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The real enemy of women is cellulite, the overwhelming majority of ladies of any age and complexion suffer from it, soYour procedures and cosmetics are aimed at fighting precisely with this unpleasant phenomenon. Anti-cellulite massage is considered the most effective way to eliminate the so-called orange peel on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

You can do the massage in a cosmetology room or at home on your own. In the first case it is important to entrust yourself to a professional masseur, whose qualifications are beyond doubt, as well as to learn all the details about the equipment used.

As a rule, sessions of anti-cellulite massage in the cabin require a large time and financial costs, as well as a certain regime, holding fixing, supporting the effect of procedures.

The massage from cellulite, carried out at home, does not require professional training, it can be done in a comfortable environment at a convenient time, in addition, the budget is significantly saved. With a regular and proper massage, the effect from it will not keep you waiting. In addition, using self-massage is easy to maintain the result for a long time.

How dangerous cellulite

To anti-cellulite self-massage should be started only after a detailed study of the relevant technology and the concept of cellulite as such.

Cellulite is commonly referred to as uneven accumulation of fat cells in "problem" areas in women: in the hips, waist, abdomen, buttocks, shoulders. Often the phenomenon is accompanied by swelling, muscular dystrophy, a decrease in the tone of the skin.

In addition to an unattractive appearance, cellulite entails:

  • Impairment of blood circulation and lymph drainage due to the formation of new cellular fibers between cells. As a consequence, tissues lack oxygen, hormonal metabolism is disrupted.
  • Metabolism, leading to the accumulation of excess fluid in the tissues, the emergence of inflammatory processes and scars in the subcutaneous layers.

Anti-cellulite massage should be directed to specific areas, and it should be done correctly. Violation of the technique can lead to damage to the capillaries, nerve endings, the appearance of bruising and new inflammation, swelling. Disturbance of microcirculation in tissues will entail the accumulation of fat and liquid in them without the possibility of withdrawal.

The mechanism of action of the anti-cellulite massage

The purpose of the massage from cellulite is the restoration of normal processes in the tissues:

  • Normalization of the movement of blood and lymph.
  • Improved metabolism.
  • Stabilization of gas exchange.
  • Stimulation of the breakdown of lactic acid.
  • Removal of cell fat not by crushing clusters, but by accumulating bioactive micronutrients necessary for the formation of fibroblast cells that destroy the connective septa.

Massage can be hardware, can, hand. These types can be done separately or combined. With the help of these procedures, you can visibly tighten the figure, get rid of excess weight, improve the skin condition.

Rules for the procedure

Does anti-cellulite massage help? Definitely, yes! But you need to do it correctly, clearly following the instructions, recommendations for each specific problem area:

  • Hands must slip well, so the skin should be thoroughly lubricated with a cream or a mixture of cosmetic oils( citrus, cypress, juniper).For vacuum massage, the banks are the same. Oils not only facilitate glide, but also penetrate deep layers of the skin, facilitating the rapid breakdown of fats.
  • The pace, the force of the action of massage movements should gradually increase. By the end of the session, the speed and intensity are smoothly reduced.
  • Movement should be soft, but strong, so that the skin acquires a pink shade. The redness will show that they overdid it with a massage.
  • Sites with nerve endings, clusters of vessels, near the lymph nodes should be massaged gently, without a strong effect. These areas include: the inner side of the thighs, armpits, groin, the area under the knees.
  • The direction of massage movements should coincide with the movement of blood and lymph: from the axillary zone, from the groin, from the popliteal fossa.

Features of the massage of the stomach

Self-anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen should be carried out, following certain rules:

  • Begin the session strictly 2 hours before or 3-4 hours after eating.
  • During the monthly from the procedure should be discarded.
  • Before the procedure, you should ensure the outflow of lymph, you need to lie on your back, putting a pillow under your head, relax your neck, bend your knees. Deeply inhale, inflating the stomach, and exhaling, bend over to the knees, hands clasped belly. After 2-3 repetitions, you can start a massage session.
  • The movements during massage should be light, putting pressure on the skin, and not on the internal organs.
  • Lower abdomen can not be massaged.

