Fashionable women's clothing for the summer of 2016

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In anticipation of warm spring days and hot summers, there is nothing more pleasant than to study fashion novices for the summer season and, without delay, begin to form your wardrobe. What fashionable clothes this summer will be in the trend? What will surprise and delight us legislators of high fashion and designers who create stylish street clothes?

What and from what clothes?

If the cold season is given to the power of minimalism, clothes made in neutral and restrained tones, then summer is a time of change. When the world explodes with a variety of colors, you want to dress only in bright outfits that look spectacular and relevant even at any time of the day. At the same time fashionable summer clothes of 2017 were created by fashion designers and designers according to immutable rules: simply, beautifully, stylishly, conveniently.

  • At the fashion shows of the spring-summer season 2017 again appeared insanely fashionable once metallic fabric. This year you can sew anything from it - dresses for everyday wear, skirts, blouses, sports suits, trousers, shorts, hoodies, etc. The style of futurism can be traced in evening dresses. Evening outfits from the fashionable "foil", decorated with a stylish decor of multi-colored plastic, look original and very impressive.
  • Natural materials are never out of fashion. Fashionable clothing for the summer of 2017 welcomes the use of soft suede and multi-colored leather. Suede and leather things are not only beautiful, but also practical. Such a purchase is a successful investment for many years.
  • This season fashionable will be dresses, sarafans, skirts, trousers, leather shorts, suede jackets and jackets, jackets, vests. From such things you can make harmonious sets with clothes made from other fabrics, and also pick up skirt and trouser ensembles, completely sewn from suede and leather.
  • Ideal for everyday wear and creating evening romantic bows - fine lace, noble silk, delicate satin, chiffon. The actual details of the decoration - ruches, flounces, drapery, floral prints, large bows.
  • Insanely popular this summer will be tight-fitting silhouettes, models with deep decollete or intriguing cuts opening the leg, styles reminiscent of nightgowns, women's combinations and traditional men's pajamas. Such fashion designers are offered to sew from light, free, tactilely pleasant fabrics.
  • No less fashionable trend for the next summer is the grid. According to the designers, to wear a mesh will be actual under tops( elongated or short), mini skirts, skinny jeans, and tight dresses. And the size of the grid can both match the size of the clothes, and be a little longer than the upper things.
Evening dresses, sewn from different materials according to the invoice, with the addition of details from the mesh, are especially effective and original.

Conventional mesh can be combined with any "solemn" fabrics, combined with gentle silk flounces, ruffles, drapery of suede and velvet. And, of course, weightless, enticing and sexy summer clothes from the grid will be an ideal option for a trip to a seaside resort, going to the beach.

Actual style directions

You can treat different ways to bikers, but it is impossible not to pay attention to the characteristic style of clothing for motorcycle lovers. Skinny suits, multicolored trousers and jackets with catchy prints simply fit the people around.

And looks like biker clothes stylishly not only on brutal men, but also on fragile girls. Moreover, in such clothes the young beauties look incredibly tempting and intriguing. This is fully assured fashion designers, offering young women to wear clothes in the summer of 2017 created in biker style.

Unconditional leader this summer will be sexy ink-black ensembles. A distinctive feature of the fashionable set of 2017 black color is maximum openness.

In clothes there are necessarily inserts from a transparent fabric, a grid, notches, which bring into the image juicy notes and delicately open the seductive parts of the female body. In the trend are also dresses from the skin of a fitting silhouette, coats-a-la 90s, narrow trousers with fringes and lacing on the sides, suits in the style of "vamp", corsets, short jackets and tops on lacing.

Once again, once again a very popular style of safari is returning to fashion. But this year the iconic dresses for the 80's of sports cut and free silhouette will become more "militant".

In addition, fashionable clothes for this summer will become more frank and feminine. In everyday life there will be jackets and trench coats, suede and leather mini skirts, voluminous truncated jackets, shorts, Bermudas.

The dominant colors are sand, khaki, terracotta, brown, beige gray, marsh. But the most fashionable will be the "ecological" emerald green color, reflecting the theme of nature protection. Texturality and expressiveness of clothes in green colors will be added by symbolic embroidery, pajtki, floristic drawings on fabrics, inserts from materials that imitate the skin of a crocodile, shiny metallic fabric.

Decorative elements, made in a symbolic for safari and military style: large buttons, epaulettes, wide lapels, bast. Obligatory this year will be the presence in the ensemble safari wide belt, focusing on the waist.

