What to see in the New Year 2017 of the Red Fire Cock

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  • What are the main colors in the New Year 2017?
  • What kind of fabric to choose for the New Year 2017?
  • Which evening dress to choose for the New Year 2017?
  • Selection of shoes
  • Decorations for New Year 2017
  • Accessories for New Year's holidays 2017
  • Hairdress for New Year's holidays 2017
  • How to make a manicure for the New Year 2017?
  • Choice of attire: we take into account the requirements of the owner of the year - Cock
  • Choice of attire: a few simple tips

Do you think what to meet in the New Year 2017 of the Red Fire Cock? It's time to pick up the outfits, accessories and jewelry, shoes and hairstyles! Remember the tips to look great on a wonderful night.

Now we are already beginning to prepare for the meeting of the coming year of the Rooster. Of course, it is important to pick out the outfits, decorations and all kinds of accessories in advance. It is necessary to think over all the nuances of the image, emphasize the magic of the New Year's holidays and emphasize the symbolism of the Red Fire Cock. Everything will be on your shoulder when you get acquainted with the main points, read useful tips and consider different ideas of New Year's dresses, images. You will know exactly what to celebrate the New Year 2017.

Red dresses 2017 - a fashion trend for bright princesses!
Red dresses in fashion 2017. New fashion MODE.
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Red dress for red carpet Model of evening long dress sunshine from chiffon with cut
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Red dresses

What are the maincolors in the New Year 2017?

Let's start by choosing the shades for your New Year's ensemble. There are several secrets that you should immediately remember. Then your holiday dress will surely please the owner of the year - the fire cock.

Red - basic color

First of all, pay attention to all shades of red. The rooster will be red, so this color is most appropriate when choosing a dress. Raspberry, bard, scarlet, terracotta, amaranth, cherry, coral and pomegranate - all the tones will suit. You can make the color red not only basic, but also optional. For example, to a beige or mustard dress to pick up a red belt, purse and shoes, stay on the red ornaments.

Shades of red

Also the Rooster, who will become the master of 2017, is called fiery. This is also worth considering. Someone more like just the shades of fiery-orange, pick out an outfit in this color scheme is sometimes easier than red. You can consider different options: orange, yellow and purple materials, fabrics with a lilac shade. Orange color as the main one is quite universal, suitable for women with almost any color. Determine the most successful tone to emphasize the beauty of the skin, the depth of view.

Natural colors

Actual for the meeting of the New Year of the Rooster is any natural tone. Great attention is paid to shades of beige, mustard, cream. Classics of gray, black and white, too, remains in the trend.


Talented designers and stylists recommend bravely to reject any doubt and are rejected to rush to meet the new, not to be afraid of New Year's night of changes and all sorts of changes. The provocative cockerel will become a symbol of love and passion, a kind of source of vital energy. Bright, golden and unexpected color accents can improve the harmony of the coming 2017.It is best to combine red colors in a good ensemble of gold, making the image enjoyable.

Without the "chemistry"

It is believed that our long-awaited red Rooster welcomes unnatural, "acid" colors, screaming shades. But try to do without the "chemical" tissues, which irritate the look.

Have you already decided on the colors that you will use when creating the New Year's image? Try to make the right choice, try on more outfits and ornaments, try them "in action" to be irresistible on holidays.

What kind of fabric to choose for the New Year 2017?

Let's consider here the main recommendations given by stylists and designers regarding the choice of fabrics for the Rooster's New Year. It is worth noting that the advice is sometimes overly categorical, and we can quite slightly adjust them. For example, astrologers speak of a total rejection of synthetic shiny fabrics. At the same time in any large evening outfit store, you instantly will be able to find a beautiful yellow, orange or red dress made of satin, polyester. The question arises: how good is the Rooster in the tissues? We will not laugh at the owner of the year, however, silk can be natural, but at the same time it captivates at first glance with shine and shimmering shades. Not everyone can afford an outfit from a natural silk, but an effective New Year dress from satin is also ideal. In it, it's easiest to emphasize the advantages of the figure, to hide some of the shortcomings. Therefore, our advice on the "bad" synthetics is this: you can choose the brilliant synthetic dress for the New Year of the Rooster, even if you believe all your life in omens. Only please the owner of the year differently: let the dress be red or orange, it is complemented by jewelry made of amber, ruby, and in your hair you will have pegs with fiery elements or a lush bright bow. The rooster just will be satisfied!

