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Many factors influence the fashion trend. Wardrobe can reflect political changes, events in the world of culture, obey the trends of modern show business. But on the eve of the Victory Day, not only women of fashion, but all those who respect the feat of their people, people think about how to properly wear the ribbon of St. George. Before selecting this attribute, it is worth to learn about how it appeared.

History of the distinctive sign of

The St. George ribbon was inherited by the Soviet Red Army from the imperial times. The Order of St. George in 1769 was introduced by Empress Catherine II.Since then, a lot of time has passed, around the attribute of the Victory Day appeared many speculations. Here are the facts that are worth knowing in order to wear it correctly:

  • The tape is named after George the Victorious, three times dying and twice resurrected.
  • Black and red colors are a symbol of resurrection and death in the imperial interpretation.
  • 5 strips of ribbon in modern interpretation became symbols of dark smoke and bright flame.
  • In the times of the Russian Empire, the attribute was worn on the uniform, moving over the right shoulder.
  • On the Soviet Order of Glory I degree there was a black-orange ribbon. The chevalier of the award immediately rose in military rank. The same band wore the generals of the Wehrmacht.
  • There are two options of the accessory: black-yellow and black-orange. Herald specialists consider them to be equivalent.
Today St. George ribbon has become not just a fashionable at the time of world political transformations an accessory. It symbolizes the memory of those who died in the Great Patriotic War for the peaceful future of their descendants.

Wear correctly

You should wear the St. George ribbon correctly. How to:

  • It is tied and then fastened on the left side of the body, closer to the heart.
  • You can wrap a sleeve around it and tie it to a double knot.
  • If an accessory is worn with a sleeveless top, it is tied to the wrist.
  • The ribbon can be attached to the side mirror or to the antenna of the machine.
  • Some progressive girls hang it on the bag. If earlier such a method was considered a sign of disrespect for veterans, today it is quite acceptable.

First of all, we must remember that the attribute of the Victory Day is not a stylish detail of the image, but a tribute to the ancestors for their feat in the wartime and a symbol of victory over fascism.

Basic ways of

You can tie a ribbon in different ways. There are several options in which it looks festive and not vulgar:

  1. Loop. The simplest and most common option. The cut is simply folded like a figure-eight, and the middle is punctured by a brooch or an English pin.

    10 ways to tie a St. George ribbon.

    The product is decorated with flowers in Kansas technique or beads. The tying of St. George's ribbon in the form of a loop has some symbolism. The button figure is identified with the sign of infinity, the symbol of peace. After 1945, the noose in the Soviet space acquired the significance of the end of hostilities.

  2. Bant. This method is more suitable for children. The tape is laid out horizontally, the two ends, directed downward under the slope, are crossed in the middle. Then a knot is made. Fasten matter with thread or clerical rubber band.
  3. Check. It is the most common way of tying ribbons for veteran men and youth. The tape is bent in the form of the letter "L", but one part of it should be longer than the other. Ideally below is the right end of matter. Lightning or zigzag. Fairly impractical, but beautiful and unusual method. Lentochku fold accordion three times, then pull the ends. It turns out the capital letter "N", but many call it a lightning.
  4. Socket. Need a long ribbon, the central part of which is stitched with a small stitch, and then pulled together. It is fixed with a thread or glue.

These are simple options that involve folding the fabric. How to tie a tape so that it looks original and discreetly, will prompt several master classes.

How to beautifully tie a St. George ribbon - video

Fantasy with St. George's ribbon

Figures made of black and orange matter will be appropriate for the holiday on May 9.This is not a way to shock society, but an easy, but beautiful creative.

Elegant bow

Three long and one short ribbon are needed.

  • On a long ribbon, the corners are cut out, and then slightly heated over a match or a lighter. This prevents tissue shedding.
  • The second ribbon is formed as a circle, the edges are overlapped.
  • The middle of the fabric is wrapped in such a way that two equal pieces come out.
  • The smaller of them is wrapped around the joints of the fabric.
  • A ribbon is formed from the cut ribbon to which a brooch is attached.

