The cause of shortness of breath and cough is the mucus accumulated in the lungs. To gently and effectively evacuate it, it is necessary to use herbs that exert an expectorant effect. Depending on the type of cough appoint different options fees. You can achieve positive dynamics if you use herbal teas at least 4 times a day. But if the temperature is absent, then steam inhalations using expectorants can be used.


  • 1 For brewing
    • 1 For brewing
    • 2 For inhalations
      • 2.1 Dry cough
      • 2.2 Moist cough
      • 2.3 Inhalation for bronchitis
    • 3 During pregnancy

For brewing

Today, there are many recipes for preparing an effective decoction against cough. The choice of the appropriate option depends on the type of cough and individual characteristics of the body. Among the most effective is to include such herbs:

  1. Licorice root, fennel, three-color violet, plantain, lungwort and mother-and-stepmother. All these ingredients are taken in equal proportions. Then on 50 g finely chopped raw material, take 500 ml of boiling water and send it all in a thermos bottle. Wait a while, so that the broth is infused. Admission lead to 100 ml 2 times a day. Cure can be cured in 30 days.
    liquorice root

    Licorice root

  2. Chamomile, anise, mother-and-stepmother, plantain, mint. The presented components are taken in an equal amount, and then an 50 g of collection is 500 ml. Also to send in a thermos and wait until it is fed. Take the lead in 100 ml 2 times a day for 30 days. Then rest for 14 days, and if the cough has not passed, then the course of therapy to resume.
    chamomile flower for brewing

    Camomile flower for brewing

  3. Valerian, spray, chamomile, motherwort .Often during a violent coughing, a person is not able to sleep at night. To do this, you need to take a soothing treatment based on the above herbs. At the same time taking medication not at night, but in the evening. The recipe is similar to the previous two options. But when the patient has a tendency to develop bronchospasm, then in the cough collection should be placed valerian, root aira, lemon balm, elderberry and chamomile.
    valerian flower for brewing

    Flower Valerian for brewing

  4. Elderberry, linden, medinitsa, sage, mint, dill, cumin, fennel. You can use these herbs provided that coughing up purulent-mucous sputum occurs during coughing. They have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect. For cooking, take 30 grams of 500 grams of boiling water. After 30 minutes, the filtered infusion can be consumed.
    bud flower for brewing

    Elder flower for brewing

  5. Irish moss( Iceland moss). It is necessary to take it in the amount of 20 g, add 200 ml of boiling water. Boil for 5 minutes, insist half an hour, and then filtered out the broth to take 20 ml 5 times a day. When treating bronchitis course of therapy will be 7-10 days, and with bronchial asthma - up to six months.
    Irish moss for brewing

    Irish moss for brewing

  6. Goose-paws. This herb is able to eliminate even the most severe cough. It is necessary to take it in an amount of 10 g and pour 20 ml of water. Receive ready-made broth to lead up to 5 times a day.
    flower crow

    Flower crow's feet for brewing

  7. Hyssop .It is necessary to take it in quantities of 70 g, add 1 liter of boiling water. Brew the broth in a thermos. Wait 1 hour, then decoction to filter. Receive a dose of 200 ml for 30 days.

For inhalations of

In addition to internal reception, coughing with herbs can be done by resorting to inhalations. This option is very effective, and it can be used by both adults and children.

Dry cough

For the treatment of non-productive cough, you can use the collection of herbs, the action of which is aimed at dilution of the secret and evacuation of it. If you do not take such actions, then this is fraught with the development of such complications as tracheitis.

Eucalyptus is used to stop inflammation, and elecampane is used to form and evacuate sputum. These are perennial herbs that have a mild effect, so use them until the cough has become productive.

On video cough grass:

In the treatment of dry cough caused by bronchitis, the following plants can be used for inhalation:

  • oregano,
  • mint,
  • ivy,
  • coltsfoot,
  • chamomile.

In this case, chamomile can be used in combination with any of the listed plants. It effectively stops the inflammatory process and quickly heals wounds. Mint has a soothing effect for the throat, and it also facilitates the production of sputum. Mother-and-stepmother, oregano stimulate the evacuation of secretions.

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Moist cough

With productive cough, it is advisable to use stimulating herbs. Here you can include marshmallow, elderberry, licorice and marigold. In this case, the root of licorice can be used for inhalation, as well as for preparing decoctions. It contains a lot of vitamin C, and the plant accelerates the process of recovery. If you do inhalation with its use at the initial stage of the disease, you can avoid such an unpleasant symptom as a cough.

When using the althea root, it is possible to dilute the secret, and this is very useful for a strong cough. But calendula leads to stimulation of the body's defenses and has a wound-healing effect.

On the video grass from wet cough:

In pneumonia, it is necessary to use herbs that have a mild expectorant effect, so that you can activate the immune system. With the task set, St. John's wort and sage are excellent. They have a microlithic and calming effect.

All the above plants help cough by inhalation or by decoction. If you chose inhalation treatment, then inhale the healing couples should be within 15 minutes. And after manipulation it is forbidden to breathe cold air.

Inhalation with bronchitis

If you need to cure cough with bronchitis, then effectively use for inhalation licorice and elecampane. The first plant is suitable for the greater evacuation of mucus. It mono to combine with plantain and mother-and-stepmother.

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In pregnancy,

Further, not all drugs can be taken by pregnant women during treatment for a cough. But there are a number of safe herbs that will help you get rid of an unpleasant symptom and not harm the child.

The most effective include such herbs: inhalation with bronchitis

  • decoctions prepared from echinacea, dog rose, raspberry, linden;
  • tea, decoction and fruit drink from cowberry and viburnum fruit;
  • root of ginger;
  • verbena, chamomile.

You can use lime in pregnancy. It has an excellent antipyretic effect. If you take lime tea, you can stop the inflammation and achieve an expectorant effect. Rosehip contains a lot of vitamin C, which is so important in the treatment of colds. Echinacea makes strong protective forces of the body, and chamomile is an excellent anti-inflammatory drug. If you use herbs for cooking decoctions, then you can add honey, jam to somehow improve the taste of tea. You can also try using cough syrup based on plantain.

On video inhalation for bronchitis:

But there are a number of herbs that are not recommended for use in pregnancy:

  • tansy;
  • plantain;
  • oregano;
  • pine buds;
  • violet;
  • mother-and-stepmother;
  • thyme;
  • licorice;
  • elecampane;

Of course, this is not all plants that are prohibited for use. So do not need any initiative, but be sure to use any herbs in the treatment of a cough after the approval of their doctor.

Cough is an unpleasant symptom, which causes a lot of discomfort, both during the day and at night. Medicinal herbs remain effective in treatment. They can be used for oral or inhalation administration. If everything is done correctly, then positive dynamics will be observed after several manipulations.