How to wear a scarf-yoke: ways and styles

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The yoke was popular in the late 80s of the 20th century. Modern fashionistas love him for his aesthetics and practicality. This trend has been holding for more than a year and with every season it pleases with new solutions. What does the scarf-collar look like, and with what to wear and combine it?

Snug, collar or pipe is one kind of scarf, the ends of which are closed in a ring: they can be sewn or buttoned.

Clamp options


  • Long. Such a scarf is easy to wrap around the neck in two or more turns or throw it over your head like a hood.
  • Short. You can wear this option, like a collar or an ordinary scarf.

By material:

  • Warm( made of wool or mohair).A soft, comfortable scarf is as if created for winter or a dank autumn. It is not only an accessory, but also a handy practical thing. Perfectly matches with any outerwear, the main thing is to choose the right model.
  • Light( from thin jersey, silk or chiffon).A simple and effective accent, adding a spring or summer image of charm and charm.

Snud for several seasons is rightfully the favorite among accessories. It is suitable for people of any age, men and women.

A variety of textures, colors and ideas allows everyone to choose a scarf to their taste and create a stylish image.
The options for wearing a scarf-pipe are the same as for those wishing to wear it. This is also its advantage: it is possible not only to choose, but also to create your own unique variant. But there are several basic ways.

Ways of wearing a scarf-snore

  1. Hinge. It is thrown over the neck and shoulders and straightens along the length of the scarf. For such a method, it is better to choose short or medium length models that are not very broad. Interesting look scarves with a pronounced texture or decorated with ornaments. This Variant nt is more decorative and looks great with jackets, coats, cardigans, turtlenecks, dresses and blouses.
  2. Volumetric draping. Snood is twisted by eight, and all the loops are thrown on the neck. The resulting "hill" is formed at its discretion: it is possible to fasten the loops with a barrette or a brooch;"Play" with the location of the loops;create drapery with scarf loops. Unusually and original will look a combination of a pair of different scarves( by texture or contrasting color).
  3. Hood. To tie a scarf on your head, you need to choose a longer model. Throw one loop on your shoulders, and the other on your head, twisting it in front of it. This option will not only be a pretty decoration, but also a warm hat in the cool season.
  4. Turban. One more variant of a headdress will turn out, if to wrap a collar some times around of a head. This exotic and stylish turban is interestingly combined with a coat or dress, it all depends on the material of the scarf and the courage of the fashionista.
  5. Cape. A dense, wide snood can be used as a poncho or a cape, it is enough to cover it on the shoulders and straighten it. It should be remembered that for warm clothes it is preferable to choose a scarf of large mating.
  6. Waistcoat or bolero. It's easy to turn a pipe into a vest. It is easy to cross over on the back or waist and to put hands in the hinges. It is better to choose for such variants scarves long and wide. This method will help quickly turn a simple day image into an original evening one, for example.

It should be noted that such a universal accessory can easily be combined with any wardrobe and different items of clothing.

How to choose a scarf-tube?

A huge number of variants of textures and colors of scarves allows you to choose an accessory for every taste and occasion. But there are several general recommendations.

  • Color. The choice of color depends on several components. You can focus on the shade of the skin, eyes, hair or choose under your wardrobe or a separate piece of clothing. In any case, everything is limited only by imagination and wishes. It is always preferable to try on the scarf before buying and choose the color that best suits you.
  • Texture and fabric. Clamps can be openwork and dense, warm and light, thin and embossed, bright and gentle, strict and frivolous. When choosing, it is better to focus on your goals and preferences. If you need a warm scarf for a cold winter, it's better to buy woolen or more dense. If the collar is selected for a spring dress, then a gentle silk or chiffon version will be just right.

How to wear snod to men?

Scarf-yoke is very simple and convenient, so I liked not only girls but also men. Indeed, there is nothing easier than to throw such a tube around your neck and at the same time create an attractive image in a second.

For decoration and the effect of stylish negligence, you can throw a scarf in one turn, then it's better to choose short and narrow models. For warmth and convenience, it is preferable for a man to choose a scarf that is more authentic and wider, but at the same time wrap it a couple of times.

The most attractive thing for men is that such a scarf fits any clothes: cardigan, jacket, sweater, coat - everything will play in a new way with an additional accessory. Snood adds masculinity and confidence in the image, and also speaks about the presence of style and taste.

How to wear a yoke with outer clothing?

For many, the scarf has a purely practical function - it protects the neck in the cold season, and therefore it is used more often with top clothes. How to choose a scarf-pipe under your coat, jacket or down jacket and create a stylish image?

When choosing a scarf for outerwear, you need to focus on its model:

  • The clamp is short and wide. He throws himself over the hood or on his shoulders and just straightens.
  • A narrow snort that looks like a collar. Such a scarf is put on the neck and refills under the jacket or coat.
  • The pipe is wide and long. You can wear a scarf, like a hood or a hood, hiding the bottom under your clothes, or beautifully drape over a coat or jacket. It is also easy to wear such a hooded tube: just do not fasten the clothes up to the top, and leave the snitch to look out.

Snood from a coat

When choosing a variant of wearing a scarf, you need to repulse from the coat model.

If it is a style without a collar or with a small collar, then the scarf is tied in any way. Very interesting is the version of the vest over the outer clothing, especially for girls with a "pear-shaped" figure( the coat should be tight).

With the hooded version, the snood can be passed underneath( if not too bulky) or worn as usual, but leave the coat open.

Trends 2017 year

In order to look stylish and fashionable, you need not only to trust your taste, but also to listen to the trends of fashion designers. Leading fashion houses and couturier of the world called the snot the favorite of 2017.And quite justifiably: this accessory becomes universal and all-season. The designers let the yoke in even the classical style, which is considered quite conservative.

  • The fashion house Prada in the new season offers cashmere snodes and clamps from alpaca. Elegant, aristocratic, they create a unique image in combination with classic coats. The color scheme is preferably pastel: beige, pearl, gray shades.
  • Stella McCartney, on the contrary, draws attention to simple and versatile scarves. These democratic models of cotton and viscose perfectly complement the urban style and are combined with jeans, sweaters and jackets. They are decorated with buttons and laces, but rather laconic.
  • Michael Kors( Michael Kors) in the season-2017 became a supporter of a deliberately domestic version of the snitch. For him the best option is a scarf "from the grandmother": dense, textured, knitted. Winning looks with a coat as a hood.

As for the palette, then the designers are unanimous and do not limit anything. Pastel shades remain popular mint, vanilla, ash pink. In dark shades, there is almost no black, it is easy to replace with a dark gray and brown. There is a tendency to bright drawings and ornaments, as well as interesting versions of fur snacks and clamps with fringe.

Fur scarf can be natural or artificial, especially appreciated rabbit fur. The scarf is perfectly combined with the evening image, for example, with a short dress in paillettes in the style of the 1920s. Also, it perfectly complements the coat or cashmere sweater, especially if you choose a snoop with a longer pile.

It's easy to create a retrostyle with a short-necked yoke, it will look like a fur collar. But do not combine this option with a fur coat, it is better to create an image with a coat or down jacket. Add a touch and help with a headdress with a fur scarf, it will look like the original hat.

So, round scarf is not only a convenient and practical accessory, it can be used to revive any image, give it a style. No matter how old you are, what your figure is, the color of your eyes or your hair, you can easily pick up a simple and spectacular scarf for any time of year and occasion. It's the little things that make the image complete and interesting, do not be afraid of experiments!


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