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  • What is biotatuage of eyebrows with henna?
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  • Rules for home coloring of eyebrows with henna
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There are many different ways that allow girls to emphasize the beauty of eyebrows and give them the necessary shape. The salon industry offers all beauties to use a new technique of staining - biotatuage of eyebrows with henna. This service has become popular not so long ago, and for the first time this method was corrected eyebrows in North Africa, where this interesting procedure came from.

Biotatuazh has a number of certain advantages and disadvantages, which must be thoroughly studied before registering for an appointment with the master. Those who wish can even perform this technique on their own at home. However, if you want the result to stay as long as possible, then you should arrange proper care for the colored eyebrow line.

This technology is very often resorted to girls who are not happy with the density or shape of their pivots.

Not everyone is ready to decide on a painful and ruthless tattoo, so as an alternative, in this case, the safe staining of henna. In addition, biotatuazh allows you to no longer spend precious time on daily make-up, and the hairs will become darker, thicker and sturdy.

What is biotatuage of eyebrows with henna?

The peculiarity of the process is that a special Iranian henna is used as the coloring material, which gives the necessary shade to the eyebrows. Included in the composition of natural ingredients exclude the presence of any harmful toxic substances, so the procedure is absolutely safe for your body.

Color eyebrows are not the usual red, but a special brown henna, mixing several different shades to get the most suitable color.

Biotatuazh affects only the upper layer of the skin, so the technique of execution is simple and does not deliver any unpleasant painful sensations at the time of staining. Thanks to this, any girl can perform the procedure at home without resorting to expensive salon services.

To keep the result preserved for 4-5 weeks, it is very important to maintain the coloring composition on the eyebrows the indicated amount of time. The product is washed off not earlier than 40-60 minutes, then lubricate the skin with any nourishing oil to prevent dryness of the epidermis.

Henna stains not only every hair, but also the upper layer of the skin, thereby giving the eyebrows the correct neat shape. If you look at the photos before and after, you can see the quality, and most importantly, the natural result of staining.

Advantages over other methods

Prior to the procedure, a specialist examines the hairs, and then evaluates some external characteristics, such as hair color and face shape. This approach helps to choose the ideal form of bending and determine the appropriate shade of eyebrows.

If to light girls of a hive stain hardly it is visible, it is possible to make bristly very deep deep color of brows, and it will look or appear very harmoniously.

In addition to the individual approach to each girl, this staining technique has several important advantages in the arsenal:

  • Included in the natural components allow you to do biotagging on sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions.
  • The procedure is absolutely safe, so even pregnant women and nursing mothers can afford to stain eyebrows with henna.
  • The cost of biotatuazha much lower than the price of a classic tattoo, the creation of which is accompanied by unpleasant pain and a long recovery period.
  • In case of an unsatisfactory result, you can change the unsuccessful form of bending.

Disadvantages of biotage

Eyebrow coloring of Iranian henna is not very stable, this drawback is the main disadvantage of biotatuazha. To enjoy the result as long as possible, it is necessary to take care of the colored hairs and skin properly.

Any cleaning agents and seawater should never fall on the eyebrow area.
In addition, you should limit trips to the sauna and sauna, where the effect of hot steam can spoil the whole result of correction. Sea water in this case does not affect so aggressively, so if immediately before leaving you make the procedure and during the holiday will swim in the sea, the result of staining will last for about a week.

Unlike a conventional dye, which can be washed off after 10 minutes, the Iranian henna needs a longer time to reach the desired saturated shade. The duration of the procedure is increased 4 times, so that the paint has time to take and each hair is evenly dyed.

The inhomogeneous grain structure of henna complicates the process of biotagging at home. Such a mixture is difficult to apply accurately evenly independently, therefore, if you are not confident in your own abilities, it is best to entrust your beauty to a qualified person.

What is better - salon procedure or biotatuazh at home?

