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The ideal image should be thought through to trifles, and the hairdress in itoccupies far from last place. The new season is pleased with the richness of choice: different lengths, shapes and colors. Staying in trend is easy! Fashionable hairstyles can be natural and laid-back, complex and original, romantic and feminine. Choose your option!

Fashion trends 2017 year

Let's consider the basic trends.


As for color solutions, there are different shades of red in fashion, especially fire and warm golden, which were often seen this season on the catwalks.

  • One of the trends of the new season is the combination of a cold blonde with a dark color, a peculiar imitation of overgrown roots. It looks artificially, but in presentations of fashion designers it looked rather original and bright.
  • Golden blond is only to be worn on long hair. This is an element of retrostyle, a tribute to such famous women as Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, etc.
  • Brunettes are also in fashion, especially should take a closer look at dark coffee or chocolate shades.
  • You can distinguish ashy and pink from unusual shades.

Elements of weaving, tails and haircuts

Volumetric braids are still in fashion. To more recent solutions can be attributed miniature bolt-pigtails. They can be worn with loose hair or in a bun, around the head, etc.

  • Very smart looking pigtails in African style throughout the head, connected in the tail or bun.
  • Double tails or pigtails. This playful, sweet hairstyle is back in fashion. To complement the image you need bright accessories.
  • Ponytail. It can be on the top or bottom, the feature is that the tail is smooth, elegant, with no pincers and accessories. The most winning hair looks at girls with long hair.
  • Careless hairstyles. Easy creative disorder looks very attractive, and therefore is popular in the new season. Free beams, tails, pigtails, protruding strands in the styling, nodules of hair - all this is fashionable.
  • Ultra-short haircuts. Shaved whiskey is not so popular, today in the fashion of a girl with a shaved head. They look very extravagant and unusual. But this trend is not all to face.
  • In the fashion also high hairstyles with colored strands, wigs, large curls with various ornaments.
  • In the fashion also long bangs, deep side parting, asymmetrical haircuts, hairstyles with the effect of wet hair.

As for accessories, designers prefer large, heavy hairpins and skewers, decorated with rhinestones or stones with elements of artistic carving. Add a fashion image can be leather bandages, metal hoops.

Hairstyles for short hair

Many believe that it is impossible to create beautiful female haircuts with short hair, however this is not so! Even if you have a very short haircut, you can create a "stylish disheveled."To do this, take the wax, smear them with strands, lifting the tips up and to the sides to create a creative mess.

Fashionable Hairstyles 2017 can be created from the cutting of a square or a bean. The simplest variant is laying with the allocation of the braces:

  1. For this, dry hair using a hair dryer and a round brush. Strands near the roots raise, so you get the desired volume.
  2. If there is a desire, then the hair can be ironed with iron.
  3. Then take the gel or foam, rub on your hands, slide your fingers through the hair from the roots to the tips, trying to separate them into separate strands.
  4. Drizzle with varnish. Done!
  • To create an ultra-volume during drying with a hair dryer, lift the hair up, treat it with varnish and dry it. Bring it from the root downwards with a brush.
  • To create a playful hairstyle, twist the ends outward, and not to yourself. If you have a graduated bean, then part of the hair can be screwed out, and the second part inside. Also an interesting option.

For the creation of light curls:

  1. Treat the hair with a thermal protection agent.
  2. Take an iron with a thin strand and wind it like a curling iron. After 30 seconds, release.
  3. When the curls are ready, separate them with your fingers, fix it with varnish.

Another way to create beautiful curls:

  1. Divide the hair into two parts at the bottom.
  2. Twist the strand into a tight bundle.
  3. Warm it with an iron from top to bottom.
The manual method for creating wavy packing is not as effective, but more gentle for the hair.
Treat hairline with fixative, squeeze and twist strands to create curls. Done!

To create a stylish tail:

  1. Make an easy start on the crown or back of the head, fix it with lacquer.
  2. Collect the hair in a lightly disheveled tail, combing it tightly on your temples. You can leave a couple of loose curls in the face.
  3. The chalk can be combed and stabbed. Decorate on your own.

To create a Greek hairstyle:

  1. Dissolve hair, comb, put a wide bezel or bandage over your head.
  2. Over the entire back of the head( from ear to ear) tuck the ends of the hair under the bezel, fix the strands with the studs.
  3. You can leave a pair of curly curls in front. Done!

Short haircuts can be decorated with weaving: oblique-rim, stylish bundles all over the head, miniature pigtails near the face, etc.

If you have a classic quads, do a "raspberry".On the sides, you can braid a few braids, which then you need to connect the back of the elastic band.

