Fashionable mint color: what to wear, how to combine

  • Successful combinations according to female type
  • Delicate and noble combinations
  • Bright and juicy images with mint shades
  • Completely unsuccessful variants of

Mint color in clothes in the summer season of 2017 acquires the urgency and becomes one of the leading fashion trends. This color is a combination of blue and green. Due to various variations with tones and shades, mint can be both pastel and different brightness and saturation. Its main feature is ambiguity.

On the one hand, there is some kind of cheerfulness and freshness that prevails, which is especially important for the warm season. But it is not succulent, if compared with the typical and familiar summer colors in the wardrobe. On the other hand, many for some reason are afraid to use this color in winter and autumn because of its special tenderness and fading. And absolutely in vain. The main thing is to find the right combination with other things, and then clothes of mint tones can be used all the year round.

Successful combinations according to female type

Before you start combining mint color with other things, you need to decide which of its shades is most suitable for blonde girls, and which for swarthy people with dark hair.

  1. Blondes with pink or dairy skin can turn their attention to cold shades of mint color, for example, emerald or menthol.
  2. Girls with dark skin are perfect shade, close to pistachio, as well as a dark green color.
  3. Redhead beauties need to choose gentle mint tones that closely resemble peach tints.
  4. Brunettes, if they want to play in contrast, should prefer a cool mint, which is close to the blue color.
  5. Very cautious with mint shades should be a hand-haired person whose skin is pale. The dress in such a color solution will give the image a painful, gaunt and tired look. To avoid this, you need to add a few bright accessories in the form of a silk handkerchief around the neck or a three-dimensional necklace, and make the make-up itself more saturated and clear.

Delicate and noble combinations

Cool mint shades perfectly coexist with all pastel tones. Suitable:

  • pink;
  • is pale gray;
  • white and milky;
  • beige and ivory;
  • is a pale-peach;
  • muffled yellow with lemon tint.

Mint, combined with all these tones, creates an excellent harmonious union, and the image eventually turns out noble, with a touch of soft femininity.

At the same time, one common mistake should be avoided, which is often traced in outfits created with the participation of mint color - monochrome. To connect among themselves, you can only two things of this beautiful shade, diluting it with other color solutions. But the three subjects in mint tonalities - this is a bust, which immediately violates the aesthetic perception of the created image and will give the girl an unusual coldness and rigidity.

The most successful combinations of mint color with the above pastel tones can be the following:

  1. White sweater or sweater under the throat, classic blue jeans and cashmere truncated coat of light mint shade. The bag and shoes can be chosen in dark green or brown tones and here you can add leather black gloves. And this kit makes it clear that even cold weather is not an excuse to give up a mint shade.
  2. For a summer version, a dress with a puffy skirt in mint scale is suitable. At the same time, the top can be slightly darker than the bottom, creating a delicate game of contrasts. A jacket with shortened sleeves of muffled crimson color is put on the dress, and lacquered boats of pale pink shade are put on their feet. It is allowed to add a small handbag or a bracelet with a large fabric flower in mint tones.
  3. Light blouse pale yellow color, which at the gates is tied in a stylish bow, perfectly complement the trousers of straight cut with arrows of cold mint shade. As shoes, you can choose beige moccasins without any additions or dairy shoes on the hairpin.

Bright and juicy images with mint shades

Apart from an alliance with things in discreet pastel shades, clothes made in mint tonality can successfully coexist with more intense and deeper colors.
These are:
  • dark and bright blue;
  • is orange and coral;
  • color fuchsia, wine and raspberry;
  • is brown and black;
  • marsh and olive, lime;
  • turquoise and azure, but in this combination, the outfit must necessarily be diluted with some warm, brighter tones.

It is very unusual and summer looks tasty chiffon sleeveless shirt with a loose, slightly falling silhouette and a crimson tight skirt reaching to the knees. You can also add white sandals on a high stable heel and the same color clutch. It should be noted that when the image combines a mint shade with a thing of saturated gamma, accessories are preferably chosen to neutral, so that the whole image can be balanced.

Quite original is the autumn dress, which consists of a white, tight shirt with a high-standing standing collar, slightly flared down red trousers and an elongated fitted cloak with a belt of mint-emerald hue. In this case, dark mint can be added to the shoes. It can be suede ankle boots.

If you want to make a bit of this shade in the winter outfit, but the girl does not know how to use it properly and what to wear with mint color in the cold season, then you should take advantage of one of the suggested images:

  1. Turquoise shortened down jacket;black tight pantyhose;woolen pencil of dark gray color;boots that reach the knee, black or dark green hue;knitted hat and bag, made in cold mint tones.
  2. A shortened winter coat with a warm mint shade, blue leggings, snow-white ugg boots and the same headband, dark blue gloves.
  3. Warm sweater of large mating pleasant marsh shade, jeans dirty gray-blue color and blown waistcoat with a hood in mint tonality. On your feet you can wear felt boots decorated with turquoise and light green stones.

Completely unsuccessful variants of

Despite the fact that the mint color miraculously coexists with many shades, there are variants with which it can not be combined:

  • Pale-lime. In this case, the colors will merge, creating one more spot and depriving the figure of its proportions and beautiful curves.
  • Another unfortunate combination is the mint and faded lilac. Here we are talking about the dullness of the outfit, which will not exactly adorn the young person.
  • With all the neon colors, mint shades are not combined at all, causing a sense of bad taste and untidiness.

Some stylists recommend less often use a tandem, such as light pink and mint, referring to the infantilism and artificiality of the image being created. But, as practice shows, if the selected items of these colors of a strict and straight cut and at the same time diluted with details of noble shades( milky, beige, gray), then the outfit can turn out to be quite interesting. Related Videos:

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