  • For the uniform application of the color composition, certain skills and abilities are required. The main difficulty is to prepare a mixture of a regular and homogeneous consistency, which will not spread on the skin during the painting process. To do this, you must observe the proportions of all incoming ingredients, and the resulting mixture should be tightly held on the eyebrows.
  • The hairs should be laid in such a way as to make the necessary bending shape. It is very important to pre-define the line boundaries for the neat application of the colorant.
  • In addition to the above subtleties, it is necessary to observe the symmetry of the eyebrows and to preserve their natural outlines.

Given the existing difficulties, you must decide for yourself whether you can perform the procedure at home in a qualitative way.

If you already had a similar coloring experience, then you can safely buy henna in a specialized store and perform eyebrow correction yourself. But if there are any concerns about this, then the trip to the experienced master will be the most correct decision in this situation. However, here there are pitfalls: it is important to find a truly professional specialist, having previously reviewed the feedback of previous clients.

Eyebrow care after biototazh

To ensure a long result of staining, we recommend that you perform a peeling treatment before the procedure using a special scrub with small abrasive particles.
Thanks to this cleansing, the paint penetrates deep into the upper layer of the skin, thus increasing the life of the biotatuage.
  • In the future, various detergents and cosmetics should be avoided on the treated skin. In the process of washing, do not apply a cleansing gel on the eyebrow area. Any nutritional and moisturizing creams are also not desirable to use.
  • And all natural henna can cause dryness and dehydration of the skin, so do not forget to lubricate your eyebrows every day with any base oil. Choose castor, olive or almond.
  • Immediately after staining for 24 hours, it is not recommended to wet the eyebrows with water, it is also necessary to minimize any mechanical action: rub, touch and scratch the colored area undesirable.
  • The resistance of the result is adversely affected by sunbathing, so it is important to avoid prolonged direct exposure of ultraviolet rays to the treated eyebrows.

Rules for home coloring of eyebrows with henna

For home procedure you need to purchase a special brown henna or use some additional ingredients. To obtain the desired shade of hair, cocoa, basma or plain coffee is added to the mixture.

Do not forget to change in advance to old unnecessary things, which, if necessary, will not be a pity to throw. The stains left on the clothes can not be washed. Also you will need rubber or polyethylene gloves, a small towel and a few cotton napkins.

It is necessary to cultivate henna in a glass container, because the metal can react with a natural product. For accurate and uniform application of paint, use a flat brush. Before painting, the eyebrow area is degreased by special cosmetic means.

How to stain eyebrows with henna?

Dissolve Iranian henna best of all with slightly acidified water. To do this, add citric acid or freshly squeezed lemon juice. Let's consider step by step the procedure for staining at home:

  1. To prevent the mixture from staining the surface beyond the eyebrow area, the skin in this area should be bruised with a thick cream.
  2. As , only the coloring composition will be ready, with careful movements apply the mixture along the brow growth line. As a tool, you can use not only a brush, but a cotton swab or a conventional toothpick. Painted hairs should be laid using a small comfortable brush.
  3. If the paint touched the undesirable areas of the skin, try to immediately remove it with a wet cotton pad.
  4. Experts advise starting coloring from the eyebrows of the eyebrows, then apply the mixture closer to the beginning of the line, near the nose bridge, and at the very end to work out the central part of the bend.
  5. Brunettes fit a composition made from henna and basmas. To obtain a black shade, the ingredients are mixed in proportions of 1: 3.
  6. The dyeing time is usually selected individually. The faster you wash away the remedy, the less saturated the shade will get your hairs. You can select the optimal eyebrow color by the experimental method. In the worst case, if you over-restrain the paint, you will get a too intense deep shade, which can be clarified with the help of peeling.
  7. To wash off henna is most conveniently the napkin, having wetted it or her in cool water. You can use a cotton swab.
  8. During the day, it is not recommended to moisturize eyebrows with water and any other cosmetic means.

Coloring the eyebrows with henna at home - video

In conclusion, I would like to note that biotatuage excellently suits girls who want to painlessly correct the shape and thickness of their eyebrows.

If permanent tattooing can cause serious complications, the safe staining of henna allows you to experiment with your own appearance without any problems. A wide range of goods provides the opportunity to choose a variety of shades, so you can easily pick up the paint, which will make the eyebrow line more expressive and beautiful.


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