Basic recommendations of

In order to achieve an anti-cellulite massage at home, to achieve the desired effect, follow these simple but important recommendations:

  • Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to warm up the problem areas, it is best to take a bath by grinding the mare necessary areas reddish.
  • The skin before the procedure should be thoroughly cleaned by removing the dead cells, opening the pores, respectively, you need a peeling. Do it with a ready-made scrub or folk remedies( coffee grounds, a mixture of vegetable oil and large salt).
    Anti-cellulite scrubs help to fasten, accelerate the action of massage.
  • During the procedure, the muscles should warm up, therefore, breaks during the session are unacceptable.
  • The impact of only one problem zone is not as effective as the study of all areas around it, for example, the buttock massage must necessarily be accompanied by exposure to the entire thigh from the patella to the pelvis.
  • After the procedure, you can not cool the muscles, on the contrary, they should be insulated, this helps to speed up the metabolism. From walks it is necessary to refrain at least an hour after the session.
  • The effectiveness of the course will increase if in the breaks do anti-cellulite wraps, apply special masks, prepared according to folk recipes.

Duration of the course

The session of anti-cellulite self-massage lasts from 40 minutes to 1 hour, and for each site is spent from 3 to 25 minutes. Time depends on the degree of expression of cellulite in a particular area.

The main course usually includes 15-16 procedures: the first 10 are done every other day, the remaining ones - twice a week. To maintain and fix the effect, repeat the procedure every two weeks.


Anti-cellulite massage, alas, is not suitable for everyone. In the presence of the following signs or diseases should be abandoned:

  1. The presence of damaged skin in the problem area, they include all kinds of inflammatory diseases, rashes, chronic dermatitis, etc.
  2. Acute systemic and infectious diseases can worsen and take longer.
  3. Increased or decreased blood clotting.
  4. Varicose veins, especially in areas of exposure.
  5. Fever.
  6. Hematomas, bruises, vascular asterisks.

Many women are interested in whether it is possible to do anti-cellulite massage during pregnancy. The unequivocal answer is no. In addition, the procedures should be abandoned and during lactation. Actions at one's own risk and risk can harm the fetus.

In any case, before starting the procedure, you should consult a doctor, especially when doing massage at home.

As already mentioned, you can independently do manual, canned and hardware anti-cellulite massage.

Hand massage

With the help of manual anti-cellulite massage it is possible to strengthen blood circulation, warm up tissues, stimulate the outflow of lymph and activity of sebaceous and also sweat glands.

The session consists of three parts:

  1. Stroking and vibration - the duration is about 6 minutes. Do at the beginning and end of the procedure.
  2. Rubbing and squeezing - takes about 20-25 minutes.
  3. Mashing and patting - lasts 30 minutes.

Stroking and vibration

The essence of manipulation is the impact on the surface of the skin with the pads of the fingers or the palm. Movements should be soft, smooth, with the vibration of the fingers perpendicular to the skin.

Movement on the buttocks can be rectilinear, wavy or circular, the direction - from the groin area.

For stroking your hands and lower legs, it is best to bend your fingers with an arch, and the big one should be turned aside.

Rubbing and squeezing

The essence of rubbing is stretching with the displacement of the tissues by straight, circular or spiral movements without slipping hands or fingers. Due to this, the liquid in the deep layers of the skin begins to move, the flow of oxygen is normalized, the blood flow is intensified. During the manipulation, the skin temperature increases.

Rubbing helps to reduce swelling of tissues, prevents the formation of scars.

Squeezing is performed by fast rhythmic movements along the muscle fibers. Exposure must be vigorous, but not painful. Squeezing can be of the following types:

  • The palm should be positioned across the problem area, tightly squeezing the fingers and slightly bending them, then moving along.
  • The brush is put perpendicularly to the skin surface across the massaging area. Move it upwards.
  • Along the muscle, place the palm and massage the area with its base, moving it upwards.