There are also major trends that should be taken into account.

  • Preference stylists recommend to give natural fabrics. Wool, cashmere will do. It is worth noting that a knitted dress made of fine wool can be an ideal option for a New Year's Eve, while it will provide a good microclimate.
  • Actual fabrics for the New Year's Eve are pleasant to the touch velvet and suede. Dresses made of velvet look very impressive, suede also remains a fashionable material.
  • Experts strongly recommend to abandon dresses and shoes from the skin. In this issue it is difficult not to agree with them. When the symbol of the year is the red Rooster, he certainly will not have to taste a dress made of genuine leather.

You can also prefer a semi-transparent, airy outfits - they will also match the holiday theme, as well as dresses from denser materials.

Which evening dress to choose for the New Year 2017?

It's time to find out what to celebrate the New Year 2017, so that its owner was pleased. You can choose evening dresses according to colors, styles, materials. For each woman, one of the parameters will play a major role. We suggest first of all to be guided by the color of the dress. When you determine which shade and color you are most suitable for, you will be able to pick up suitable jewelry, accessories, shoes, make a makeup harmonizing with the ensemble, you should start choosing a particular outfit.

You need to focus on the features of your figure and taste preferences. Here we will review the main actual outfits for the New Year's Eve party.

  1. There is a fairly wide range of elegant dresses of red shades. If you want to purchase an outfit for a day's feast, you can choose a cocktail option. Straight neckline, simple silhouette, no sleeves and a skirt above the knee - what could be better? You will emphasize the advantages of the figure, create a bright accent on the waist with the belt.
  2. Exquisite attire on the corset, perfectly fitting body, will create a refined image, the most feminine silhouette. A high incision will open up beautiful legs, give the look of a note of restrained sexuality.
  3. You can choose a sufficiently closed dress from flowing matte fabrics. They look gorgeous, they make it easy to disguise the flaws of the figure. In this case, and a strong emphasis on sexuality can also be created without difficulty. A deep straight cutout in front will help to add to the image the notes of a daring femininity.
  4. Do not go out of fashion mini dresses on the straps. In them the arms, shoulders remain open, it is possible to demonstrate the beauty of the legs. Current is still the lower smoky layer, slightly showing up from under the dress, making it more stylish, memorable.
  5. Dress from velvet can be for you a real find. Pay attention to festive outfits with fitted silhouettes - they make the image moderately sexy and give the classic style classic features.
  6. Keep the huge popularity of dresses with plumes. Very bright looks outfit, when a plush train will complement the mini dress. The outfit is shiny, sparkles in different shades of red, and the train has a slightly different tone, looks almost matte. Such combinations really look great, and the main yellow or red color is suitable for meeting the red Rooster.
  7. The flowing outfit in the floor with a gradual transition of the tone from light yellow to orange will also suit many connoisseurs of fashion trends. Dress with a V-neck makes the image sexy, gives the look a unique femininity, gentle shades complement the ensemble with notes of softness. With a brilliant outfit, glittering bracelets and earrings are well combined.
  8. Stylists also note that an excellent option for meeting the New Year of the Rooster will be an asymmetrical outfit. Sections, sleeves of different lengths, unexpected cuts and original design solutions, asymmetrically located prints - everything will be as ever relevant in the New Year's Eve 2017.

Remember that the rooster dress must be not only topical, but also thematic. It is very important to choose an outfit that is perfect for you.

The choice of shoes

It is worth choosing carefully and shoes. At once pay attention to its technical characteristics. If you are not used to walking on high heels, platforms, you should not wear such models on a holiday. You have a lot to dance, have fun and relax. Why suffer from pain in the legs? Let's note some important points that you could choose the right shoes for the New Year's Eve party.