Beautiful and quick hair with pigtails for short hair - video

Hair styling for medium length

Many women prefer middle length of strands. It is easier to care for such hair than for long hair. Of these, you can make more fashionable hairstyles than from short ones.

Soft curls - this is an undoubted trend of the new season. There are many options: small, medium, large curls, neat styling or easy dishevelment.

The most gentle and simple method of creating curls is to braid braids on damp hair. After 5-8 hours they must be untwisted, treated with fixative.

  • You can make various pigtails on medium hair. It can be a beautiful Greek-style bevel that frames the forehead, the back of the head or the temple. The voluminous French braid does not lose its positions and is easily recreated on an average length. Add a fashion image can be "dragon", oblique mermaid, African weave or stylish and slightly untidy bundles.
  • Again in fashion 60's, and therefore it's time for oblique deep cuts, clear curls and lush stylings.
  • You can supplement the elegant evening image with a classic shell or a snail in the style of Audrey Hepburn.
  • For the everyday image, you can make a start at the back of the head, and use a shawl as a decoration. The choker can be wound on large curlers.
  • Another fashion trend is the haircut of the sessun, which looks like a hat. To create a fashionable style, twist the tips of the hair inside and fix the result with varnish. If you have a round face, the best option is a slanting bangs, and if stretched - straight, thick.
    Sessun - an ideal option for girls who are trying to hide the big ears.

Slightly shredded tufts on medium hair look very feminine and romantic. To create a hairstyle:

  1. Collect the hair in the tail on the back of the head, from the side or from above, fix the tips with the studs.
  2. You can leave a couple of curls near your face, this will make the image more attractive. A bunch is appropriate for everyday style and for any celebration.
  3. The evening beam can be decorated with flowers, beads or diadem.

Fashionable graduated square can be worn without bangs or with even elongated. You can stack it differently: align, twist the ends in or out, make curls, build a bunch, etc. This haircut is universal, it fits almost everyone, it is easy to take care of, and therefore it will not soon go out of fashion.

A stylish and concise bean with a short neck and long front strands can be stacked, like a square. Evening option: thread the large hair curlers upper layer of hair, handle with fixative.

Hairstyles for long-haired

Do not rush to cut your hair short, because long hair is a definite trend of the new season. The most fashionable haircut for them is a multi-layered cascade, which adds volume even to the rarest hair. It looks especially advantageous with the coloring "ombre" or "shatush".

Fashionable style for long hair should be slightly messed up, as if the girl just woke up. Classical smooth laying, too, has not lost its relevance.

As for the bang, it can be thick, straight, long or short. Ragged will be appropriate with graduated haircuts. Excellent complement the creative image of an asymmetrical bang with a color strand.

Fashionable hairstyles for long hair:

  • Curly long hair will never go out of fashion, they make their mistress feminine, romantic.
  • Aristocratic simplicity and glamor are combined in the slicked back. To create it, the hair is combed back, smooth with gel or mousse, the front locks are laid behind the ears.
  • In a fashion, the style of grunge, which means tousled strands, nachos, bright, flashy colors.
  • You can not do without slightly messed up tails, bundles. The hairdress should be slightly fluffy, and a pair of beaten ringlets will only decorate the image.
  • With regard to neat tight braids, they go to the past, giving way to ruffled, free varieties of weaving.

Hairstyles for the celebration of

There are many variants of fashionable evening hairstyles for hair of different lengths.

  • Trimming sheath asymmetrical bean:
    1. Apply a gel or mousse to the wet strands to give volume.
    2. Dry the curls with a hairdryer.
    3. Fix the bangs to one side. Get a fairly bright and bold image.
  • Also in vogue are large African braids, lush piles with corrugated, various knots, bundles.
  • An excellent evening version - a slightly rasped "snail" with broken curls. For decoration, use rhinestones, large flowers, decorative hair clips, weaving elements, elastic bands, etc.
  • To create an elegant image:
    1. Make a smooth ponytail on the crown, decorated with a bow of hair.
    2. A long bangs, combed on one side, will complement the image.
    3. By the way, the tail can be placed on the side or a little lowered.
  • Spit is a win-win option. It does not matter which version you choose, such a hair looks just great and does not lose shape for a long time.
  • For creating an elegant image, you can make a classical "babette".It is a hairstyle with a high nose, spontaneously whipped on the vertex and fixed with hairpins.

To decorate the evening hairstyles use colored strands, beads, rhinestones, bezels with beautiful stones, metal accessories, etc.

The new season leaves room for imagination, so every woman of fashion can choose her own version. But in the race for fashion, remember that healthy and shiny hair is the main trend that will never give up its positions.

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