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When it comes to men's wardrobe, it is very difficult to imagine a more necessary and mandatory thing than a jacket. This element took an honorable place in it and became the basic basic thing of every self-respecting man.

The variety of styles, materials and textures allowed apart from the usual classical models to create sports variations, which are commonly called blazers.

What - with what?

Those who are accustomed to wearing a jacket exclusively paired with trousers, most likely just do not know which model will fit perfectly into the casual style of the everyday men's outfit. Therefore, many people have a question about what to wear a man's jacket and how to combine it correctly, because, in addition to classical combinations, nothing goes to the head.

To determine the correct combination, you must immediately indicate that there are two main types of jacket:

  • classic;
  • sports.

It is the classic models that are paired with trousers, and therefore this option is absolutely not suitable for creating an image in the style of kazhual. Very often one can observe how an ignorant young man combines a classic jacket with everyday jeans, thus making a gross mistake. From the side, this combination looks ridiculous and there is a feeling that coffee was spilled on the trousers of the suit, so I had to change them to what was.

In fact, the secret is that there are special sports versions of models, which are just the same as combining with jeans and trousers of chinos, creating a stylish and authentic everyday image.

Informality and practicality of a jacket does not create a discord in combination with a comfortable and ordinary bottom, so in this case the outfit looks very harmonious and really relevant.

Differences of men's jackets of different styles

The main feature that makes it possible to distinguish this or that style is a kind of fabric. For the creation of classical variants, smooth and soft to the touch are used, from which most of the official men's suits are made. Wanting to save money and buy a product made of polyester, you will not get the look that you get from a jacket of natural and high-quality material.

If you focus on sports options, then in this case, use a dense fabric, and the variation of possible materials is somewhat more extensive: summer styles are made of linen or cotton, tweed, corduroy or flannel fabric is used to create more insulated sports jackets.

You can distinguish one style from another by using the following criteria:

  1. Colors. Single-color products or striped suits refer to a formal business style, while sports models can be in a cage or with a bright print in the form of a Christmas tree or goose paw.
  2. Pockets. If you have a style with patch pockets, do not doubt - you have chosen a sports blazer, but jackets with slotted pockets often refer to business style and are worn along with classic trousers.
  3. Additional elements in the form of inserts on the elbows - another sure sign of the sports model, so when choosing a particular style, consider these points and choose a product in size that does not create wrinkles on the upper part of the shoulders.

With what you can wear a male jacket

If at work a strict dress code is preferred, then you simply do not have a lot of space for imagination, and the choice should be stopped with classical strict suits.

However, many companies have long enjoyed success more informal and practical appearance, which involves the use of sports jackets of a wide variety of shades.

We will consider several variations that involve the presence of a sports blazer or a business classic suit.

  • Black men's jacket.

Black jacket is an integral part of the men's wardrobe and personifies the most that neither is the classic. It is preferable to combine this element with black classic trousers made of the same fabric, complementing the image with shirts of a wide variety of shades or golf with a high collar.

The business exterior will be completed with stylish derby or lofers, and in order for the formalities to be changed to the style of kazhual, replace the shirt with a plain T-shirt with a bright print, and use shoes or comfortable moccasins as shoes.

Black jacket without collar will be an excellent addition to the light bottom. You can choose from beige, gray or white trousers, and as shoes use sneakers of light colors.

  • Gray men's jacket.

The plain gray male suit looks very boring and more suited to office plankton, which takes into account all the rules of the business dress code. To all fans of experiments such a choice just does not have to like, so we advise you to wear a gray blazer along with a black bottom or everyday blue jeans.

Combine the gray jacket with a plain white shirt, unfastened to the end, under the bottom of which, wear any gray T-shirt.

The image will be completed if you add to it sneakers and a few bright accessories in the form of a brown scarf or purse.
  • Brown men's jacket.

Brown version can be combined with a suit bottom, and combined with jeans of deep blue flowers or with khaki trousers. Under the jacket put on a shirt with a checkered print or contrast black golf.

It is worth paying special attention to the fact that when choosing a brown blazer, you have to postpone all experiments with shoes for later. In this case, only slipes or deserts of any brown tones - from sand color to saturated dark chocolate tints - will be appropriate.

  • Light man's jacket.

This option allows you to create a variety of bows for stylish and modern men. Beige top is admirably combined with dark blue or black trousers, and under a jacket put on a white T-shirt or a plaid shirt. The image can be freshened by adding a pinch of additional elements in the form of a hat, a butterfly or a monophonic scarf.

A white jacket is worn under jeans, using light and dark shades of denim. Those who are not afraid of daring solutions, designers recommend combining a white blazer with burgundy or purple trousers, and adding a tie to the color of trousers, you definitely will not remain unnoticed among others. In the summer, light jackets look very stylish and harmonious with denim or white shorts and sneakers of dark shades.

  • Blue men's jacket.

Blue strict business suit will play with new colors and will cease to be so banal if you supplement it with a black vest with a bright tie.

But to create a universal and everyday casual style choose a bottom from a dark or light denim, and under the jacket use shirts with different prints or T-shirts with an interesting drawing. Light beige or white trousers together with loffers will look stylish and interesting, and at the same time perfectly make friends with the blue top of your outfit.

  • With what to combine a corduroy jacket.

Usually men bypass the corduroy models, considering them an attribute of the long-extinct era of the last century. Still, designers do not miss the moment to use in their collections an exquisite and solid corduroy, which allows creating a very nontrivial and courageous image.

A corduroy suit of purple and blue colors will be complemented with one-color shirts of dark shades, and brown and burgundy models are perfectly combined with shirts in a cage and with colored butterflies.

Giving preference to the everyday image, use a corduroy jacket paired with jeans from dark denim, adding onions with comfortable black sneakers.

  • With what to combine a checkered jacket.

Would you like to express yourself and emphasize your personality? Then your help will be rendered to you by an uncomplicated checkered print, which will never lose its relevance.

It should be emphasized that in tandem with the cage, it is best to use plain-colored shirts and T-shirts without any unnecessary details and drawings.
Use a shirt with a print in this case is prohibited, but a bright checkered suit with a monochrome turtleneck will look very fresh and unusual.

In addition to the use of classic shirts, you can prefer single-color golf, pullovers and even swiss shots, and as for the choice of shoes, in this case show all the rampage of your fantasy and implement the most daring experiments.

  • Red in men's clothing.

The red tint attracts the close attention of others, therefore not every man dares to make a choice in favor of such an extraordinary and bold decision. It is worth emphasizing that if you still bought a red jacket, then do not use other clothes of the same color in your outfit. The ideal choice in this case is a light shirt or T-shirt and blue jeans. Remember the basic rule: red should not be very much. If you are the leader of a social party or occupy the honorary title of Cardinal, then the red suit will be very handy. Otherwise, for everyday life you will have enough burgundy blazer, which will not leave you unnoticed among others.

Some fashion ideas from

  • stylists If you want to add an image of brightness and attention, then choose bright t-shirts with a color print or a photo - this combination in combination with correctly selected jeans is relevant this season.
  • Trend is a bright hooded sweatshirt, worn under a jacket. As a bottom jeans from light or dark denim, trousers of a chinos and even summer shorts will approach.
  • Stylish and relevant, along with a sports blazer, polo shirts look complemented by trousers or denim shorts. And auxiliary accessories in the form of a small hat and bright belt will be the final elements in creating a daily and informal outfit.
  • If you are planning a business meeting, then it's best to use a shirt in the dressed form, but to create a casual and casual casual-bow, you can even wear a shirt.

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