Why can not people be photographed while they are sleeping?

Bad sign that you can not photograph a sleeping person, perhaps, is one of the last invented by a man. This is indeed a sign of a new time, but its essence stretches from antiquity, when sleep was considered a temporary death, in which the soul of a person for a time left his body, leaving him defenseless and vulnerable. Without a soul, a person represents only half of his being, without a soul, he becomes helpless, unable to control his behavior and emotions.

That's why it was not allowed to move or shift the sleeping person to another place so that when the soul returns, the soul can find its body. It was forbidden to draw sleeping people either. This could bring on them a lot of trouble - separation from loved ones, treason or betrayal of relatives or a serious illness. Today this superstition was transferred to photographs, which are also a kind of portrait.

Is it possible to photograph a sleeper

You can also find a logical explanation why you can not photograph a person while he is asleep:

Unexpected camera flash can scare the dormant, and this is fraught with unpredictable consequences, including stammering and mental disorders. But in the East they believe that such a bright light from a flash can drive the Guardian angel away from a person, and he will forever be deprived of the protection of his sleep.

The next sign that it is better not to take a picture of a sleeping person is somewhat horrifying. In the Old World there was a tradition according to which a dead relative was photographed with his living relatives and friends in the most ordinary and relaxed atmosphere, for example, during a family conversation, reading newspapers or drinking tea. And the fact that the deceased's eyes were closed, was taken for a second cover of the eyelids during the click for the picture.

Today, many superstitious people carry out an association between the similarity of photographs of sleeping people and dead people. Therefore, most still try not to photograph the sleeping ones, considering it a bad sign.

In addition, to photograph a sleeping person without his knowledge is also some kind of tactlessness or impoliteness. In a dream, people do not always look attractive, do not control their appearance, facial expressions and behavior, and therefore they are unlikely to want to be captured in a similar unaesthetic state.

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There is also the most mystical prohibition on why you can not photograph sleeping, pregnant. According to psychics, a photo carries a lot of information about its owner, and dark magicians can take it, use a photo to harm a person at a distance.

Why you can not photograph sleeping babies

In the old days with their eyes closed they photographed and babies, recalling their high mortality at this age. Such photographs, on which the child was sealed in beautiful clothes with favorite toys, were the only consolation for the grief-stricken parents. And for the descendants there was a bad association - one can not photograph sleeping children, since they are too similar to the dead.

Strengthens faith in this bad sign and possible consequences of photographing: a bright flash can scare a sleeping child, make it whiny and restless, leave a stutterer. Of course, this does not happen with every child and not with every session, but often enough to form superstition.

The last argument about whether it is possible to photograph sleeping children is again led by esotericists. In their view, the child's biofield and his mental defense are much weaker than in adults, so breaking them and inflicting targeted or unintended severe harm is much easier.

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