  • Without skin is better. Many stylists, experts and astrologers note: the owner of the coming year categorically does not like natural leather. It's great if you give up leather shoes and prefer suede and velvet models.
  • Less gloss. Particularly harmonious will look matte shoes, the surface of which does not shine. Choose monochrome models, find shoes or light boots from soft suede.
  • Owner's colors of the year. The ideal option is to choose red, yellow, gold or beige shoes. Also, you can use any natural shades, from black and gray to cream, brown.
  • Easy tapping. .. heels. Of course, naughty cockerel very cute rapping paws. And full of charm a woman can please with a graceful fraction of tall thin heels. It's shoes on these heels that will give the image refinement, will allow you to approach the cockerel with your grace.

Which shoes will suit a red dress? A selection of photos of

Which shoes will suit an orange or yellow dress? Selected photos of

Constantly remember that you have to create a holistic, harmonious image. If you really liked the shoes, but elegantly fit it into the ensemble with decorations, accessories and dress obviously will not work, it is worth to abandon such a pair.

Decorations for the New Year 2017

Famous stylists and designers have already identified the main trends for the New Year's Eve party. His contribution was made by astrologers, who spoke about the symbolism of the coming year and the preferences of his master.

We are recommended to stop your choice on rubies and amber, pay special attention to all stones having red, brown and gold shades. Topaz, sapphire, tourmaline - that's just a small list of stones that will surely suit the Rooster.

Of course, we must not forget about the fire. Since we are preparing to meet the fiery Cock, it is quite possible to please with ornaments of gold. Earrings, rings, even chains of gold look perfect in a combination not only with sand, brown, beige outfits, but also with dresses in yellow, red tones. Excellent, if the ornaments are in harmony with the handbag or shoes.

Accessories for New Year's holidays 2017

Accessories can help many connoisseurs of fashion and style who have decided to please the owner of the coming year - the red firecracker. Choose a dress of the right color, buy shoes from the right material is not always easy. Often, women choose outfits from the not so wide range that they already have. Someone goes for a New Year's dress to the store, but not everyone will be able to find an outfit that meets all the requirements. After all, it should not only be associated with the symbol of the year. It is important to find a comfortable model that emphasizes the pluses of the figure.

Therefore, the best solution is to make the main accent on accessories. Let them connect your ensemble with the New Year's symbol. We will find out what the color of the accessories should be, from what materials they should be made in order to please the Rooster.

  1. Golden hairpins, hair bands, brooches and scallops - the perfect choice for meeting the fiery Cock! You will be able to easily select non-trivial accessories. Pay attention to the gold products: in some jewelry stores they can be found in a wide range, and the brooch or buckle for the belt from this material looks great.
  2. Hoops, bows can be shiny, translucent, shine with rhinestones and semiprecious stones. It's great if you pick up such accessories in yellow and red tones. For example, a red diadem with rhinestones looks elegant, creates a magical image. It is suitable for red, beige, black and white, cream and brown dresses.
  3. Excellent accessories - red and yellow clutches, belts. They will fit into different color ensembles, become in one instant the basic details of the image.
  4. Do not forget that for hair you can pick up a smart bandage. It will become an ideal detail in the image of retro, will allow you to securely fix the hair and visually transform the face, emphasize the dignity of the exterior. Choose ivory, as well as cream and beige.
  5. Multicolored scarves with fringe, sparkling pendants, cute pompons and flashy patterns will suit you. You can buy a cloak on your shoulders, a wide chiffon shawl. Ideally will look a translucent red scarf on a cream, beige or white dress, and for a black outfit a flowing stole of dark golden material with a silver finish will do.

Be sure to consider several options before choosing accessories. To combine too many accessories is not worth it. For example, if you already have a scarf with sparkles, it is better to abandon the iridescent diadem.

Hairdress for New Year's holidays 2017

Have you decided to determine the most successful variant of styling for the New Year's Eve party? Then certainly remember a few nuances and imagine a provocative cockerel.

  • Curls. Curl - a great variation on the theme of the New Year's hair. The owner of the year more to liking is curly curls, curls, tightly twisted strands. They can get out of their hair in creative disorder, crown with a big "tower" on their head, will be the finishing touch of the beam, smooth start. Very curly looking curls curling the face.
  • Retro. If you want to make a wave, fashion waves, it's worth remembering the retro style, which again became especially relevant. Stretched hair and parted hair, curly hair, fastened with a bandage with a large flower, suitable for a New Year's Eve.
  • Trend of a magical holiday - any hairstyles based on braid, Greek and French braids. Some hair you can quite make yourself, you can ask for help from the masters.
  • Weaving will also be a good solution for a holiday hairstyle. You will be able to create original compositions on your head, emphasize your femininity and tenderness.
  • Remember that for the design of hairstyles it is necessary to use symbolic accessories. Stock up rims and hairpins with gold details, accessories in yellow and red colors. The easiest way is to use bandages and rims. For example, the bezel is perfectly combined with both the hairdo and the long curled locks, which are started ahead.

