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Each girl wants to have an expressive look. To find it, you need to provide your eyelashes with adequate care. One of the most useful means for this purpose is castor oil. For the eyelashes, it is priceless: with its help you can make them beautiful and thick. The main thing is to know how to use it correctly.

Useful properties

Castor oil contains fatty acids, due to which it has an increased viscosity. Thanks to this feature castor is actively used to create all kinds of masks. This oil makes any composition more saturated, giving it a uniform texture. This feature is by no means the only useful property of castor oil:

  1. There is a lot of ricinoleic acid in the product. When in contact with the skin, it stimulates nerve endings, which helps to increase the activity of cells.
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  2. The composition contains oleic, palm, linoleic acid( total 18 carbon acids).
  3. Castor has a high resistance( it does not spoil for a long time) and uniformity.

Like other oils, castor oil has varieties, the characteristics of each of them depend on the manufacturing method. If the product was received in a cold way, it is better and cleaner.

For castor oil, it is characteristic that quality is unusual for other oils: the ability to dissolve in alcohol and aliphatic substances.

The only drawback of this product is the fact that it loses its useful qualities in long-term storage.

Effect of oil on eyelashes

The useful effect of castor oil on eyelashes is due to its unique composition. Because it contains important acids, it ensures the normal functioning of the hair and the epithelium.

Linoleic acid is produced by the human body, but in most cases this quantity is small. The palm and oleic acids come with food, however, it is impossible to regulate this volume. Usually there is not enough food in the food. This means that the eyelashes are experiencing a shortage of these elements.

  • Ricinoleic acid provokes irritation of the nerve receptors of the skin, which promotes activation of cells. Thanks to this, useful substances from vessels and external sources are absorbed much better.
  • Castor oil is almost completely absorbed by bulbs and eyelashes. Due to this, it fully saturates them with useful substances. Due to the high viscosity of this product, the structure of the hairs is much faster restored, their surface becomes smooth and silky.
  • In addition, castor oil is very useful for the growth of eyelashes. The first results can be seen just a month after the beginning of using this tool.
  • This product has a positive effect on the skin of the eyelids. They acquire smoothness and elasticity. That is why castor oil is so useful to those girls who systematically pull out eyebrows. The fact is that the structure of the skin in this zone is seriously disturbed. With constant washing, the epithelium dries out and does not age at all.

Castor oil for eyelashes - video

Features of application

Many girls are interested in how to apply castor oil for eyelashes correctly. In fact, the independent use of this product does not cause special difficulties. It takes literally 1 minute to complete this procedure, and the results are very encouraging.

To achieve the desired goal, you need to consider some of the features:

  1. Store the product at room temperature.
  2. As a rule, oil is sold in bottles with a wide neck, and therefore it is quite convenient to use it. Such a fluid should not be poured anywhere.
  3. Do not apply a castor oil on eyelashes, which has been standing in a cold place for a long time. At the time of use, the composition should be at room temperature or slightly higher. To increase the effectiveness of the product, it can be slightly heated by means of a steam bath.
  4. Before starting the application, you should evaluate the likelihood of allergies to the product. Even if you previously treated castor oil hair, this does not mean that it can be safely used for eyelashes. It is important to remember that the eyelids are covered with extremely thin skin, and the mucous eye has a high sensitivity. That is why the risk of an allergic reaction is high.
  5. Special attention should be paid to the brush that you are going to use for the treatment of eyelashes with castor oil. You can choose for this purpose the old from the carcass. However, the pre-brush should be thoroughly washed and dried. After the end of the procedure, it should be wiped off with a damp disc, and close the bottle with castor oil.
  6. Before applying the oil, the eyelashes should be cleaned of make-up. It is very important that the hairs are clean and dry.
  7. If you wear contact lenses, they must be removed.
  8. Many girls, not knowing how to use castor oil, make a gross mistake: they cover the composition of the eyelash from the roots to the tips, like mascara. As a result, a film is formed on the eye mucosa, getting rid of it can be quite difficult.

To avoid undesirable consequences, it is necessary to take a little brush with a brush and start to smear eyelashes with castor oil from the middle, moving to the tips. It is important to consider that the product should not drain off cilia. From its excess should be carefully disposed of with a brush.

