List of effective folk remedies for the treatment of gastritis

Gastritis is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa that occurs as a result of malnutrition, frequent stress, or the use of medication. Treatment of gastritis should be given due attention. In order to understand how to treat a particular form of the disease, we present you effective folk remedies for the treatment of gastritis.

  • Acute gastritis
  • Lettuce
  • Buckthorn and yarrow
  • Propolis
  • herbal
  • erosive gastritis
  • Oatmeal broth
  • aloe juice with honey
  • wheat germ
  • Herbal infusion
  • With increased acidity
  • buckthorn berries
  • Potato and carrot juice
  • Bee honey
  • Infusion of flax seeds
  • Herbal collection
  • With reduced acidity
  • Mummy
  • Horseradish with honey
  • Devyasil
  • Herbal collection
  • Cabbage
  • Atrophic gasrit
  • herbal
  • Parsley
  • Sea buckthorn oil

Acute gastritis

The main symptoms of acute forms of the disease are:

  • unpleasant taste in the mouth;
  • Poor appetite;
  • Moderate pain in the stomach;
  • Nausea and vomiting with an admixture of bile and mucus;
  • Frequent burping.

Possible symptoms:

  • Headache and dizziness;
  • Weakness in the body;
  • Elevated temperature;
  • Bloating;
  • Frequent loose stools.

Folk treatment of acute gastritis is possible in many ways.

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Salad leaves

Basically, a watercress is used, which is able to relieve even severe pains. It can be brewed in 200 milliliters of boiled water and drunk after a two-hour infusion over a month. Another way of using this plant is in vegetable salad in combination with other ingredients. In this case it is better to cut it finely.

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Buckthorn and Yarrow

Infusion of these herbs improves bowel function, envelops the walls of the stomach, normalizes the stool. To prepare the medicine, it is necessary to pour a bucket of boiling water over a tablespoon of buckthorn and yarrow and insist for two hours. A filtered product should be drunk in a glass every morning for two weeks.

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It has an enveloping action, is a good analgesic, promotes the regeneration of stomach tissues. It can be used in various ways: in the form of alcohol tincture, oil extractor or simply in pure form. To make the tincture, you need to take 96 percent alcohol and add three quarters to one quarter of propolis. Use 3-4 times a day, 20 drops, diluted in warm milk.

Propolis oil is prepared as follows: grated propolis is added to boiling butter, based on 150 grams of propolis per 1 kilogram of oil. Before cooling, the mixture should be constantly mixed. Take the medicine better by adding to warm milk on a teaspoon, some time before eating.

You can and just have natural propolis, thoroughly chewing it on an empty stomach for a month. In this case, it's better to start with a ball the size of a pea, gradually increasing it to five grams.

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Herbal collection

Two teaspoons of a mixture of chamomile flowers, wormwood leaves,peppermint, sage and yarrow pour 250 milliliters of boiled water and insist half an hour. The resulting remedy should be drunk throughout the day: first on an empty stomach, then - before each meal.

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Erosive gastritis

This form of gastritis differs in the formation of erosions in the stomach. Its features are:

  • Pain in the pit of the stomach that does not differ from the usual acute gastritis, but intensifies after eating, when the amount of gastric juice is more than necessary to digest food;
  • Belching, bitterness in the mouth, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach;
  • Heartburn.

Popular folk remedies for erosive gastritis are as follows.

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Oat broth

Such a drug helps in the restoration of the gastric mucosa, which is damaged by erosion. To prepare the medicine, it is necessary to pour a spoonful of oat flakes with cold water and cook for about half an hour on a small fire. After that, strain and drink during the day on a glass on an empty stomach instead of breakfast, before dinner and instead of dinner.

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Aloe vera juice with honey

To prepare this medicine at home, you need a plant of three years of age or older, the juice of which can be obtained with meat grinder and gauze. Having received juice, it is necessary to add to it liquid honey in a proportion one to one. The mixture should be diluted with water. Use the drug for three weeks on a teaspoon before each meal.

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Sprouted wheat

To obtain healing oil from wheat germs, grind them in a meat grinder or in a blender by adding vegetable oil. Take the medicine every morning on an empty stomach. This scheme of treatment helps to remove pain, relieve inflammation, and also cleanse the intestines from toxins and toxins, leading to a normal microflora.

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Herbal Infusion

To restore the gastric mucosa, take a medicinal drink from celandine, mint, caraway, lemon balm, chamomile and licorice roots. It relieves pain, inflammation and spasms. Drink it should be on an empty stomach or shortly before meals several times a day.

