The meaning of the concept of an emancipated woman

The concept of "emancipation" is familiar to almost every modern person, however, not everyone can clearly formulate what exactly is hidden behind this word. Reasoning about emancipation, almost always implied certain processes, during which there is liberation of man, his release from numerous restrictions, the acquisition of equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities.

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What is emancipation of

The term "emancipation" came in Russian from Latin, for the first time this word sounded back in the era of antiquity, when the word "emancipatio" citizens of Ancient Romemeant "liberation".

As follows from a direct translation, the concept of "emancipation" originally implied exemption from excessive parental care, but over time this term began to take on an increasingly political color. Such processes were especially widespread in European countries. Emancipation became a kind of slogan that was actively used by various social groups, especially those deprived of freedom of expression by women and representatives of the working class. For these categories, the concept of emancipation has actually become synonymous with the struggle for equality and the ability to freely make decisions in all areas - from economic to political participation.

The public movement for women's emancipation is counting its history since the time of the French bourgeois revolution. In France, the representatives of the so-called weaker sex, in the literal sense of the word, won their rights, participated in circles, protested, sometimes changing into men's suits and defending their views. I must say that the stories with disguise could not but cause outrage among men. The desired effect was not achieved, on the contrary, it provoked resistance from the rest of society, and as a result, the authorities imposed a ban on the organization and conduct of women's groups and communities. However, these measures had no effect, but, on the contrary, spurred the French to an even more active struggle.

Perseverance and reluctance to make concessions have borne fruit. One of the main results of this struggle was that women were given freedom and some rights. But the persistent ladies did not stop trying and continued to fight, stating the need for full equality and the same rights as men. At this point, there was some confusion of emancipation with feminism, which often causes confusion. But the differences are quite certain - the first direction implies getting rid of pressure and oppression, and the second declares political goals and lies in the field of civil rights.

In our country, the emancipation of women does not have such a long history as in other countries. In fact, it began in the twentieth century, and the trend to this was born during the revolutionary unrest of 1917.In the ranks of the Bolsheviks there were many women who clearly demonstrated the capabilities of Russian women to participate in serious political processes. With the subsequent development of industry and the emergence of a whole series of new occupations, women gained new opportunities, began to work and go beyond the usual way of life. Working women began to realize more clearly how oppressed and what deprived the weaker sex. So, with the spread of new knowledge, the desire to protect one's own rights began to develop.

For the centuries-old history of women's struggle for their rights, the word "emancipation" has acquired a certain definite connotation and began to be perceived exclusively in the context of equality for women. In the generally accepted understanding of emancipation, a woman ceases to be a "service person" for a man, but becomes an active participant in social processes.

What is feminism and who are feminists /feministki/

With the development of culture and the evolution of society, women received virtually limitless opportunities, their freedom of action is no longer subject to doubt, and no one can independently determine their priorities and plan lifetake away. Modern women can freely dispose of finances, which one could not even think about before, have the opportunity to make a career, hold a position in science, hold high-ranking positions.

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A woman is now not only a housewife and mother, but also a leader, a leader - this is emancipation. Of course, many previous stereotypes still exist in the minds of people, but with the development of society they will increasingly recede into the background.

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Types of emancipated women

There is an opinion that emancipated women just hide behind loud language to attract attention and foment interest from men. Ostensibly this is done specifically for men to feel the forgotten instinct of the hunter, besides enjoying inner freedom and being the mistress of the situation is always pleasant.

Is this true? If you think about it, a modern woman is under enormous pressure from society. In addition to the fact that she has to be an example in her studies from an early age, build a career, strive for self-actualization, she constantly needs to create a family, give birth to children, so as not to stand out from the general mass. Stereotypes are strong, and no one wants to be an "old maiden", so women struggle with the last strength to conform to the ideal in everything. Sometimes the forces end. And at that very moment, the notion of "emancipation" comes in handy, which allows not only to give up some duties, but also to enjoy your own free time.

What does it mean emancipated woman - definitely hard to say. In short, there are three main types of emancipated women. The division, of course, is very conditional, but we tried to distinguish the main features of each type.

  • "Woman-man" , or to put it another way - a very strong and independent lady, aimed at career growth. The word of such a woman is equal to the law and it is pointless to contradict it. They are characterized by a mature business style with a touch of sexuality and magnetism. These women are independent and do not need help, on a short foot with equipment and a car, are very demanding and freedom-loving.
  • "Cat Woman" , confident and independent. From the title you can understand that they are more flirtatious, but they will not particularly hold on to the man. Such ladies are perfectly able to use their sexuality, but the main thing for them is they, their beauty and pleasures. They are too busy to spray on others.
  • "Woman-feminist" , which is independent to such an extent that any attempts to help or care from men will be perceived negatively. They are not fixated on their appearance, do not particularly follow the appearance, preferring convenience and functionality. Housewives of them will not work, you can not even try.
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Advantages of emancipation

  • The main advantage is the ability to independently determine what to spend your valuable time and make the necessary decisions.
  • The undoubted plus of emancipation is financial independence.
  • The ability to move around the world in any direction.
  • Ability to develop their abilities and talents.
  • A wide range of communication, when women went beyond the familiar home environment and got the opportunity to lead an active social life, make friends and communicate with them. The consequence of regular communication is the development of intelligence, the overcoming of complexes.
  • A lower level of domestic violence than in times when unequal marriages were concluded without the consent of a woman. In such unions, women almost always found themselves in the role of a humiliated party, deprived of the right to express their indignation and disagreement, and obliged to perform the functions of a maid and nurse.
  • Possibility to choose a partner on their own, start and stop the relationship, including filing for divorce in case of infidelity or cruelty of the spouse.
  • The possibility of developing and receiving quality education. In modern society, the profession is increasingly divided into masculine and feminine, and representatives of the fair sex can freely occupy leadership positions and are even more successful.
  • Opportunity to participate in political life, the right to vote and freedom of opinion.
  • The changes also affected women's clothing, which, as the movement for emancipation developed, became more comfortable and comfortable - the length of the dress gradually changed, blouses and tight skirts were fashioned, and at some point women were encroached on such a truly male attribute, as pants, without which it is now difficult to imagine our wardrobe.
  • A woman is no longer a "thing" and not an "appendix" to a man, but an independent person.
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Disadvantages of

With the obvious benefits of emancipation, traditional female responsibilities, such as rearing and housekeeping, have not gone anywhere. And often there are situations when a woman is burdened with a lot of hassle, in addition to work and social life.

The main disadvantages of women's emancipation:

  • Lack of time when a woman can not cope with domestic problems and professional duties alone. Due to the fact that they have to tear, women experience stress and, as a result, early aging. Sometimes it is possible to share responsibilities with a man, but this is still an exception.
  • Loneliness and unwillingness to build a family when a woman is successful in work and becoming more independent. Finding confidence in her abilities, she increasingly thinks that she is fully capable of taking care of herself without outside participation. In modern society, this problem is becoming more urgent and leads to the emergence of incomplete families.
  • Female alcoholism and other addictions, when due to excessive loads the woman tries to find comfort with the help of alcohol. Such antidepressants, of course, can not lead to anything good.

Speaking about the problems associated with emancipation, of course, it makes no sense to argue that everything should return to the previous settings. It is impossible to change what developed for several centuries, no matter how much the men would like to regain power. It remains only to look for ways to overcome negative consequences and not to forget that women, first of all, are a beautiful half of humanity.

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