It is important to pay attention to the style unity of the hairstyle and attire.

How to make a manicure for the New Year 2017?

Manicure is an important part of the New Year's image, so it should also be symbolic. Of course, yellow and green nails still seem to someone too extravagant, but it's worth taking into account some points.

The fact is that such a color manicure will ideally blend in with accessories of the same shade. The color can be selected more light, very dark. For example, dark green nails will look almost black, and a noble shine, reminiscent of polishing gold, will make them particularly aesthetic.

Manicure with yellow varnish will also be an excellent choice for meeting the year of the Rooster. The symbol of the year is yellow, the shade resembles snow, shards of ice. A good option - to put a varnish with sparkles, transitions of colors.

If you still want to stay true to the classic solutions, choose a soft varnish of beige or cream shade. Natural colors will fit the Rooster.

Choice of attire: we take into account the requirements of the owner of the year - Rooster

When you pick up the outfit, be sure to take into account the symbolism of the year. It is desirable to avoid genuine leather. Excellent, if your dress does not have details, accessories made of natural or artificial leather.

Many astrologers claim that synthetic materials with a specific luster should also be discarded. It is believed that the Rooster loves just natural fabrics. A dress of fine wool will surely please him, but a sparkling synthetic outfit can irritate. In this case, we advise the main emphasis to make on the color of the fabric, complement the ensemble with gold accessories or ornaments. And the owner of the year will be quite pleased.

Of course, the main attention should be paid to the coloring of your outfit. Rooster like natural colors, all shades of yellow and red, but it is important to avoid acid shades. Black and white dresses, beige, brown, sand tones are also suitable.

Choice of attire: a few simple tips

Remember a few simple tips to then choose the perfect outfit for the New Year's Eve party.

  1. First of all, pay attention to the style, cut dress. The main thing is that the dress gracefully conceals the shortcomings of the figure, but at the same time creates bright accents on the advantages. It is important to consider the dress not only in a static state, but also "in motion".Look like in attire, try to make a few na. After all, you will surely dance on New Year's Eve! Great, if you go for a dress accompanied by girlfriends. They will be able to evaluate the dress more objectively, look at it from the side and even take a few pictures on the phone when you move. And then you look them.
  2. Comfort plays a big role. New year is celebrated for a long time, so the dress should be provided with an optimal microclimate. If you feel that somewhere the dress presses, and some parts slip off the body, this dress is not worth buying.
  3. When choosing a color, consider the features of your appearance. If you notice that the red color is clearly not going to you, pay attention to the holiday dresses in warm colors. It is worth noting that the yellow dresses are more for blondes, owners of gray and blue eyes. Red outfit emphasizes the beauty of light-skinned brunettes with brown, gray eyes.
  4. It is advisable to give preference to outfits that do not strip the body very much. The best solution is to make one bright accent. For example, with open shoulders, a side cut from the bottom is combined, and a mini dress will perfectly complement the train.
  5. Now in fashion dresses with trains, but you will need to objectively evaluate their strengths so as not to stumble on the holiday. You can practice in advance. Just put on your outfit with a train and walk around it in the apartment.
  6. Very feminine, sexy look dresses with deep, but narrow cutouts in front, open back. Actual dresses on corsets with lush skirts.
  7. A good solution is to choose a dress with a bolero. You can always throw a blouse, go straight to New Year's dress on the street.
  8. In the trend dresses from lace fabric, with lace inserts, a combination of materials. If you correctly select this outfit, it will be able to completely transform your figure, noticeably transform the silhouette.

Take into account all the nuances, choose carefully your New Year outfit. You will be able to please the owner of the coming year, to perfectly identify all the advantages of your figure and elegantly obscure the shortcomings, create a catchy catchy image.

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