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Graduation in kindergarten, a holiday in elementary school are important events for both young girls and their moms. It is necessary to choose an outfit and a hairdress. Fortunately, many small fashionistas hair is long and lush, so putting them effectively will not be difficult. This article presents the most popular and beautiful holiday hairstyles for girls.

What is important to know?

Stacking should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable, because children find it difficult to sit still. It is not necessary to build a Babel tower on the head of a small child. It looks ridiculous and will not last long. It is better to choose simple options that look impressive.

  • You can supplement the festive image with the help of ornaments. In this case, they must correspond to the subject of the event. For example, New Year's Eve will be an excellent occasion to decorate a small head with sequins or sparkling hairpins. Graduation or March 8 is a good reason to use flowers. Bright hairpins, invisible, bows and ribbons look on the children's hair simply amazing.
  • It is necessary to choose the styling together with the girl. For children this is very important. If the hair does not please the child, there will be whims, and this will spoil the mood for both the daughter and mother. If the baby does not like the image, it is better to refuse it and choose another one.
  • It is worth considering the condition of the hair. If they twist, quickly get confused, can not lie for long, it is better to choose simple laying. Many children have unruly curls, so it is advisable to use foam or a little mousse for styling. Stylists are advised to acquire serum or balm to facilitate combing.
  • Another important point is the age of the girl. If babies 3-4 years with pleasure go with pigtails and tails, then older children already want to be similar to adults, so they choose curls and body waves. At this age, the beams in all variations look great, babettes and buntings.

Hairstyles for short hair

If a small lady does not have a fluffy long hair, do not get upset. This has its advantage: you do not need to wind curls, make bundles, braid braids and spend for all this time. To decorate the head in this case, you can use a tiara, an original rim or pins. Only the accessories themselves will make the image festive.

It is better not to choose for a short hair, heavy hairpins and massive hairpins. In young children, the hair is thin and light, so they will not be able to hold large accessories.

Some mothers do not specifically grow girls long hair. Children are very restless, and also often lazy to comb their hair. The only disappointment comes before the holiday. How to make a beautiful styling on short strands? Here are a few options.

  1. Comb the hairs and divide them into a large number of sections. Their number depends on the density of the hair. Then each site is twisted into a flagellum and fixed with a thin hairpin or invisible. The tip of the string should be released and fluffed.
  2. You can just brush your hair well and put it back, and on top, put on a bezel with rhinestones.
  3. If the length allows, you can pick up the strands in their tails and fasten them with small rubber bands.

Styling for long hair

Lush and long hair is a space for imagination. You can create waves, braid braids, twist bundles. It is these hairstyles that are most suitable for girls. Some general tips for creating effective styling:

  • If there is no time to beautifully style curls, simply comb them, and then wind the ends. Strands on the vertex can be braided into spikelets.
  • You can just put a braid around your head. On small girls it looks great.
  • Different braids will look even more impressive if we weave a ribbon into them.
  • If hair is planned to be wound, it is better then to slightly podkolot curvy locks. Otherwise they will interfere.

Festive hairstyles from braids

Such styling is not done quickly, but the result is worth it. It is better to practice for a few days, because once you make a beautiful weaving does not work. Below are simple, but very beautiful styling of braids. They are great for a holiday.

  1. Spike around the head. Accurate spikelet can also be a solemn styling. Everything depends on the technique of its implementation. To emphasize the elegance of weaving, it is recommended to pull out a few locks and slightly dishevel the hair. Detailed instructions:
    • wash, dry and comb well;
    • wind the locks on the curlers;
    • divide the entire head of hair into two parts by a straight parting;
    • to allocate a small lock above an ear and to divide it into three parts;
    • begin to weave spikes, while gently adding to the right and left small patches of hair;
    • continue to weave and move to the back of the head, the braid should not move;
    • on the other hand do the same weaving;
    • on the back of the neck to collect the remaining curls and gently lay, at the expense of curls hair will look elegant.
  2. Greek style. Lightness and airiness of such hairstyles are now at the peak of popularity. They will look good on little girls too. Scheme of weaving:
    • to conduct an even parting and divide the strands into two parts;
    • remove both parts left and right;
    • curls on the nape of the neck in a tall tail and lightly comb;
    • hair from the tail gently lay near the base of the gum;
    • from the left and right sections make pigtails and twist them together, creating a bezel;
    • all fixed with varnish and studs;
    • to such a hairstyle will suit a dress of a gentle shade, light shoes.
  3. Scythe laid on one side. Beautifully plaited braids look unusually on the side.