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With increased acidity

This form of gastritis is characterized by:

  • Belching - acidic, not rotten, as with reduced acidity;
  • Severe heartburn;
  • Bloating;
  • Pain in the epigastric region becomes aching;
  • Nausea, which occurs with a feeling of hunger, often - at night.
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Folk remedies for gastritis can help fight this disease.

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Seabuckthorn berries

Both fresh and frozen berries help to reduce stomach acidity after three weeks of intake. To prepare the medicine, it is necessary to allow 200 grams of berries, filled with a liter of boiled water, to stand for 24 hours in a thermos bottle. To the received infusion it is necessary to add half a cup of honey and to use on several spoons before meal.

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Potato and carrot juice

You can be treated both with pure potato juice and its combination with carrots in a 1: 1 ratio. Freshly squeezed juice should be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, and it should be prepared from cleaned carrots and clean potatoes with cut out "eyes".

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Honey honey

Honey normalizes the production of gastric juice, which directly affects the elimination of erosion, promotes the regeneration of mucosal tissues, and is also a good antiseptic. Take honey should be spooned 4 times a day, washed down with warm water. The first portion should be eaten on an empty stomach, and the last - after dinner, before bed.

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Flax seed infusion

This remedy protects the mucosa from the destructive effect of gastric acid acid. Namely, the flax forms mucus, which envelops the walls of the stomach, creating a kind of shield. To prepare the medicine, you need to boil a spoonful of seeds for five minutes, then insist for at least two hours. Drink the broth before each meal. Another way is different in that instead of cooking you can pour the seeds with boiling water and leave in the warmth for the night. The infusion is used the next day just like a decoction.

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Herbal collection

Well reduces the acidity of herbs, mint, gold bearer and fennel fruits. After a half-hour infusion in boiling water, the drink should be filtered and taken at 100 grams for half an hour before each meal.

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With reduced acidity

This form of gastritis manifests itself in such symptoms:

  • Dull pain in the pit of stomach;
  • Bloating and rumbling of the abdomen;
  • Frequent loose stools;
  • Dry belch, nausea;Unpleasant taste in mouth;
  • Plaque on the tongue;Dizziness after eating;
  • Possible milk intolerance.
  • loading. ..

Often the following folk remedies are used to increase the acidity of the stomach.

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The plant promotes the restoration of damaged tissues, eliminates gastric pain, strengthens the mucosal support function. To drink a mummy to increase the acidity, you need half an hour before meals in the form of a solution, prepared at the rate of 5 grams of mummy per liter of boiling water.

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Horseradish with honey

Horseradish fried in combination with honey inthe proportion of one on one should be taken on a teaspoon before eating.

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A tablespoon of the crushed root of elecampane should be filled with half a liter of vodka and insisted for a week. Take the drug should be on the spoon for half an hour before meals. The effect comes after consuming a liter of infusion.

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Herbal collection

With reduced acidity it is recommended to collect from the buds of birch and pine, burdock root, plantain leaves and stems of corn. Herbs should be insisted about half an hour in boiling water, strain and drink three times a day before meals.

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Juice of color or white cabbage is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent that relieves pain and burning sensation in gastritis. It should be taken in fresh, not diluted form, without salt and seasonings. Juice relieves symptoms within a few minutes after ingestion.

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Atrophic gastritis

Symptoms of this disease can be called:

  • Feeling of severity after eating;
  • No pain;
  • Belching;Unpleasant taste in mouth;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Rumbling in the abdomen;Dizziness, weakness, increased sweating.

It can be treated with the following natural remedies.

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Herbal collection

The combination of flowers of chamomile, black elderberry and linden, mint leaves and lemon balm, as well as fennel fruits, should be poured with boiled water and allowed to steep for two hours, then drain. The collection should be drunk on a third of the glass one hour after a meal.

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Parsley relieves gastritis symptoms well and is often used in combination with honey. To prepare the medicine, you need to chop the leaves of parsley, add honey in a ratio of 1: 1 and eat a spoonful of the mixture twice a day before meals.

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Sea buckthorn oil

This agent covers the walls of the stomach, and also removes inflammation and promotes tissue repair and improves absorbability. You do not need to prepare the oil yourself, it is sold in pharmacies.

Of course, you need to know how to treat gastritis yourself, but a doctor's consultation will help confirm the diagnosis and make sure that the method you have chosen is really the right one.

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