Why pregnant women can not get a haircut

Looks neat and attractive every girl, woman, and especially - the future mummy. If you can resort to various cosmetic procedures in your daily life, there are limitations during pregnancy, what you can do and what not. And often pregnant women are worried about the question of how to maintain the beauty of hair during this period, can it be cut, and if not, why?

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Superstition, convincing that pregnant women can not be sheared, came from ancient centuries, when the hair was treated differently. Then it was believed that hair has a special meaning, they conceal the vital forces of a man.

The long braid was a symbol of femininity. Passing through the hair, the energy of the Universe filled the soul and body of a woman. It was believed that the longer the girl's braid, the stronger and healthier will be her offspring. This was paid attention to men and his relatives when they wooed.

A married woman was spun two braids, to gain health and strength to herself and the baby. Circumcision of hair meant weakening and loss of connection with nature. The ancestors believed that shaved hair is the taken away vital energy of a person that could deprive him not only of strength, but also of prosperity and luck, and even lead to death.

It was also thought that the hair of a pregnant woman is the soul of her future baby, and cutting them off meant depriving the soul of an unborn child, and hence life.

Other signs say that if a woman, in an interesting position, will make a haircut, it will shorten the life of the baby, that is, there is a possibility of premature and difficult births.

It has now been scientifically proven that the haircut does not bring any negative impact to the future mother or her baby. To be cut or not is a private matter for every woman. Moreover, a pregnant woman who puts herself in order, feels great, her mood rises, the overall psycho-emotional state improves, making the baby in the womb comfortable and cozy.

Hairdressers say that it's not only possible for pregnant women, but even you need to get a haircut. This is due to the fact that at this time women's hair begins to grow rapidly, accumulating a huge amount of nutrients and amino acids. After giving birth, the hair, on the contrary, begins to fall out, because they are greatly weakened. That's why a pregnant woman needs to get a haircut, which will reduce hair loss in the future.

Interesting fact - in China there is a tradition: as soon as the girl finds out about her pregnancy, she as a sign of special position short hair. And according to statistics in this country for many centuries in a row there are no problems with fertility.

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The view of the church

Orthodoxy promotes the wearing by all female members of neatly collected, long andcovered with a handkerchief of hair, as this is a symbol of obedience. Any manipulation with them - haircut, curling, staining - indicates disobedience to the spouse and disrespect for God. However, this does not apply to cutting the ends of the strands.

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