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We celebrate many dates and holidays: solemn and joyful, family and professional. But there is one special, sacred for everyone and everyone date - May 9!Celebration of the true celebration of life - Victory Day! And let us not know by name all those who have laid down their heads for us and their country, their exploit is immortal. And our congratulations to May 9 - the words coming from the heart, from the very depths of a grateful soul!

Words, emotions, overwhelming everyone on this day, an immense amount. And sometimes they are difficult to put together. Perhaps our congratulations will be useful for you.

Official congratulations to veterans of

№ 1

Dear our veterans, soldiers and workers of the rear, defenders. Every day of your life is a feat. You did not hide from danger, did not bow submissively to a merciless enemy.

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You went to the defense of your homeland, our fatherland, with a single weapon - a firm belief that your case is the right one. With this faith you have smashed the enemy. With it you, falling from exhaustion, forged a victory in the rear. And we survived. Extracted. They destroyed the brown snake. Wiped her from the face of the earth!

May 9 is the day of your triumph. Feast of the winners. It is sacred for all of us, your descendants: children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And will remain so until the end of time! We low, solemnly and gratefully bow our heads in front of you - a generation of winners. And we wish you happiness, peace of mind, health for many, many years!

№ 2

Dear, immensely respected our veterans! Your valorous honor, indomitable courage gave us the right to live. Defending the Motherland, you not only defended your homeland, you saved the world by clearing it of fascist filth. From ruins and ashes in an incredibly short time, rebuilt the country.

On the example of your incredible feat, generations are brought up. Your descendants are equal to you. And we, the generations who grew up in the world, assure you - it will always be so. It can not be otherwise! Pride in the creation of your hands, hearts, sweat and blood is our heritage. And we want to wish you unquenchable cheerfulness, strong health, endless longevity! With a great holiday you, with Victory!

Short congratulations to the veterans of

  • Dear veterans! This day is a symbol of the indomitable spirit of our people, the undaunted determination and noble dignity, honor and conscience of our great country. With the deepest sense of respect, gratitude, we wish you good and happiness! Health and warmth! With a holiday you, with the greatest of days - with the Victory Day!
  • Dear veterans! Victorious! Your name is courage. Your life is valiant honor. Congratulating you on the unfading holiday of Victory, and bowing before your unprecedented feat, we wish you infinite longevity, all sorts of earthly blessings and warmth of the hearts of your loved ones.
  • Soldiers of Victory, veterans, original sons of the Motherland! Your gigantic feat, the indomitable power of hearts gave us a peaceful, free sky! Please accept our sincere congratulations and allow us, in a sign of our deepest respect, to sincerely wish you well-being, the strongest health and endless charge of cheerfulness! Happy holiday, with the Great Victory!

Congratulation on May 9 from

official 1

Dear veterans-warriors, workers of the rear, prisoners of fascist camps, children of war, dear compatriots! We congratulate you on our great holiday - Victory Day!

In the annals of each country there are dates soldered into the genetic memory of the people. Forever. Forever. For each and every one of us without exception, this date is May 9!The day of the triumph of life over death! Victory Day!

This holiday will always live in our hearts, in the memory of those whose grandfathers and great-grandfathers during the immeasurably long 1418 days eradicated the most terrible of evils - fascism!

In our hearts and souls, genuine gratitude, true worship of the unprecedented feat of war veterans, their wives, children and mothers, that they have become workers of the rear, will never dry out. And, of course, before those who revived, bit by bit, rebuilt from the fire, the ashes, the devastation of our long-suffering, torn by enemies of the country!

Paying an immense tribute of the deepest respect to people who have passed the most terrible fire of tests, we congratulate relatives, relatives, friends, each other on the holiday, which became a symbol of unbreakable integrity and pride of a great country!

President congratulates veterans on May 9 with Victory Day - video

№ 2

Dear veterans, your wisdom and experience is an invaluable contribution to the moral and spiritual development of the younger generation, who must develop and multiply your heritage. And it will certainly cope with this, because he has before your eyes your heroic experience! With a great holiday, with the Victory Day, dear veterans, countrymen!

Let the windows of your houses always burn with joyful light, and the faces with happiness and goodness. Health to all, well-being, mutual understanding and respect. And of course, endless energy, strength and inspired optimism for the accomplishment of new noble deeds in the name of our great Fatherland - the motherland of the winners!

№ 3

Infinitely respected by our veterans, saviors of the Fatherland! Dear countrymen! Happy holiday, with the 71st anniversary of the Victory!

May 9 unforgettable 1945 with victorious glee, universal triumph entered the world record of mankind. A brutal war with an undefeated enemy - fascism! The war is sacred. Domestic.

Red Army men - our grandfathers and great-grandfathers - passed, crawled, measured thousands of bloody front-line kilometers, filling each of 1,418 days of bloody, merciless battle with the indiscriminate enemy with gigantic heroism, an unparalleled courage - such a thorny was the way to Victory.

