Nutrition for gout

Gout( gouty arthritis) is a chronic disease that is associated with a violation of urine metabolism in the human body. The very first symptom of gout is inflammation of the joints. This process is accompanied by acute pain, swelling, redness of the joints, which become hot and very sensitive to external stimuli.

  • Regimen and basic principles of nutrition
  • Food-tolerated foods for gouty
  • Prohibited foods for gout
  • Diet No. 6
  • Approximate menu for gout

The most common inflammatory process affects the area of ​​the thumb on the foot, as well as the joints of the hands, knees andankle joints. Sometimes inflammation is localized in the tendons.

According to statistics, males are more likely to suffer from males over 45 years of age. In women, the symptoms of gout can occur during menopause.

The main causes of gout development are:

  • unbalanced nutrition;
  • hereditary predisposition;

  • obesity;
  • constant stress stress;
  • alcohol abuse.

Mode and basic principles of nutrition

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely cure gout. But you can control the seizures of the disease with a balanced diet. Consider the basic principles of nutrition for gout:

  1. In the diet, you need to minimize the amount of protein foods and animal fats. The permissible daily norm of vegetable protein is about 30%, and vegetable fat is 35%.
  2. With gout from the patient's menu, all products containing purines and oxalic acid are excluded.
  3. The amount of salt in the daily diet should be reduced to 9 g per day.
  4. The menu should completely eliminate alcoholic beverages. Ethyl alcohol, contained in alcoholic beverages, inhibits the process of excretion of uric acid and increases its concentration in the body. Simultaneous intake of fatty foods and alcohol can cause a strong attack of gout.
  5. With gout, you can spend a day off every week. For unloading, dairy products, juices, allowed vegetables and fruits are used. During unloading, a minimum of 1.5 liters of liquid must be consumed.

When gout is important to observe the correct diet. A day is recommended to eat at least 4 times. When gout is forbidden to starve and overeat. The minimum volume of consumed liquid is 2 liters. For drinking, it is recommended to use a decoction of rose hips, juices, mineral waters with a slightly alkaline medium, sour-milk drinks.

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Foods allowed for gouty

When compiling a daily diet for patients who suffer from gout, it is important to use the following products:

  • rabbit, chicken or turkey fillet;
  • quail and chicken eggs;
  • squid, shrimp and mussels;
  • sour-milk products;
  • fish of low-fat varieties;
  • cereals;
  • pasta;
  • bread made from rye and wheat flour;
  • vegetables;
  • fruit;
  • various dried fruits;
  • berries;
  • fats of vegetable origin;
  • sauces made from vegetables and lactic acid products;
  • honey, jujube and marshmallow;
  • greens;
  • drinks - infusions of herbs, green tea, compotes from dried fruits and juices.

In the remission phase, the following foods can be introduced in small amounts:

  • mushrooms;
  • plums;
  • butter;
  • sea salt;
  • salting;
  • whole milk;
  • vegetables - tomatoes, cauliflower, asparagus, spinach.
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Prohibited products for gout

When gout is forbidden to include in the menu foods that increase the amount of blood in the blood purines and speed up the process of entering these compounds in the tissue. The list of products that are prohibited for gout includes:

  • smoked meat;
  • canned food;
  • semi-finished products;
  • by-products;
  • broths, cooked on the basis of fish or meat;
  • fat meats;
  • spirits;
  • leguminous crops;
  • chocolate;
  • coffee;
  • fats of animal origin;
  • spices and spices.
  • loading. ..

When the disease worsens, doctors recommend the patient follow the diet number 6, which stabilizes metabolic reactions in the body, reduces the synthesis of uric acid and its salts.

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Diet №6

Diet for gout is characterized by an increase in the diet of vegetable and dairy dishes, as well as the consumption of a large amount of free liquid. The composition of the diet of diet No. 6 per day includes 70 g of protein( 50% - animals), 400 g of carbohydrates, 80 g of fats( 30% - vegetable), 10 g of salt. Caloric content per day is 2500 kcal. From the menu, products containing purines and oxalic acid are excluded.

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Approximate menu for gout

  • First breakfast: fruit salad, dressed with sour cream sauce, broth of wild rose.
  • Second breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese, compote of dried fruits.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, stuffed peppers with vegetables and rice, fruit jelly;
  • Dinner: cottage cheese casserole with apples, green tea.
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