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Haircut bean is considered to be one of the most stylish and elegant. It has a centuries-old history and wide prevalence among female representatives of all ages. What is the secret of the popularity of this haircut, and what are its varieties? How to style a bean to always look unsurpassed? We answer all the questions further.

Why do women choose beans?

Bob - haircut, which has a number of advantages and features:

  • looks great on the hair of any structure: dense, sparse, wavy or straight;
  • is suitable for anyone: from young and romantic girls to business women of any age;
  • very practical, easy to clean and easy to install;
  • has many varieties, which can be quite different from each other.

The right choice of haircut can not only emphasize the dignity, but also hide some of the shortcomings of the face, too long nose, high or low forehead. Bob, as a rule, opens the line of shoulders and neck, which makes the image very sensual and sexy. For this reason, haircuts have been popular for many years among Hollywood stars.

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Classic Bean

Classic is a short bean - haircut with a smooth cut at the level of the ears. Ideal for owners of straight and thick hair.

This hairstyle should be chosen for girls with the right oval or slightly elongated face. Perfectly blends a bean on short hair with a straight bang, which if necessary will hide too high or low forehead. If the hair is not very thick, then bangs can be done graduated to add to it the splendor and volume.

It does not take much time, and small tricks will help to make the hair style stylish and neat:
  1. For straight hair, you need a hairdryer, medium diameter brashing and mousse for styling. On washed and lightly towel-dried curls, a small amount of mousse should be applied and dried with a hair dryer first at the roots to give the styling volume and then direct the air flow from top to bottom. So we get smooth, shiny and at the same time volume strands.
  2. It takes a little longer to stitch the wavy hair. In addition, you should arm with a spray for straightening and ironing. Well, if the product will have a thermal protection effect, as when pulling hair iron, they are exposed to extremely high temperatures. If possible, you can make a bio-leveling. This will facilitate the laying, and will be safer for the hair.
  3. If the head of hair does not have a special density, this is not an excuse to give up a stylish short haircut. On the roots, spray the spray to give volume and dry the hair with a hair dryer against hair growth. You can also use velcro curlers or make a small fleece. To support volume during the day will help a special powder for the radical volume. It is applied as follows: we lift in turn the strings, sprinkle the roots against the growth of hair, gently whisk our hair.

Visually add volume will help and color the hair. For example, on light-brown hair will be good to look melirovanie, and for darker hair coloring with bright and light colors will do.

When choosing a classic bean, you need to remember that this haircut requires a daily, though uncomplicated styling.

Haircut for long hair

This haircut can be performed on long hair. It certainly will suit those who are not ready to part with long curls. The most popular options are:

  1. Bob on long hair is ideal for owners of curly curls. You can lay this haircut in smooth and straight strands, or in light curls. For the round face, an oblique bangs will be an excellent addition to the length to the shoulders.
  2. Bob with long front strands looks great with or without bangs. For a triangular face fit oblique parting. Stranding in this case can be twisted inside - this will give a larger volume of the lower part of the face and hide a thin chin. For a rectangular or trapezoidal shape of the face, you should make a straight parting and even styling.
  3. For fine hair, a graduated long bean is perfect. You can complement it with coloring and bangs. A lush even bangs up to the eyebrows line makes the eyes more expressive. To lay this haircut is very simple: on the hair dried by a hair drier it is necessary to put a small amount of mousse and well "beat" hair with hands.

The feature of the elongated bean is that, depending on the laying, it can look strictly or tenderly, modestly or sexually, romantically or very brightly. In addition, chic look at this haircut and the most fashionable types of staining: ombre, shatush, bronning.

Haircut bob for medium hair

Many variants of haircut bobs exist on medium hair. This length will be optimal for thin hair with split ends, as the volume of this haircut is easy to give, and the need for regular hair cutting will eliminate the problems with split ends:

  1. One of the most daring haircuts is an asymmetrical bean. Such a hairstyle requires perfectly smooth and even hair, so that the geometry of the lines is clearly visible. Even on slightly wavy strands, the haircut will look untidy.
  2. Very stylish looks ragged asymmetric bean. It can combine a straight bang with a strand to the chin on one side and absolutely short hair on the other.
  3. Bob on the leg is suitable for the owners of a slender neck and thick hair. Well, such a haircut looks at the right oval face, but if there is excess weight or too massive chin, it is better to choose a more buried version.

You can combine the middle bean with any bang: straight, asymmetric, oblique, torn, multi-layered, milled. The choice depends entirely on the shape of the face, the structure of the hair and personal preferences.

The male bean

The male haircut of the bean is very popular among the representatives of the strong half. It differs from the female haircut by a more natural form: on the vertex, the hair is left flat, and the locks freely fall.

Suitable is a haircut for owners of thick and even hair. The face oval should be correct, oval or lean. For a round or rectangular face such a haircut is not suitable. The same applies to rare curly hair. With the last two options, the hairstyle will look untidy.

The following variants of the male bean are available:

  • Asymmetrical - ideal for a wide forehead or triangular face shape, since the oblique bangs will brighten the features.
  • "Careless" bean of medium length suitable for slightly wavy hair. To lay it, you will need wax, which will give the strings an artistic mess.
  • Symmetrical bean is perfect for medium to long hair. Separate such a bean by a straight parting and stack with a gel or varnish;
  • The straight bean provides an even bang without a parting, falling on the forehead. Its length should be a centimeter above the eyebrows or slightly cover them. If it is too short, it will be funny to look like a haircut. Long strands will always come into my eyes. This hairstyle suits only the owners of smooth, shiny hair.
  • An elongated bean is the choice of creative and brave men. Perform it using a variety of techniques: filing, cutting with a razor and others. To make the styling look stylish, the head of hear must always be clean and carefully combed. It is not allowed and abuse of stowage, as they can create a "dirty" effect.
  • The short bean is perfect for both a naughty student and an office worker. You can also combine this haircut with interesting stains. For example, add a light glare to the bangs or make the effect of sunburn burned in the sun.

The uniqueness of the male version is that you can dramatically change the image with the help of styling by making:

  • straight or oblique parting;
  • bangs combed on the face, side or back;
  • smooth strands or light curls.

Having chosen such a haircut, you can easily get rid of monotony.

Care and packing

To cut the bean looking neat and fresh, you need to follow several simple rules:

  • Regular haircut. Depending on the speed of hair growth, their structure and length, the tips should be trimmed once every two weeks - three months. Bob - is, first of all, clear lines, so you should constantly maintain the shape of the haircut.
  • Daily styling. Naturally, on the day off you need to give a rest and hair, but the rest of the days without styling with a hair dryer can not do. If the curls slightly curl, it will be necessary to level with an iron with special stowage. Otherwise, instead of a stylish hairstyle, untidy chaos will result.
  • Permanent moisturizing.
    To make your head look lively, healthy and happy with a beautiful shine, you should regularly make moisturizing masks and apply protective sprays or creams. There is nothing more sad than dry, lifeless strands. Give them the right shape and keep the volume is much more difficult than healthy, moisturized hair.

Haircut bob is always a stylish and bold choice. A variety of varieties allows you to choose the most suitable option for any type of face and hair, and the geometry of the lines makes it possible to make the most unexpected and bold staining.

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