Fashionable fringe: how to wear, with what to combine

  • A bit of history
  • A bit of history
  • Benefits of fringe
  • Choosing the right styling
  • Fringes on clothing
  • Fringing on shoes and accessories
  • Examples of images

Those who follow fashion have already learned that in 2017 fringe will become a real fashionable bomb. Many designers released on the catwalks collections of clothes, shoes, accessories with such a decor. Prepare in advance and find out how to wear fringe.

A bit of history

To find out where the fringe came from, it's worth going a long way into the depths of history. Do not think that this kind of decor was actively used only in the last century. You will be surprised, but fringed their outfits decorated already in Ancient Babylon. And this is not surprising, because such a decor is the simplest and most accessible, it can be created even without special skills and abilities.

One from regions that especially liked fringed outfits is the Wild West. Indians used this decor for decoration, and for practical purposes, because it served as a real drainage for clothes. Drops of rain quickly slipped over the hanging thin threads, and the clothes did not get wet for a long time.

Another round of fringe popularity came in the 1920s. Then the style flapper came into fashion. He was used by bold and liberated girls, who first began to denude their legs, to smoke in society long cigarettes and to behave uninhibited. With the help of long threads, they gave their outfits a playfulness and slightly compensated for the excessive frankness of the skirts.

In the 1960s, fashions were adopted by hippies. With the help of this element, they reminded people of their freedom-loving roots. Thin threads of the hippies were adorned with absolutely all the objects of their wardrobe, whether flying dresses on the floor, flared trousers or sandals.

The advantages of fringe

Fringe is not just a way to decorate clothes, but the element that sets the mood exudes certain emotions. If your soul requires something new and fresh, get an outfit adorned with threads. It does not matter what it will be - a waistcoat, trousers or a handbag, in any case you will look unusual, catchy and very stylish.

This element of decor has a number of features and advantages.

  1. Fringe is a symbol of freedom, it will help you to be liberated and go beyond the usual standards.
  2. This element is a real protest against everything classic. If you are tired of uniform office suits, boldly dress up in a dress with threads to relax and rest.
  3. Thin threads on clothes and accessories will emphasize your playfulness and romanticism. Having decorated yourself with them before a date, you will probably direct the rendezvous in the right direction.
  4. Fringe will make your outfit live, dynamic.
    Due to the fact that it reacts to every step you take, you will always be in motion and almost in dance.
  5. Finally, the dress, decorated with threads, is a real challenge to modern society. Hurry up to try it on yourself until it finally won all the women of fashion in the world.

Choosing the right style for

Of course, the most obvious style, for which fringe fits perfectly, is Ethnic. Try to imitate the ancient Indians to stay in the ethnic style and look very fashionable. However, such decor is appropriate in other fashionable stylistics. Let's get acquainted with the main ones.

  • Boho combines elements of bohemian style and hippy culture. It is ideal for free and creative people who prefer femininity, dreaminess, and most importantly - comfort.
  • Casual. This is the most simple and clear everyday style. He puts emphasis on the practicality of clothing and its convenience. In this style can not get any classic or formal elements of the wardrobe, because the cashew accepts extremely simple and comfortable things.
  • Country. It is nothing but a village. Accordingly, the whole philosophy of this style fully corresponds to the rural way of life. This style is simple and convenient, it relies on quality natural fabrics.
  • Rock. It is a style in clothes that helps to demonstrate the rebellious nature of a person. You will never mistake rock stylistics with any other, because it is very prominent and striking.
  • Hippies. Of course, one can not ignore the style that gave Bahromo a new life, especially since now she is again in fashion. This style contains a lot of ethnic elements, it is quite simple and unpretentious, but at the same time full of bright and original accessories.
  • Glamor. It is feminine and very bright style. Despite the fact that glamor has come to our country for a long time already, it still does not lose its popularity and relevance."Glitter, luxury, charm" - these are the main words that can accurately describe this style.

Fringes on clothes

We are used to believe that fringe is usually found on jackets or vests. But the coming season is ready to make a complete revolution in our view of this element of decor. Now the fringe is found all over the place. On sale you can find dresses, sweaters, tops and other wardrobe items adorned with threads. Let's look at some unexpected, but very stylish solutions with fringe.

