How to make a bow of hair. Many ways!

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  • To whom and when this hairstyle will suit
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With the advent of summer, many girls want to try new hairstyles. The tail and ordinary braids are boring, so it draws to experiments. Excellent hair - a bow of hair. Some consider this styling a nursery, but it looks great on adult girls. And thanks to the variety of options, it can be modified every day. This article presents step-by-step instructions for creating bows on the hair.

To whom and when this hairdo is suitable

A bow from your own hair is a good alternative to a bundle, strands, braids. With this packing you can go to school, work. Little girls can go to school like this. Hairstyle does not take long. If you practice, everything will turn out in minutes.

Advantages of a hairstyle:

  • simplicity, ease;
  • versatility, because the bow will fit any one along, complement the most diverse images, it perfectly matches both the dress and the jeans;
  • to make such a styling can be either on straight or curly hair;
  • you can make a bow in many ways: on loose strands or in a bundle.

The bow primarily fits stylish, young and active girls. This style is combined with torn jeans, and with a long dress. If desired, the bow can be supplemented with accessories: hairpins, invisible or ribbons.

The hair stays on the hair for a long time if properly fastened. It is better to do this hairstyle to the owners of long hair, but medium strands can also withstand a bow. But those who have short hair, make a bow will be difficult. In this case, it is better to use overhead tails, and already from them to construct a structure.

Warning! Styling opens the face and emphasizes the forehead. Therefore, owners of large features of the face, large forehead or massive chin should abandon this hairstyle. It will further emphasize the shortcomings.

How to make a hair bow?

First you need to prepare the tools. It will be required:

  • round brush;
  • hairdryer;
  • comb with small teeth;
  • brush made of natural bristles;
  • elastic;
  • hairpins;
  • styling and lacquer strong fixation.

It is better to prepare several small thin rubber bands. Instead of gel or mousse, you can safely take the wax for styling, it will give the desired shape.

It is not difficult to make a bow, but experience will come with time. At first, hair can decay, so you should carefully fix them with hairpins.


  1. First you need to wash your head and blow it dry. On dirty hair, the hair does not hold. Dry the strands with a round brush: it stretches and smoothes the hair. If the strands are very wavy, you should straighten them with iron or apply a smoothing agent.
  2. The hair needs to be gathered in a tall tight tail and fastened with an elastic band. The tail should be smooth, so the strands should be thoroughly smoothed.
  3. Use a different rubber band to fold the tail twice and turn towards the forehead.
  4. Divide the resulting loop into two parts. They must be equal.
  5. Secure the resulting structure with invisible objects.
  6. Finished bow with a spray of varnish.

High stacking

  1. Make a high tail.
  2. Intercept it with rubber bands at equal distances. Then wrap these elastic bands with thin strands of hair.
  3. Carefully lay the resulting ponytail in a bow.
  4. Finish with an elastic band, and then fix the entire hairdo with hairpins and varnish. High styling for the event is ready!

This option is much easier, but it requires long hair.

Simple bow

If you want to make a simpler and more natural option, you should use the instruction:

  • to comb your hair well and take it in a low tail;
  • pull the strands out of the tail so that a loop is made;
  • divide it into two parts;
  • with the tip of the hair to close the middle;
  • fix the lacquer.

This bow will suit both young girls and adult women. Hairstyle looks cute and natural, but at the same time strictly.

How to make a high bow of hair, video

Options for special occasions

From a simple bow it's easy to make a dream packing.

First version of the hairstyle:

  1. Wash your head, comb your hair well.
  2. Divide the hair into a straight parting.
  3. Select on each side two strands of equal thickness.
  4. Remove selected strands back and make a tail of them. To the end it is not necessary to stretch, an eyelet should form. But the tail must be well tied with an elastic band, so that the hair does not fall apart.
  5. Split the loop in half, secure with studs. Should get a ready-made bow of hair.
  6. Fix the lacquer stowage. The rest of the loose curls can be wound on curlers.

Bow on the side

It looks unusual and another evening option - lateral. In this case, you should make the bow small.


