How to determine the size of a bust at home

In the life of any girl there will be moments that will require her to know the dimensions of her parameters. For example, to buy laundry. Some are easy to determine, but here's the size of the bust for many to determine is not so simple. Below are a few ways, thanks to which the result you get the most accurate.

  • Size Chart
  • Europe Standards

Size Chart

Do not forget that now the underwear is marked with numbers and letters. It depends on the country in which the laundry was made.

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To determine your size, take a centimeter. First, measure the girth under the chest, do it tightly, but do not overtighten. Write the result. Check it with the scale below and take the average.

Interval Total
From 68 to 73 cm 70 cm
From 73 to 78 cm 75 cm
From 78 to 83 cm 80 cm
From 83 to 88 cm 85 cm
From 88 to 93 cm 90 cm
From 93 to 98 cm 95 cm
From 98 to 103 cm 100 cm

After measuring the chest girth, the centimeter should pass through the most prominent points. You can not overtighten, but you can not tighten it tightly, either. Put on to measure a comfortable bra without cups. You can use a fabric or sports bra. Write the result. After this, it is necessary to determine the difference between the value of the girth under the chest and chest girth.

Calculating this difference, use the table to find out the size of the bust.

Difference Dimension
10-12 cm 0( AA)
12-13 cm 1( A)
13-15 cm 2( H)
15-17 cm 3( C)
18-20 cm 4( D)
20-22 cm 5( DD)
23-25 ​​cm 6( E)
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Europe Standards

In Europe the girth under the chest is not reduced to the average value, as done above, but allmeasurements are carried out in exactly the same way. In the beginning, the girth under the breast is recognized, after the volume of the breast and the difference is calculated, but the difference is then divided by 6. The result of the division will be the size of the bust.

There are tables in which the labels accepted in different countries are combined. Having such a table, you can easily choose linen through online stores from different manufacturers from all over the world.

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