  • Solemn and evening dresses. If you want to stand out at some party, choose a dress with a multi-layered fringe. That the outfit does not turn into carnival or simply funny, carefully approach the choice of colors. It should be harmonious and appropriate to the level of the event.
  • Summer dresses and skirts. They will give you an easy and flying look. Such dresses and skirts should be made of delicate fabrics in light colors: white, soft pink, beige and so on. In this case, the fringe must be in tune all along. It is very important that there is not too much of it in a summer thing( a dress or a skirt).
  • Jumpers for autumn and winter. A warm cardigan, adorned with thin threads of genuine leather, is, perhaps, one of the most fresh and bold decisions. Just a couple of years ago, no one was wearing this kind of jumper, modern designers began to create more recently.
  • Poncho and very long sweaters. All these things will look great, whatever material they are made of, and in whatever color they are created by the designer. Release your fantasy at will and choose the option that you like. However, try to combine such ponchos and jackets with simple and restrained things, so that your image does not turn out to be too strange and lurid.
  • Leather skirts of different lengths - this is a real hit of the season. They can be with long and short fringe, have different styles and length. The main thing that they were made of leather and stylishly fit into your image. Especially designers appreciate skirts with long, heavy threads.

Fringe on shoes and accessories

Previously, fringe on shoes was rare. Now modern designers create very beautiful things with this decor element, so you can confidently say that it will not take a long time to deserved rest.

  • If you prefer closed shoes, then the fantasy of roaming is rather difficult. In such shoes, fringe can be found only on the heels. But open shoes, sandals and even slippers allow us to experiment and fantasize. Surprisingly, such shoes can be both refined, elegant, elegant, and quite comfortable and simple.
  • At the end of autumn and early spring, try adding half-boots, ankle boots or fringed boots to your image. If they look like a cowboy - fine, it will make your image even more noticeable.
  • In a warmer time of the year( early autumn or late spring), try on ankle boots with fringe and an open toe. Abroad, women of fashion simply adore them, but here in our country, for some reason, such shoes are being overlooked.
    If you are afraid that fringed shoes will look too massive and cumbersome, just choose the options with a minimum amount of trim.
  • Bags with fringe - this is a simple and convenient way to bring in your image an unusual note. The most successful in this case are bags-clutches. Modern designers perform them in a wide variety of styles, so you will surely find an option to your taste.
  • Of course, with fringe there are not only clutches, but also three-dimensional bags. But be careful. These bags are very catchy and specific. Carefully choose the outfits with which you plan to wear similar accessories. More restrained look backpacks with a fringe.

If you like using this stylish element, feel free to add an option in your arsenal, decorated with thin threads.

When choosing an accessory with a similar finish, remember the main rule: it should become the central part of your image. Give up all that is superfluous. Excessive congestion in details can spoil your fashion image.

Examples of images

Let's look at some examples of combinations of things with fringe. With the help of them, you can easily create your own interpretations.

  1. The top with a fringe will approach to trousers with the overestimated waist, especially it is healthy, if such trousers will be executed from any easy fabric. Finish a similar image of stylish sandals on your feet.
  2. If you want to buy a jacket with fringe, give preference to a variant of leather or suede. It is better to wear such a jacket with simple and reserved things. It can be a simple dress without excess decor, a narrowed skirt, black trousers or jeans of classic cut. Avoid too bright colors and flashy textures.
  3. The selection of a company for a fringed skirt will depend on the stylistic direction you choose, because it can be, for example, bohoh, ethnika, hippie style and so on. A universal option for such a skirt is a simple one made of cotton, a shirt with beautiful embroidery or a rough knitted sweater. On your feet you can put on sneakers, boots or classic boats.
  4. If you want to create a sufficiently rigorous fringed image, try to choose a small clutch with this kind of decor and wear a traditional suit with trousers or a skirt along with it.
  5. Stylish and playful will look a short flying skirt, a simple long sleeve T-shirt, sneakers or sneakers and a small backpack with a fringe. Try to choose a skirt and a T-shirt with a minimal print. The ideal solution is a geometric pattern.

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