  1. If you plan on using castor oil for the first time, apply the remedy for only 5 minutes. If it does not cause negative reactions, the procedures can be safely continued. At the same time, their duration can be extended to 15-20 minutes. If in the morning you notice redness on the eye mucosa or puffiness of the eyelid skin, it is better to refuse application of castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows.
  2. To remove oil from the cilia is quite simple, for this purpose an ordinary cotton wool disk is suitable. At the same time, it is necessary to thoroughly wipe and eyelids. Thanks to this, it will be possible to remove excess funds and prevent the occurrence of swelling.
  3. After the end of the session for an hour, it is not recommended to wash or treat eyelids with cream.
  4. Application of castor oil on eyelashes is recommended before bedtime. The fact is that after this procedure it is practically impossible to use mascara: it simply can not lie on the oily film, which is formed after castor application. However, it is not recommended to leave it at night, as it can provoke severe swelling.
  5. It is important to consider that the use of castor oil will give the desired results only if systematically used. Therefore, it is recommended to apply this tool every day.
  6. The course of application is at least 4-5 weeks. Only after this time you will be able to understand whether this oil is suitable for you. If no noticeable results are achieved, it is better to choose another product for the care of eyelashes.
  7. After the course is recommended to briefly interrupt, for 1-2 weeks the eyelashes should take a break from the effects of active ingredients. Thanks to this it will be possible to avoid getting used to, and the hairs will acquire brilliance and density.

Answer to the question whether castor oil helps to grow eyelashes, in 90% of cases it is possible to say yes. Thanks to the use of this tool, it will be possible to strengthen the hairs, restore their structure and preserve the rich color. In this case castor oil can be applied not only as an independent agent, it can be added to various masks. Additional ingredients will only increase the effectiveness of procedures.

Useful masks for eyelashes

The choice of additional components depends on the result you want. Currently, many effective remedies are known that have a positive effect on the condition of the cilia:

  1. For density. To prepare this composition, 5 g of castor oil should be mixed with 10 g of Vaseline. To get a stronger effect, you can put in the mixture a small amount of Peruvian balsam. After that the received structure safely it is possible to process eyelashes.
  2. For strengthening. To make eyelashes stronger and healthier, castor oil should be mixed with other types of oils. A great option is almond or linseed. To increase the effectiveness of the procedure, the composition is recommended to be slightly heated using a steam bath.
  3. For antibacterial effect. Girls who often suffer from barley and blepharitis should combine 15 g of castor oil with 5 g of aloe juice and apply this remedy.
  4. For softness. To make the cilia smooth and silky, you need to combine castor oil and peach oil in equal parts( 5 g each). An excellent remedy that will make the eyelashes soft is a mixture of castor oil and sea buckthorn oil. Vitamin A is also added to the product. If it was not at hand, it is possible to use carrot juice. All components are mixed in equal proportions and processed with eyelashes and eyebrows. The mask can be left overnight and cleaned in the morning before applying makeup. The drug will give tangible results in about a couple of weeks.
  5. For the growth of eyelashes. To prepare the formula, you need to buy vitamins A and E in the capsules. After that, you can mix castor oil with these substances and burdock oil. An excellent tool is a mixture of castor oil and fish oil, which are combined in the same ratio. The composition is applied to the eyelashes with a brush or cotton pad. Leave the mixture for 1 hour, then rinse well. The procedure is done every day for 2 weeks. Then you can stop for 5 days and repeat the course.
  6. To prevent the loss of eyelashes. For this, it is recommended to combine aloe and parsley juice - 1 dessert spoon. Then add a couple of spoons of castor oil. A less effective compound is a mixture of castor oil, pink, almond, linseed oil. Also, wheat germ oil and grapes seeds are added to the mixture. All these components are recommended to be combined in the same parts, mix well and treat the eyelashes and skin in the eye area. The composition is recommended to hold no more than 1 hour. Then rinse well with a tonic.

To make the cilia more attractive, various herbs can be added to the castor oil. An excellent option will be a mixture of castor oil and calendula infusion. Equally effective is the composition based on chamomile and dog rose. Such balms perfectly affect the density and appearance of the eyelashes.


In order not to harm your health, you need to know what contraindications exist to the use of castor oil. These include the following:

  • children under 1 year;
  • pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding;
  • individual intolerance;
  • allergic reactions.

To avoid negative health effects, it is necessary to make a test for allergic reactions. To do this, you can put oil on the back of the hand and leave for a few hours. If itching and irritation does not appear, then you can safely proceed to the treatment of eyelashes.

Features of eyelash care

To have beautiful and well-groomed eyelashes, you need to learn how to competently care for them. To do this, follow these recommendations:

  1. Before going to bed, you need to get rid of cosmetics. From the observance of this rule, the health and growth of cilia directly depend.
  2. Do not use for washing with a gel or soap. To make eyelashes look good, makeup is removed with a special tonic.
  3. It is necessary to use exclusively high-quality cosmetics. Do not buy cheap products, it may contain harmful ingredients.
  4. If you often have eye or skin diseases in this area, you should definitely consult an ophthalmologist. With such pathologies any treatment of eyelashes will not give results. In addition, quite often there are cases when the disease extends to the eyelashes, in particular this applies to fungal lesions.

Application of castor oil for eyelashes with the addition of vitamins - video

Castor oil is an extremely useful tool that makes eyelashes stronger, thicker and more beautiful. To get good results, you should use this product correctly and take into account all possible contraindications. Increase the effectiveness of the composition will help additional nutritional components.


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