What is temporary hair dye and how to use it

Temporary hair dye became popular in the 90s, when it was fashionable to separate individual strands in different colors. The way it is used depends on the type of product, and the resistance can vary from 1 day to 2 months. Temporary paint allows you to quickly change the image without causing harm to the hair. The color palette is so wide that if desired, you can simultaneously combine on your head strands of several shades.

  • What is a temporary paint
  • Advantages of
  • Types
  • Application technology
  • Aerosol
  • Crayons( pastel)
  • Tonic
  • Shampoo, balm
  • Disadvantages
  • Rating of the best

What is temporary paint

Temporary paint changes the color of hair, while not damagingtheir structure. The formula is arranged so that the color is distributed only over the surface, not penetrating deep inside. Due to this, the paint is washed off for a few applications of conventional shampoo. Some funds last only a couple of days, others - up to 2 weeks. On discolored hair, the colors of individual manufacturers last almost 2 months.

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Advantages of

  • Temporary dyes are presented in various forms, each will find a convenient option for itself.

  • If the color does not like, it can easily be washed off.
  • Easy to use, it is possible to dye your hair without help.
  • Presented in different colors and shades: you can choose close to natural or very bright.
  • Light paints are easily washed off the skin.
  • Harmless, do not spoil the hair.
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Kinds of

Depending on the intensity, the

  • is distinguished;
  • intensive.

Light paints are washed off after the first application, since the film on the surface of the hair turns out to be very thin. This option is suitable for a club or a party, when you want to dramatically change the image, but at the same time the next day to return to its previous style.

Intense paints last longer, it takes 5-7 shampoo applications for full flushing. With such a paint, you can walk for several weeks. This option is suitable for those who like to stand out and experiment with different colors.

The form of release distinguishes:

  • shampoo;
  • balm;
  • spray;
  • tonic in a jar or tube;
  • crayons.

Paint in the form of crayons and spray is washed off after the first washing of the head, so it is extremely easy. Shampoo, balm and a remedy in a tube can be both light and intense, but usually stay on the hair longer.

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Application technology

Benefits, harm and technique of polishing hair http://woman-l.ru/polza-i-vred-polirovki-volos/
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Hair coloring depends on the type of product. To use the spray, you need to wash your head and thoroughly dry your hair. Then separate the individual strands and from a distance of 15-20 centimeters evenly spray a colored aerosol onto them. After that, hair is enough to comb - a new image is ready.

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Crayons( pastel)

Temporary hair dye at home is easily made from artistic pastels. To do this, use a phased coloring, dividing the hair into separate strands. Pre-dress clothes that can be dirty. Next, do the following:

  • strand is dipped in a cup of water and squeezed a little;
  • take a crayon and spend it several times on a wet strand until an intense color is obtained;
  • is repeated with the remaining hair, you can use several colors on one curl;
  • the finished result is fixed with ironing.

This method is not recommended to use often, since the iron can damage wet hair by drying them. The pastel lasts about a day, but it can stain clothes throughout the day, so you should avoid white things. On brunettes, not all colors look good, so a temporary pink hair paint from crayons is a favorite for many. Also worth paying attention to the shades of blue and violet.

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This liquid paint is also used on dry hair, following the instructions. Different manufacturers may differ in the dye time. Since there are no aggressive components in the composition of such agents, if the dye is restrained on the hair, then there will be no negative consequences. But if the product is washed away earlier, the result may not justify the expectations.

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Paint is applied to dry hair from the roots to the length or only along individual strands. Keep the time specified by the manufacturer and rinse with water without shampoo until the water is clean. If the dye is intense, then wash the head with shampoo preferably at least a day.

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Shampoo, balm

If the choice of staining fell on a shampoo or balm, they are applied to clean washed hair, which must be held under the towel for about 5 minutes. During this time, excess water will be absorbed, and the product will then be distributed to the hair properly. Then you have to stay in the bathroom for 20 minutes, during this time you can put a mask on your face or make a wrap. When the time of painting comes to an end, the product is rinsed with plain water without shampoo.

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Disadvantages of

There are many disadvantages to temporary paints.

  • Do not paint gray hair( with rare exceptions).
  • On dark hair it is almost impossible to get a saturated shade( only if you can buy white temporary hair dye in the form of an aerosol).
  • Hard to find in stores.
  • Intense paints can be difficult to rinse off the skin after staining.
  • A bright shade can only get very light blondes.
  • Quickly washed off, in the rain can leave marks on clothes.

For these reasons, temporary paint should be used in rare cases, when you want to change the image for a short time. For a longer and noticeable effect, it is worth resorting to a toning balm or mousse, which is washed off after 4-6 weeks.

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Rating of the best

Temporary hair dye in different variations is often sold only in specialized stores, it is almost impossible to find it in supermarkets or in the network departments of cosmetics.

  1. Manic Panic .The temporary hair dye has an intense effect, it keeps on the hair to 4-5 shampoos. Has a large palette, about 50 most unusual shades. It is made in the USA, there are many online stores. Sold in the volume of about 110 milliliters.

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  2. Directions .Intensive temporary hair dye, washed with water, which, if properly selected, will look bright even on the brunette. Produced in the UK, sold in a jar of 90 milliliters. Has a wide palette, does not spoil the hair.

  3. Crazy Color .Light paint, which holds 1-2 washing of the head. Has a lot of colors, is sold in a volume of 100 milliliters.

  4. Pravana Chromasilk Creme Hair Color .Popular temporary hair dye has in the palette of almost 100 bright colors. An important advantage over others is that it is able to paint a dull gray. The formula of the paint provides not only a bright color, but also a hair care. Sold in a package of 90 milliliters.

  5. Pastel chalks Hair Chalk .Crayons as a temporary hair dye are an option for those who do not have money for expensive products. You can use a conventional pastel for drawing, but some manufacturers began to produce and special for hair. Hair Chalkin chalks are presented in 24 bright colors, which will be noticeable until the dark-brown hue of the hair. Wash off with water after the first washing of the head, at a price close to one tube of paint, but will last much longer. For painting use the method with hot ironing.

  6. Arctic Fox from Adore .The temporary hair color Adore has in its palette more than 50 shades. Among them, you can choose natural colors, including red and light brown hues, and very bright, from blue to bright pink. You can mix several colors at once to get a unique shade. Paint is sold in bottles of 120 milliliters, produced in the United States.

  7. Amscan .Temporary paint for hair in cans, which is washed off after the first application. Has a rich palette of bright colors, used to highlight individual strands. It is impossible to paint the entire head with this aerosol, but the saturated color will surprise.

  8. Eulenspiegel Profi-Schminkfarben .The manufacturer specializes in makeup and products for carnivals. Their temporary hair color in the form of an aerosol will help to be painted both in natural colors, and in rather unusual. The peculiarity is that the company offers in its palette even a black color, which is extremely rare in this segment of cosmetics.

  9. Colorista Spray from L'oreal .Temporary spray-hair dye, which is washed off after the first washing of the head. It is for parties and has a wide range of shades. By brightness and saturation yields to heavier intense temporary paints, but it is perfect for blondes. Such washable temporary hair color is suitable for children, since it does not cause irritation.

  10. Kaaral Baco Colorsplash .This Italian company offers a line of 20 colors. They are divided into bright and pastel, suitable for blondes and brunettes. The price is higher than that of competitors, but the volume of their temporary paint is 200 milliliters. This color temporary hair dye is completely washed off through 8-10 shampoo applications.

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