  • comb the hair, wind it with a curling iron or curler;
  • isolate a small strand over the ear;
  • gently tie the selected area in the tail, and then loop;
  • split the loop in half, fasten with small studs;Secure
  • with lacquer.

This bow must serve as an imitation of a hair clip. The rest of the curls can simply be left loose.

How to make 3 different bows of hair, a video lesson

A few more interesting ways to

It is not necessary to do stacking only from one tail. You can make two. Instruction:

  • carefully comb the strands of the comb with small teeth;
  • divided into two parts: front and rear;
  • top part of the parting and tie two light tails over the ears;
  • in the middle of each ponytail to intercept the elastic band again;
  • the first tail to bend in the shape of a petal;
  • similarly bend the second tail, it turned out two petals;
  • loose ends to smooth and fasten;
  • apply the lacquer.

You can make a bow and a pigtail. In this case, there are several options for creating stacking:

  1. It is necessary to comb well the hair, apply a wax for styling on them. Then pick up the high tail. Divide into 4 parts and from each braid a braid. Lay the pigtails in the form of a bow with 4 petals. The tips can be hidden under the elastic band, or you can simply fix it at the base. Get a light and interesting styling.
  2. The method is similar to the first, but now it is possible to make braids of different thicknesses. For example, the two upper lobes can be large, and the lower ones can be small, or vice versa.
  3. You can simply combine a bow with a weave.

    I'll have to work hard, because you need to braid the spikelets, which will go from neck to neck. It is difficult and will take time. Instruction:

    • to comb well the hair, apply the styling agent;
    • gently prick the spikelets, while the head y should be tilted forward;
    • at the back of the neck to stop the weaving, tie a tail and make a bow according to previously described instructions.
  4. An interesting option - hair with a lot of small bows. Looks such a beautiful styling. At first glance they seem complicated. In fact, everything is simple. You need to braid the usual spikelets all over your head, and then pull out a few hairs. Form small bows from them. Usually you just need to pull the strings and fasten them with hairpins.
  5. You can braid a lot of small braids, and then collect from them all over the head small bows. But such a haircut is laborious, it will take time and patience. After all, the bows need to be well fixed with small studs, and this will not be easy.

Useful tips

  • The tip of the tail should not fall out and crumble, otherwise it will break. Therefore, it must be securely fixed.
  • The jumper or middle is not necessarily covered with straight hair. You can braid them from a pigtail or close the ribbon. This will make the styling unusual.
  • A low bow is best done at the back of the head.
  • If the density of the head of hair allows, you can make two bows at once.
  • Stacking must be carefully fixed, - so it will last longer. Before the procedure, it is worth using wax for styling, it forms a hairstyle.
  • Hairpins and rubber bands should not be noticeable. Therefore, it is necessary to select them only in the color of the head of hear.
  • You can make a bow on the vertex, from the side, on the back of the head and even have a forehead. Do not be afraid of experiments: here they are welcomed.

For each day you can choose the usual option, and in solemn cases make more holiday hairstyles. For example, you can decorate a bow with hairpins or hairpins with rhinestones. It's interesting to watch bands, rims, flowers. All these accessories in a few minutes will make more elegant any image.

You can experiment with color. For example, to supplement your hair with a contrasting overhead bow. If you still want to use your hair, you should first paint them. This will help to make a colored chalk for the hair. Cope with the task and shade balm.

Do not forget to use the lacquer. It will make the styling sturdy and reliable. You can make a bow large or small - it all depends on the desire and imagination. A similar hairstyle is good in both an adult business lady and a small schoolgirl.

Who does not fit such a hairstyle?

Styling does not suit owners of dull thin, dry hair. If they split, break, do not lie well, you should choose a different hairstyle. You should first bring the hair to a normal state, and only then collect in a bow.

This hairstyle is not suitable for those who have a rare weak head of hair. In this case, it is better to use ready-made overhead bows. If you pick them up in the color of natural hair, no one will notice the substitution.

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