In the rear, the same time account went to the millions of shells collected by women and children, thousands of guns for artillery, high-speed tanks, self-propelled guns, winged aircraft, which were sent off-hourly and every minute by train to the front.

The temporary account of the years of hard times went to millions of soldiers 'triangles from the front and from hospitals, to the kilometers of black widows' scarves, to the oceans of shed tears. Just think about it: every Russian family is a page of the military chronicle into which the name Victory is written in blood!

May 9 is a holy day. He forever changed the past and invisible, but the strongest thread joined the military and peaceful generations of Russians. Veterans with their lives, blood paved a peaceful road to the future! We are the descendants of the great winners, and be proud, remember it always! May 9 is our holiday. Victory Day, the triumph of the Russian spirit. So it was, so it is and it will be infinite.

Congratulations on this great day. We wish all of you health, courage, strength and energy to create a new, create for the benefit of our long-suffering Motherland - the homeland of heroes!

Congratulations to colleagues

  • Friends, colleagues! Just imagine how lucky we are with you: we know what war is, only from movies, video games, books, theater productions. And this happiness! And I sincerely wish to congratulate all of us on the great Victory Day!
  • Heroes and heroines of that war are getting smaller every day. But we honor what they have done for us, we remember and bow to their feat, thanks to which we live today in this world - in a peaceful country, under a clear sky. So let us preserve this world for the next generations, our children and grandchildren. Happy holiday to all of us, with Victory!
  • Colleagues, I congratulate you, your families and friends on the Great Victory Day. May 9 is the happiest day for our country, which rids the world of the brown merciless plague. The day for which paid the highest price - lives, fates of war veterans and loggers. Every day they are less and less among us, they go to star regiments to guard our peace from heaven already. Our duty is to preserve their military glory, to preserve the memory of their selfless devotion to the Motherland. Long live the Great Victory! Congratulations!

Congratulations in verse

No. 1

The war has died down. Victory!!!There was a long-awaited moment!

Even the one who died, he knew - our people will live in peace.

Descendants are grateful to the soldiers - not returned and alive!

Congratulations on the Great Victory, honor their feat and honor.

No. 2

Veterans bow to the ground

Today we are to be holy on this day:

Do not disturb shots, war -

This cup is drunk to the bottom!

We are given peace, quiet sleep,

Happiness to live, breathe with beloved in unison.

Happiness of the joy of the birth of children -

All at the cost of huge losses!

Feast of joy, even tears in my eyes.

We honor your triumphant step!

All the dead remember and live!

Happy Victory Day! The world triumphs!

No. 3

We did not hear the sound of explosions,

Unknown howling shells,

We do not know how

is possible Save the world under the gun!

We do not know how to survive,

When the world fell into a hole,

When the blood around is enough,

To flood the oceans with it!

You could! Defended with honor,

Did not consider losses, wounds!

Your feat will live centennes,


Congratulations! We wish you happiness,

Peace to your homes and health to your close ones!

Protecting us from bad weather,

You have become a saint during your lifetime!

Congratulations on 9 May in prose

In memory of great-grandfather. ..

My grandfather did not fight. He was waiting for his father from the war. I waited, in spite of the fact that his mother, who was a toiler of the rear, survived the terrible occupation, received a funeral from the war. But the black news did not cloud his joy from the brightest and long-awaited news: "Victory!".It was a triumph, flooding the world!

The pride he experienced together with our entire country is transmitted in our family from one generation to another. And will continue to be transmitted. Victory Day is the greatest of the holidays. May 9 is a true celebration. Noting it, I am proud that I belong to a glorious, victorious family! And congratulating my relatives, all my friends and colleagues today, I bow my head to those who gave us this world. Happiness to the survivors, glory to the dead!


Grandmother, our native Bereginya, with the brightest and greatest holiday of you - with Victory! You with your work, staggering from hunger, cold and exhausting loads, brought Victory closer - every minute, every second!

And let today your eyes do not shine so brightly as in the young years, they reflect life itself, the history of the country that has won world evil!

We love you, our own, were proud and will always be proud of your extraordinary feat. Live for a long time, without troubles and troubles!

To Veterans

May foams with cherry color, and again, as then - in the thunderous forties - the nightingales chirp! Thundering gun volleys. But these are peaceful shots - volleys of memory in honor of the selfless feat of the people, who removed fascism from the face of the earth. Salute is our gratitude for their valor, disobedience to the enemy, for our today's - peaceful and cloudless - life, won by bloody calluses and pain of exorbitant losses. With a holiday, warriors of honor are veterans, all of us with Victory!

Sitting at a festive table, walking in a park with children, remember: all this became possible only thanks to them - the veterans of the Great Patriotic War.
They gave us peace. And gratitude, congratulations - just a tiny fraction of what you can do for them today.

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