How to make breasts more elastic and beautiful

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Beautiful breasts are the cherished dream of every girl who watches her appearance andtakes care of their own health. Due to various reasons, the neckline can lose its youth and beauty, thus causing certain complexes and self-doubt. Most often, women face such a problem after 30-40 years, when the skin becomes less elastic. It is during this period that beauties begin to ask questions about how to make the breasts elastic and what cosmetic procedures can stop the aging process of the skin.

Of course, if you are not a supporter of radical ways to correct a bust, suggesting surgical intervention, then to achieve the desired ideal shape in this case is extremely difficult. However, even in such a difficult situation, you can use several effective methods that will help make the juicy décolleté zone more seductive and perfect.

Elastic chest and sport exercises

The thoracic muscles, which are in a tonus, visibly raise the mammary glands and give them a beautiful rounded shape. To achieve the best result, you must pay due attention to physical exercises that will be aimed at strengthening the muscle tissue of the chest.

For this it is not necessary to buy an expensive subscription to the gym. It is sufficient to systematically and regularly conduct home training, taking into account the recommendations of experienced instructors.

  1. Pressure. This is a simple exercise for the elasticity of the bust, which allows you to achieve remarkable results. For proper execution, stand facing the wall and for 10 seconds with maximum force to press the palms onto the wall surface. Exercise is repeated 10-15 times.
  2. Put your feet to the width of your shoulders, straighten your back, and press your palms firmly against your hips, bending your arms in your elbows. Now with cautious smooth movements it is necessary to connect the elbows behind your back, remaining in this position for about 15-20 seconds. Exercise is repeated 5-10 times.
  3. Excellent helps strengthen the chest muscles and this recommendation of the instructors. It is necessary to tightly squeeze the palms in front of him and squeeze them for 5-10 seconds. Do about 7-10 repetitions.
  4. "Dry" breaststroke. For maximum effect, experts advise regularly to visit the pool, where you can train the technique of swimming breaststroke. If you do not have free time to attend fitness centers, then this exercise can be done independently at home. To perform a "dry" breaststroke you need to put your feet on the width of your shoulders, straighten your back and start making circular motions in the horizontal plane, spreading your arms to the sides and connecting them in front of your face. If you pay attention to professional athletes, then their décolletage zone always has excellent elasticity and beautiful shape.
  5. Do not forget to perform exercises aimed at the muscles of the back. To do this, take the position of lying belly down, put your hands behind your head and begin to drag the top up, making a deep deflection in the back area. Exercise is repeated 10-15 times.

    Exercises to strengthen pectoral muscles - video

Creams and masks for elastic breasts

The decollete area needs constant care and requires the same attention as the sensitive skin of the face and neck. However, many women forget after the shower to use special pulling gels and creams, designed for youth and elasticity of this zone.

Regarding purchased cosmetic products, cosmetologists are advised to give preference to products based on healing extracts of ginseng, aloe vera, burdock, hops and St. John's wort.

At home, you can make the breast more elastic by using the following recipes:

  • Slice the lemon in small slices, then put the prepared pieces on the pre-steamed decollete skin. The lemon slices are left for about 5-10 minutes. After this time, the lobules are removed, and the lemon juice is washed off with cool water. In conclusion, the skin is moistened with a special nourishing cream.
  • Grind half a cup of fresh strawberries or strawberries. Then add a few spoons of sour cream and a couple drops of essential oil to the mixture. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and apply the mask to the chest. After 10-15 minutes, you can wash off the product with warm water and use a moisturizer.
  • In a convenient container, stir two egg whites, add a couple of spoons of lemon juice to the mixture and apply the resulting mask to the décolleté area. In no case should it be applied to sensitive nipple skin. The ingredients are washed off after 10-15 minutes.
  • To achieve the elasticity of the breast will help oat flakes. For cooking, a few spoons of oatmeal should be poured into a glass of warm milk. The mixture should stand for half an hour until it is completely ready, after which it is possible to apply the mask to the chest. After 20 minutes, the mask is washed off and moistened with a nourishing cream.

Proper care of the breasts

It's necessary to start properly caring for the décolletage area from an early age. However, many girls do not think about different methods of maintaining youth and bust elasticity until they notice serious deterioration of their appearance. In order not to resort to radical surgical methods of correction in the future, it is very important to be able to maintain the attractiveness of the mammary glands before any cosmetic defects appear.

Mammologists are advised to adhere to the following mandatory recommendations:

  1. Special attention should be given to the selection of a quality comfortable bra that will not squeeze the chest and deliver any uncomfortable sensations. A common misconception is the view that a smaller size bra will visually increase the bust and make it more attractive. In fact, incorrectly selected small calyxes can provoke only a violation of microcirculation in the tissues, thereby violating the natural process of blood circulation. Such violations can lead to very disastrous consequences, up to breast cancer.
  2. It is necessary to monitor the correctness of posture. Straight back and straightened shoulders allow you to visually enlarge your chest and make your gait more free and flying. Saddle is provoking premature sagging.
  3. The skin in the decollete region is sensitive, so the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays can cause premature aging of the epidermis and the appearance of ugly pigment spots. To avoid such consequences, mammologists are advised not to sunbathe topless and expose breasts to the negative influence of sunbathing.
  4. If you want to lose a couple of extra pounds and bring your body to tone, then try to get rid of excess weight gradually, without leading the body to exhaustion. A quick drop of kilograms provokes the appearance of sagging skin and unaesthetic stretch marks, which spoil the appearance of the bust.

Massage and hydromassage for the chest

Love water procedures and can not deny yourself the pleasure of taking a relaxing shower? Then we recommend to combine business with pleasure and make an effective hydromassage bust at home.

  1. All you need is to make the jet more powerful and direct it to the chest area. If during a massage you feel unpleasant sensations, then you need to reduce the intense pressure of water.
  2. For the best result, you should perform the procedure with cool water, gradually reducing the temperature until the flow becomes quite cold.
  3. After showering, the breast is wiped with careful massaging movements, giving the skin extra elasticity and elasticity.

Systematic implementation of hydromassage at home and compliance with all recommendations will ensure proper care for the décolletage area, preserving the beauty and elasticity of the breast for a long time.

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