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Ahimenez translates from Greek as "carry the cold."This herbaceous plant is perennial, which belongs to a decorative-flowering group. It is represented by about 50 species, which are widespread in Brazil, Mexico, Jamaica, Guatemala. Today, a lot of hybrid forms are displayed. But their ancestors were only 2 species: large-flowered achimenes and long-flowered achymenes. They are most often grown at home.

Achimenes: take care at home

Achimenes is an excellent decoration for windows that face west, south and east. For vertical landscaping use ampel forms of this representative of the world of the flora. This plant is characterized by abundant flowering, a variety of colors and forms, as well as a pronounced period of rest.

Temperature and watering

In summer, when achymenes are actively growing, they need a temperature of at least 20 degrees. Also in this period is important low air humidity, moderate watering. The plant is better not to spray. You can just put a wet moss or a container of water near the pot.

After the achymenes bloom( September-October), watering can be reduced. Remove the dried up aboveground parts and put the plant in a dark and dry place at rest. There should be a temperature of 16-18 degrees. In this period, it is better to water the maximum a month once a month. To do this, use soft water at room temperature. When the plant is at rest, it still needs to be dry.


Lighting should be average. Do not interfere with light shading and protection from direct sunlight.


When achymenes are actively growing, it needs to be fed with a complex mineral fertilizer. Do this every two weeks until August.

Reproduction of

This plant reproduces rhizomes and cuttings, and in February this process occurs through the division of nodules. The apical cuttings should be rooted at a temperature of about 20 degrees. Therefore, they should be covered with a film.


For transplanting achymene use a mixture of sand, peat and leafy earth( 1: 2: 3).You can add a small amount of charcoal and sphagnum to the soil. Also, the plant needs good drainage.

Problems of growing

Achimenes can suffer from pests such as thrips, aphids or mites. In addition, gray rot may appear if you allow an excess of moisture.

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Ahimenez. Home care
Houseplant Achimenes( Achimenes).Care and maintenance at home
Achimenes home care
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