Kneading and patting

To knead the massaged area, there are two ways:

  • Use the palm and fingertips to grasp the skin, moving the latter with short sliding movements. It turns out a kind of tweaking due to stretching the skin and its short-term compression. Manipulation should not be intermittent, the better the skin under the fingers will roll, the more effective.
  • Two palms to grasp the maximum amount of skin with muscles. Movements should be "grinders", palms should not be torn off.

Patting should be done with the ribs of the palms, with the pads of the fingers, with the knuckles. Manual massage is recommended at all stages of cellulite development, the last depends on the duration and extent of exposure.

Vacuum massage

For the effect of manual massage to be more noticeable, and the cellulite to disappear faster, one should resort to vacuum action. The latter is carried out by special devices that regulate the degree of negative pressure on the massaged area.

Most often, vacuum massage is done using cans - glass, plastic, silicone. The latter are considered the most effective, since the least damage to the skin, and due to the soft housing or an additional device, it is possible to regulate the degree of exposure.

A can of massage is recommended to include in the standard manual course, and its duration should not take more than 15-20% of the total time.

To massage the jars follows, having greased its edges with a fat or massage cream to improve the glide. One site needs to be treated until it blushes, then move on to the next one.

Vacuum massage at home - video

Hardware massage

Speaking about anti-cellulite massage performed at home, we can not fail to mention the multifunctional massagers offered by many manufacturers of cosmetology equipment. Such devices can perform from one to four or more functions, they can be used to control the degree of influence, set the duration of the procedure.

As a rule, there are several nozzles for the vacuum and micro massage of the type of rollers, jars, etc. The apparatus is often equipped with the function of infrared radiation and microcurrent therapy.

The combination of these functions allows you to quickly and almost effortlessly get rid of cellulite, tighten the skin and muscles.

Dry massage

Dry rubbing is effective in the early stages of cellulite. They need to be done with the help of suitable devices:

  • Massage gauntlets.
  • Hard terry towel.
  • Brushes with natural bristles of medium hardness.

Massage movements should be soft, you should try not to damage the skin. The force of pressing during dry rubbing is difficult to control, therefore bruises can often appear after the procedure.

Such procedures are recommended to be performed every other day, the duration of each is about 5 minutes. As soon as the skin appears stable redness, you can end.

The main mistake in dry rubbing is the moistening of the skin. Do this in no case it is impossible, otherwise there will be scratches, and bruises will become even greater.

After the session, massage the face with moisturizing cream.

Tools for anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage can be done by a variety of instruments, some of which are easy to find in any home:

  • Rigid washcloth or "miracle mittens", as well as all kinds of plastic, rubber, silicone brushes with rollers, needle or ribbed surface. You can buy them at any pharmacy, they are available and allow you to quickly achieve the desired results. Procedures with their help should be carried out along massage lines, this is important.
  • Brushes with dense natural bristles are ideal for dry massage.
  • Brushes with "fingers" imitate hand massage movements. They can be used for dry and wet exposure.
  • Soft plastic can replace special vacuum devices, but make sure that its edge is not sharp.
  • An ordinary table spoon effectively massages the deep layers of the skin, due to the dimensions it acts pointwise, which is inaccessible to most instruments.


  1. Bruises after anti-cellulite massage - this is normal, but in reasonable quantities. If there are hematomas or vascular ruptures, it means that something is wrong, it is worth reducing the force of impact and reviewing the sites.
    Massage affects the skin, and not on muscle tissue, the hematoma indicates that the muscle was damaged.
  2. Owners of thin skin and sensitive vessels must adapt the intensity of the effect of anti-cellulite massage, to do everything softer, more accurate.
  3. Among all types of massage should be selected suitable for you, for this it is worth exploring all the contraindications, if necessary, consult a doctor, take into account all the individual characteristics.
  4. When doing the procedure at home, remember that the massage movements should be carried out from the bottom up.
  5. If the skin becomes very red during exposure to it, it is best to stop the procedure.

To fully anti-cellulite effect, one massage is not enough. It must necessarily be combined with proper nutrition, regular physical activity, a healthy and active lifestyle. Related Videos:

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