remember a few nuances:

  1. A growing tree in any case will overtake the efficiency of artificial.
  2. If you want to plant a living plant, be prepared for the most responsible attitude towards it. Feng Shui teaches us to be extremely attentive to defenseless plants, animals. You will need to look after the fat lad. It is not capricious, but the tree should be watered regularly, monitor the light, the temperature of the air, and monitor the condition of the plant.
  3. When a person is too impressionable, he wants to completely protect himself from anxiety, he should choose an artificial tree to attract money. It just does not start to dry and will not die. Unfortunately, money trees sometimes wither, and on unnecessarily emotional adherents of feng shui it makes a painful impression. Particularly hard stress people experience when the death of a plant coincides with financial losses. Appreciate your psychological stability.
  4. To activate the wealth zone with an artificial money tree you will have to use more accessories.
  5. Remember that you can have several money trees, take and plant new ones if the old ones start to hurt. This will be a kind of indication of the next source of income. Then the unexpected drying of the plant will not cause your depression.

Excellent option - to have money trees of two kinds. However, remember that you can not put them in the same room! Living and artificial trees should be in different rooms.

Create a money tree with your own hands

You can create your symbolic tree yourself. Feng Shui argues that artificial money trees effectively attract wealth. Many fans of the teachings that used this method have already confirmed its effectiveness on personal experience.

Stock strong wire, preferably golden. Take a minimum of one hundred coins. Great, if it's special Chinese coins with holes. The basis for the tree should be strong. You can choose a massive stone, wrapping it with a wire and removing from it the trunk of your tree.

Be creative, make twigs beautiful, elegant. Let them not be too long, wriggling. Here, subjective taste preferences should give way to the principles of feng shui. The money tree is wide enough, with rather short massive twigs, abundantly strewn with leaves. An excellent option - to make a small tree with ten branches, placing on each of ten coins.

To decorate the money tree you will need beads, colored pebbles, a red ribbon. Beads add branches, pebbles attach to the base on which your tree stands. A red ribbon must be tied on the trunk.

Planting a living money tree

It's great if you attract wealth to your house with the help of a live money tree.

Tolstyanka - this is the very plant that is commonly called a money tree. It is a beautiful thick woman with thick fleshy leaves resembling coins that can attract financial well-being to your home.

First of all, you should consider how you will get a fat woman. Here are a few simple rules.

  • It is not desirable to take a money tree as a gift. Feng Shui experts usually suggest simply passing such a plant or putting it in a neutral place, for example, in the office.
  • You can buy sprouts in the store, but this is not the most successful option.
Great, if you can easily pinch a small leaf with a tiny stem from your friends. Just remember that in no case should your deed displease, cause irritation to the owners of the plant!
  • Someone just takes money trees from each other. When people are friends, they are familiar for many years, they can breed a fat woman together. The main thing is that the transfer of the sprout does not resemble the presentation of a gift.
  • Do you have a wealthy acquaintance? Then it is best to ask for a small sprout of money tree, but only be sure to pay a nominal fee for it. This is a great symbol! You will thus receive a charge of positive energy from a house in which financial well-being has already settled.

Features planting plants

There are some simple tips that will help you properly plant the plant.

  1. Choose a sturdy leaf or a small stalk with several leaves.
  2. Place it in a small pot of peat and sand. You can simply put the shank so that the tip is in the water. Wait for the appearance of rootlets.
  3. Well prepare the ground, drainage from pebbles of different sizes.
  4. Take a small pot. It must necessarily have a hole to drain excess moisture.
  5. Gently fill in the stones, top the ground. From her to the edge of the pot should remain a minimum of 3 cm.
  6. In a small hole, plant your fatty woman with roots.

View, how to plant a money tree ( plant a sprout):

Remember that you need to water the plant a little. Take care that the earth does not dry out. Tolstyanka does not like cold, wind, too dark rooms. But in the bright sun it should not be kept. The conditions should be moderate.

We make room for the money tree

The wealth sector in the apartment is located on the southeast side. This is the best place for a money tree. It must be properly issued. The zone of financial well-being should be maintained in green, blue-blue tones.

Excellent, if you decorate the tree with a small red ribbon, and put a red napkin with several bills under the pot. The wealth zone should be well illuminated, shine clean.

Complete the interior with wooden furniture and souvenirs made of wood, birch bark. Install accessories with water. You can choose a fountain, a vase of water, a picture depicting a pond, a small aquarium.

Warning: too rapid flow of water "washes away" the positive energy. From the images of the mountain rapids, waterfalls should refrain.

Now you know how to attract wealth by feng shui using the money tree. Look after your symbol, alive or artificial, supplement it with symbolic accessories and correctly design a zone of financial well-being.

See how a money tree grows( a fatty sprout) and how to properly tie the money node on Feng Shui:

Remember that your emotional state, inner state will play a huge role. You should be ready to accept big money and spend it wisely. Related Videos:

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Money Tree in Feng Shui
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