"Disco" style unforgettable 90 again reminds of itself. In the summer of this year, all kinds of items of women's clothing, "richly" embroidered with rhinestones, sequins, pawns, will be relevant. Hit the season - shiny dresses in the floor, tunics, elongated blouses and shirts with bright prints, short dresses decorated with embroidery. A little naive and very lovely floristic prints on fashionable clothes for the summer will become quite tiny.

The best drawings from small flowers look at things in the style of country, which this year will also be in the trend.

Simple, lightweight, comfortable clothes are complemented with flower applications, large "fluffy" bows made of translucent materials, frills, small ruches, frills.


If you make a small comparative analysis, you can see that the styles of summer women's clothing with open shoulders from year to year are present in the collections of many fashion designers and fashion brands. Blouses, dresses, tops, T-shirts and, of course, sundresses are the perfect things to wear in the summer heat.

This year, summer fashionable clothes, by tradition, pleases with a variety of styles:

  1. Sarafans with slender and wide shoulder straps, original cut-outs on sleeves in the shoulder area, asymmetric details, deep decollete in the summer will be the most fashionable.
  2. Contemporary sundresses in comparison with previous years will become more open, bright, frank. At the top of the popularity are invisible shoulder straps, completely bared shoulders, a piquant incision on the shelf, revealing a bare belly, weightless, like a flying silhouette.
  3. For evening walks designers recommend choosing more closed variants of sarafans with openwork top and air skirt in the floor.
  4. In the fashion of the future of summer - three-dimensional sleeves and deliberately enlarged sleeves-flashlights. The style of "young lady-peasant woman" looks cute, refined and very gentle. As for the new trends, the volume can be present on any part of the sleeve: near the armhole, at the elbow level, at the bottom. Actual this summer will also be sarafans with miniature sleeves-lanterns of clear geometric shape.
  5. Hit of the season - multi-layered skirts, dresses and sarafans with a multi-level hem. Materials - translucent chiffon, kapron, tulle, lace.

There are a great variety of styles, from short monochrome models to clothes with the length of midi contrasting colors.

Knitted sarafans are still popular. The most advantageous will be the products created by combining diverse drawings:

  • weightless thin web and dense knitting;
  • floral patterns and floral ornaments;
  • strict geometry and asymmetric elements.
Colors can be varied at will or choose single-color knitted objects of summer clothes.

It is worth noting that in addition to sarafans this summer will be fashionable knitted garments. So you can safely watch for yourself original or classic knitted dresses, skirts, jackets, tunics, suits.

Fashionable shades, colors, prints

Floristic and animalistic drawings, prints with flowers and animals have long become traditional motifs for summer clothes. This year is no exception.

In all kinds of fashionable clothes this summer there are details that mimic animal skins, reptile skin, snakes. You can see such prints on almost any thing: trousers, skirts, dresses, sarafans, leggings, trench coats, jackets, light summer coats.

Original, stylish and modern look skirts, dresses, tops and blouses from materials with perforated elements in the plant theme. Trend of the season in the youth fashion will be short tops made from leaves of exotic plants, as well as mini-skirts with floral prints in the form of fringe.

On all the details of summer fashion clothes this year there are blurry watercolor strokes. Simple patterns, as if done with soft pastel colors, give the image an ease, lightness, refinement.

The actual coloring of summer clothes this year will be a composition of red with white or shades of dark. Non-standard solutions and a combination of incongruous are welcome. Summer ball is corrected by asymmetry and. .. strip. Actual this year, the traditional combination of black and white, red with yellow and blue.

Main, so that the main color stripes on summer clothes are very wide, and complemented by their thin "ribbons" of contrasting hue.

To the same women who regard positively to the strip, but consider clothes of such coloring too provocative, designers advise to look more closely at more neutral, low-key options. For example, laconic prints, similar to the pattern on classic men's shirts.

In the fashion will also be non-trivial styles of trousers with original cut and eye-popping finish. In the first place - narrow summer trousers from materials of light shades with "winter" finishing. Leather, knitting, ethnic elements, patchwork style inserts, imitation of winter boots with fur look fresh, unusual, original and stylish. A good addition to the trendy summer trousers will be a long asymmetrical belt-insertion.

There's plenty to choose from! So this season to choose a fashionable wardrobe will not be difficult.

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