What are the types and shapes of women's skirts, their names and photos

A wide variety of skirts in style and cut allows women to emphasize individuality and express their mood, and also gives the opportunity to choose the ideal model that will hide shortcomings and emphasize the merits of the figure. Today, it's hard not to get confused in the variety of styles and styles, so let's consider the most popular ones.

  • length Types
  • Supermini( micro)
  • Mini
  • Knee
  • Midi
  • Maxi
  • Styles
  • balloon
  • In fold
  • Gaudet( Fish)
  • Indian
  • Country( rural, peasant)
  • Pencil
  • Cargo
  • Kilt
  • Blade
  • bell
  • crinoline( hoop)
  • kyulot
  • -tier
  • Bundle
  • Plisse
  • Ra-ra( Rah-Rah)
  • flared
  • C odor
  • C cut
  • Sarong
  • sun
  • flared trapezoid( A-line)
  • tulip
  • Hobbl Ci
  • anskaya
  • skirt-shorts culottes


Types Each type of skirts fit one of the categories below.

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Supermini( micro)

One of the shortest options. The length of the product can be compared with a wide belt. A similar product is shorter than the length of a mini. This option barely covers the buttock area. Skirts of supermini length will suit brave girls, owners of ideal forms. They are better to choose for a special occasion and a beach holiday.

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Length not reaching the knees approximately on the palm or slightly higher. This length will suit the owners of proportional figures as high, so small growth.

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Skirts that reach the knee level or slightly cover their skins, many are in vain considered boring and conservative. Such models will suit both young girls and women for 40, the main thing is to choose the right style. Such skirts are an integral part of the strictly business suit of a modern business lady, and also quite comfortable in everyday wear.

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Midi length skirts cover the knees, dropping lower, but not reaching the ankle area. This option is suitable for tall women. Girls of small size should be especially careful in choosing a dress, because the midi skirt option can visually shorten the figure.

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Maxi length skirts will suit women of any make and growth. Thanks to the length in the floor or to the ankles, they conceal the flaws of the figure, exposing it in the best light. This is a very fashionable variation for any season.

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The product of this style looks like a wide skirt, trimmed or taped in the upper region and on the hem. Pierre Cardin created this iconic product in the 60s of last century, mainly for cocktail parties. But soon they forgot about the skirt, and only in 2010 it appeared again on the catwalks.

The best skirts are cylinders made of cotton gabardine, satin, taffeta and other blended fabrics.

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In the fold

The homeland of this style of skirts is Scotland. Initially, they were sewn for men, but soon the traditional male accessory fell to the liking of the fairer sex.

The type of folds can be different: one-sided, counter, bow, narrow, wide, straight, group, fan, asymmetrical and stitched for a couple of centimeters. It is more preferable to purchase products from fabrics that easily support the form, for example, from cotton, wool, flax and the like.

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Gode( Fish)

This model fits around the hip area and without a smooth transition widens to the hem, resembling a fish tail. Its shape is provided by wedged wedges. The very term "gode" means an artificially extended hemline.

This option refers to the classic types of skirts and never goes out of fashion. The skirt of the year descends below the knee area and is able to balance the figure of magnificent ladies. The most advantageous option looks in the evening ensemble.

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When choosing a skirt, a year worth giving preference to models containing thin cotton, viscose, silk, jacquard, denim and so on.

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The skirt is the most catchy and most popular element of Indian women's clothing. It is an amazingly beautiful and bright product of maxi-length, richly embroidered with gold threads, stones, beads or other elements of decor. Indian skirt worn in combination with the traditional top. Sari, made of silk, is the most elegant.

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Country( Country, Country)

Is a classic variety of long skirts. To a rural skirt, clothes in the style of ethno, country and hippie are perfect. Such skirts are an ideal option for the summer: they give such a desired coolness, without revealing unnecessary.

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Very tight fitting style of straight skirts, received its name for external similarity to the stationery of the same name. Its length can reach knees or fall slightly lower. For the first time it was presented in her collection by Christian Dior in the late 1940s, and almost immediately this model found admirers in the office environment.

Due to the possible tightness of the skirt of freedom of movement, manufacturers often provide in this style cuts in the back or sides. For the skirt of the pencil model, it is possible to use both costume fabrics, as well as velvet, tweed, wool, gabardine.

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This model, based on the military style, is referred to the direct types of skirts with a girdle. A simple cut is complemented by large pockets and a significant number of loops. The skirt took its name from the English cargo - cargo, because it was positioned as a "female variant" of trousers used by loaders during work.

When choosing a carnet skirt, it is advisable to give preference to models made of denim, cotton, leather.

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Skirt knee length, with folds in the back. This is the traditional clothing of Scottish men. Since the XIX century, traditionally considered a symbol of the country and its cultural value. Usually the kilt is made from woolen material with checkered patterns. Most often these skirts are used at official events, however, young people have already managed to adapt them for everyday clothes.

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A skirt that is formed from a large number of wedges - triangular shaped panels. It creates an easy and smooth transition to the shape of the bell, harmoniously surrounding the area of ​​the hips. Blade profitable emphasizes any figure and conceals shortcomings. When choosing a dress, it is better to give preference to models from soft soft tissues with a one-sided direction of the ornament.

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The skirt repeats the shape of a bell flower or an inverted glass, for which it got its name. Bracing the waist, this model expands to the hem. The bell form is provided by the absence of drapery.