The bow can be modified by adding its center. Instead of ribbons for finishing the joints, elegant beads, a brooch or a flower are used.


Looks nice and unobtrusive. Usually they are worn by babies. To do this, you need a ribbon of sufficient length.

  • The fabric is wrapped in a circle so that the length of the left edge is greater than the right.
  • The right edge is superimposed on the left, and is skipped under it at an intersection.
  • Then one more circular weave is done, the ends turn around again, forming a loop.
  • The left edge is drawn from the bottom upwards.
  • Then he is pulled out of the loop, passes through the eye and tightens.


Schematically the result of one of the most complex ways of tying a holiday attribute resembles a human silhouette. From the first time to do a little man will not work, so it's worth training.
You will need two ribbons, identical in length, and one more, a bit shorter than them.
  • The long cut is formed in the form of a circle, and then the edges are joined.
  • The sides are pressed slightly in the form of the number "8".The joint is fastened with a thread or a pin.
  • The tape is compressed vertically. It turns out a double bow. The joint should be sewn, and the pin removed.
  • Place the seam wrapped in a short ribbon.
  • A loop is made from the second long piece of material.
  • A bow is attached to the loop.


The method provides fastening of a flower to a ribbon in the form of a tick, a zipper or simply folded in half.

  • Flower templates are prepared, they are outlined on a wide ribbon.
  • Large and small billets are cut with curly scissors.
  • Cuts are made between the petals.
  • Each petal forms in the form of an accordion and is steamed by an iron.
  • A silicate adhesive drips onto the wire bent into the eyelet.
  • It is alternately put on the petals of chrysanthemum.
  • The flower is attached to the ribbon with an English safety pin.

Chrysanthemum can be worn on St. George's ribbon during the Victory Parade, used as a decoration for a postcard.

George's Kitsch

The St. George's ribbon today is part of the patriotic education of the youth, the formation of the unity of the people. The older generation honors the symbol of victory in the Great Patriotic War, and the youth. .. Some young people lace their shoes with ribbons, decorate hairstyles, use it instead of a belt on jeans and even as dog collars.

Even further, in disrespect for the memory of the heroes who gave their lives for us, the designers have advanced. In Switzerland, for example, they offer a dress in St. George's colors with a ribbon-decor costing an average Russian salary. On the cover of the French fashion magazine flaunts a model in the costume of St. George colors. Similar leggings for training can be purchased at any store, like handbags, shoes and even underwear.

Every fashionista has her own taste, her own concept of beauty. But sometimes it's better to abstain than not to keep to the measure of ethics.

However, "fashionable heroism" is not accepted by everyone. Those who are indifferent to the St. George ribbon say that they will not wear it for several reasons:

  • They are not knights of the medal "For Bravery", the Order of Glory, the Order of St. George or the award-winning cold steel, so they did not deserve the right to wear a high symbol.
  • They believe that the tape is an indicative manifestation of patriotism, and it should be in the heart.
  • They do not know what the St. George ribbon means or do not understand it.
  • They do not want to become one of those who subordinates the winning attribute to advertising goals.

Each of these people in their own right, as well as the organizers of the action "George ribbon".

"I remember, I'm proud"

This motto is borne by the company, which started in April 2015 in the Russian and world space. The organizers called for the St. George ribbon to be treated as a tribute to the fallen in the Great Patriotic War, and not as a trendy trend.

The action was not commercial or political.

The St. George ribbon, which should be worn correctly, was interpreted as a replica of the imperial bicolor. It is a symbol, not a reward, nor can it be used on products or packaging products. The tape is distributed free of charge and is not a method of political influence.

The conditions of the action "St. George's ribbon" reflect the specific character of the education of the youth, are aimed at honoring the memory of the fallen and showing respect to the surviving veterans. Therefore, to tie a black-orange cut of matter on Victory Day is mandatory. Patriotism should be demonstrated to those who want to see it. Fashionable design solutions and goods of "St. George" colors are best left to those who will be happier from this.

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