    • to throw all the hair on one side;
    • braid a loose braid from the back of the head;
    • to fix the styling with studs and elastic band;
    • you can pre-wind the strands, so that the braid was more structural.
  4. Ordinary braids can also be festive. To do this, it is enough to slightly diversify it. Excellent styling is a braid in the African manner. Weave it easily:
    • well comb the hair and divide into three parts;
    • in one part to allocate a small section and divide by three strands;
    • the allocated section of a braid in an ordinary thin pigtail, to fix with an elastic band;
    • braid tight braid of all hair, with a small pigtail to add to one of the parts;Secure the
    • with an elastic band.

If the density allows, it is better to make two such braids. And you can show your imagination and put them in two bundles.


Curls and waves look great on little girls. It's enough just to curl your hair, and the baby already looks like a real princess. But it is worth remembering that children's hair is weaker than the adult, so it's dangerous to expose it to hot temperature, and it's hard for a girl to survive a curler. Optimal option - flexible papillotki. It is better to twist the strands at night, and in the morning the designs can be removed.

Before laying on the hair, apply a little foam. It is better not to abuse these funds, otherwise your hair will look heavy. Below is a variant of the most convenient and charming styling with curls.

  1. Comb the strands, slightly wet and wind on the curling hair. The intensity and size of the curls depend on the desire. If you want to get small curls, it is better to take thin strands.
  2. Leave overnight, remove in the morning.
  3. Finished curls to make out with your fingers and give them the desired shape.
  4. Further all depends on imagination: waves can be cleaned under a bandage or combed on one side.
  5. Very beautiful look curls with a diadem.

You can make curls without using additional tools. It's enough just to braid a lot of braids. Waves can quickly unwind, so it's worth fixing them with lacquer.


Unusual beams located on the back of the head, on the crown or on the side, look universally and solemnly. This hairstyle is convenient: the hair is taken away and does not interfere with the child having fun. Little princesses perfectly fit beams decorated with decorative hairpins with rhinestones.

List of the most suitable beams for girls:

  • Comb the strands and collect them in a high tail. It is better to build it on the vertex. Then divide the entire hair in the tail by several strands and each twist into a tourniquet. Lay the tows at the base of the rubber band. You can insert a flower inside or a beautiful hair clip.
  • Collect the hair in the tail and take the finished bead roller. Wrap it with locks. The ends are hidden under the bundle with the help of hairpins. You can decorate your hair with a ribbon.
  • Strand can be wound, and then effectively put in a lush bunch.
  • You can make a bundle of braid: for this it is worth braiding a good pigtail, and then fold it and fix it.
  • It is possible to divide the locks from the forehead into several sections, and then each to twist into a bundle. Carefully collect the flagella in a bundle.

Some recommendations of

Long hair for a girl is a big plus, since it is this kind of head of hair that allows creating effective styling.

  • If there is no suitable option, you can slightly diversify the everyday image. For example, to make a hairdress-bow:
  1. For this purpose, the curls are gathered in a high tail, but the second turn of the elastic is not done to the end.
  2. The resulting loop should be divided into two parts and the tip of the tail to close the middle. Get a bow.
  3. This hairstyle can be decorated with ribbon or hairpins.
  • You can make a tail, but it must also be unusual. The tail can be diversified by weaving or "lanterns".Make the latter very easy: it is enough to intercept the tail with small rubber bands at regular intervals.
  • On the small women of fashion looks well weave around the head. Spikelets twisting in a zigzag, or interesting fish tails - the choice is wide. You can simply intercept individual strings with elastic bands, and then create a spider web from them.

It's better to complement the styling with accessories in tone along with. Small flowers, rhinestones will look very interesting. But do not abuse them, otherwise there is a risk of turning a child into a New Year tree.

It should be remembered that the hairstyle should not be too complex and massive. A non-moving, mobile child will quickly make her sloppy. If dances are anticipated, active competitions, it is better to remove hair, otherwise they will interfere.

Smart styling does not work out right away. Stylists are advised to practice first, in order to hone their skills by the right moment. It is enough pair of trainings.

On the fair hair looks good curls, on the dark - spit and tufts. Especially for the holiday, the child's hair should not be repainted. Only lightening is permissible.

It is undesirable to do too high overcoats. Comb it is difficult, but for a baby it can be a real stress. Do not pull the child's locks too tight. This weaving brings discomfort.

If you do not have any ideas, you can contact the hairdresser. But usually mums prefer to conjure over the head of a child.

Correctly selected hairstyle - an important part of the festive solemn image. Therefore, it is worthwhile to work hard and make it qualitatively.

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