In the XVII century, such skirts were long and worn over crinolines. Over time, the length of this skirt was shortened to the level of the knee area and above. When choosing such a skirt style, it is preferable to pay attention to light materials that form a beautiful assembly.

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Crinoline( Wrap)

Often such models are a lower skirt and have a rigid skeleton covered by a fabric. In different periods of time for the formation of the frame used ropes, willow branches, whalebone, steel, nylon. Now, crinolines from a light frame are a frequent element of wedding dresses, as well as Gothic images.

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From English culotte skirt this model can be called as a skirt, and trousers. Actually, the outfit itself consists of trousers with very wide trousers, and visually resembles a skirt. Kylots give the image lightness, freedom and elegance, favorably concealing the shortcomings of the figure. Perfectly suitable for summer outings.

For a similar style it is better to choose pleasant to the touch, convenient and practical materials.

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You can use a wide variety of materials to make multi-tier models of skirts, and tiers can vary in any number. In this case, the more each tier, the more their number.

This skirt style looks very beautiful due to the spectacular expansion to the hem. Often the area of ​​the hips of the multi-tiered skirt is decorated with a tight-fitting coquette that allows using similar models as a detail of the evening image.

The multi-layered skirts made of lightweight fabrics are the best, but the jeans in this style look quite harmonious.

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Or else the skirt of a ballerina, is a wide model, slightly longer than the ankles. Especially popular in the 1950s, as an element of the ballroom. Usually it is made with tulle, organza, lace.

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The first version of a pleated skirt was intended for men and was a variation of the Scottish kilt. The walking of their owners was facilitated by the practical function of the folds. Then this model migrated to the women's wardrobe, undergoing notable transformations.

Today, pleated skirts have a simple design made of rectangular corrugated fabrics, assembled using elastic bands in the belt area. In fact, the pleated model refers to the conical skirt types, tailored from the materials to which the folded texture is initially assigned.

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Rah( Rah-Rah)

A variation of a short skirt, characterized by the presence of flounces. Initially, it was positioned as an element of the dress of cheerleaders. This skirt did not hamper the movement, allowing you to perform all the necessary acrobatic dances.

Since the 1980s, it has moved to the everyday wardrobe of adolescent girls, becoming very popular among them. For a skirt style, ra-ra perfectly suits denim, knitted and other similar dense fabrics.

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This skirt variant will suit women of high growth, having full thighs, as it will advantageously hide this disadvantage. To girls of low height flared skirt, on the contrary, can give an extra volume and make a figure heavy. However, this is an excellent option for the everyday image.

Today flared skirts are made of a wide variety of materials: knitwear, dense cotton, leather and so on.

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With odor

Skirts of this style are made from a wide variety of materials from silk to jeans, and their length varies from mini to maxi. A skirt with a scent will be relevant in any situation - from relaxing on the beach to working in the office.

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cut This skirt model can have any length. Actually the cut itself does not interfere with free movement, but, on the contrary, harmoniously emphasizes the line of legs and hips. Material and colors for this skirt style are chosen at will and mood.

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This is just a wide fabric. In some parts of Asia and most of the Pacific islands, it is wrapped around the hips, giving it the shape of a skirt. This model in everyday life with pleasure is worn by both women and men.

Often, sarong skirts are made of cotton and painted with batik technique. The length of the sarong skirt can range from ankles to toe.

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Sun flared

This skirt model is made of a circular fabric. In the center of it a circle of a smaller shape is cut out, which later will serve as a belt. Skirt sun klesh is popular with women due to its ability to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the flaws.

For the summer season, it is necessary to choose models of sun shingles made of silk, cotton, chintz, linen and chiffon, in winter variants are preferred from wool, jacquard, velor and so on.

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Trapezoid( A-silhouette)

The skirts of this style fit the hip area and flare down, thus recalling the letter A. The length of the skirt of this style can vary from mini to maxi. Trapezium looks good on knitted, denim, woolen, crepe or jacquard fabrics.

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The skirt of this style is a transformed form of lush skirts, the bottom of which was doubled and sutured inside. The length of the skirt of the tulip model often does not fall below the knees, and an essential smell imitates the petals of the flower of the same name.

For a tulip it is preferable to choose silk, satin or other thin fabrics. It would be inappropriate to look at variations from thick knitwear or other dense fabrics.

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The skirt hobble, which in English means to limp, got its name for a relatively narrow straight hem, fairly hampering the ease of movement and reducing the amplitude of the steps of its possessor.

This style was developed by the Frenchman Poire Poire in the 80s of last century. Today, the Hobble style skirts are worn very rarely due to their inconvenience and restricting the movement of features. As a rule, they complement evening and wedding dresses, and also appear in communities ready.

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Represents a long free style that does not restrict movement. Often it is used in dance numbers or for a carnival image. The main feature of this version of the skirt is the ability to lift up the edges of the outfit with straight hands.

The gypsy skirt will look great on any figure, and it can easily be combined with the products of the ethno and kazhual styles. Most preferably for this version skirts are bright, ruffled, easily draped materials, for example, satin, staple, blended fabrics, rayon or polyester fabrics.

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This is a combination of a skirt that conceals underneath shorts. This model gives the woman greater freedom of movement. In it, she can ride a bicycle, play sports and always look elegant.

Sports models are sewed using special moisture retractable, stretchable, elastic fabrics. For warm models woolen, denim, jacquard fabrics are used.

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skirt This model can have wide leggings replicating a long skirt, as in the version with culottes.

So have an original cut, in which a skirt of a similar material is sewn over the trousers.

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