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Bitch is a word, which more recently, about 20 years ago, was considered almost abusive. In the wake of such ladies, women angrily said: "Bitch", and the men were indignant, meeting on their way the cold, spiteful, calculating feminist women.

Today the attitude towards this word has mysteriously changed. For some reason, it has ceased to be abusive. He began to pronounce with admiration, envy, and even with respect. Young girls today are increasingly trying to cultivate the qualities inherent in bards.

The meaning of the word "bitch"

And if you still understand what the word "bitch" means? Why they were called by those who do not have a special love for their neighbors? In the dictionary Dahl "Bitch" literally - a word of the feminine gender, formed from the "bitch" of the middle genus, denoting the corpse of a dead animal. Another meaning is the "vulture", that is, the carrion-eating beast. Agree, not very pleasant sounds. Yes, and in a figurative sense, "bitch" - this is a quarrelsome, scandalous, intolerant woman, which also does not sound very flattering.

The second meaning of of this word was introduced for the first time in relation to a woman by Phlegmon, thereby branding women, pulling out all moral forces and finances from men. Any meaning of this word is true and applicable in our daily life. There are both bad and good in the meaning of this word.

In modern popular books and magazines, it is increasingly reported how wonderful it is to become a bitch. And what exactly goals in life can be achieved by becoming just such: tough, cold and prudent.

The type of female bitch is increasingly seen in the main characters of popular films. For example, in the film "The Devil Wears Prada", the editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine Miranda Pristil is a real bitch. Its prototype was Anna Winter, the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, known in the world as a bitch from Couture.

Delightfully beautiful, well-groomed, with appearance, not subject to age, not giving in to compliments and flattery of associates, not admitting admirers, not spending time on corporate parties is an image of a successful woman. Such a force is only a strong and strong-willed woman, full of ambition and ready to fight for a place under the sun. She's just uncomfortable to be human.

Bezemotsionalnaya, loving only herself and her ambitions, a bitch is not capable of love and care about someone. Being soft and loving is not for her, her stiffness borders on cruelty. The real bitch uses anyone to achieve his goal, leaving then with hurt and broken heart. And do not expect sympathy from her, it is not peculiar to her.

But if a woman has an acute mind and purpose, is self-confident, ambitious and struggles for equality in the family and in society, if she is beautiful and observes herself, defends her dignity - that does not mean she is a bitch.

A woman who uses her sexuality to achieve her goal is like a bitch. She will not feel compassion and pity if it hinders her in achieving her goal. She does not care about the condition of the abandoned people, they are an unnecessary material for her.

Such a woman knows what she wants, and does not make any compromises to get it. And while it remains feminine."Steel magnolia" is a flower outside, a steel rod inside. Using the advantage of femininity in personal interest, she leads an honest game without deceiving the men. She has a quality that "good girls" do not have: a sober mind. It is not given to romantic fantasies.

Bitch is a dangerous person, you should not trust him not to become a puppet in her hands.

Any normal woman does not want, and sometimes is afraid to seem to the man too fastidious and exacting, strict and even independent. Every girl and woman had men in their lives, who were rapidly striving for her. But, as soon as she gave in, how men lost interest in her.

With the ability to withstand pressure and sober mind, the bitch always knows when to pull the blanket on himself. It will not endlessly share its strength and capabilities. Everything has to work to achieve its goal and its objectives. She will not be "hung around her neck" chosen, she likes freedom. For her it does not matter whether he is married or not, emotions received from communication are important to her.

Bitch is a woman who has a habit of trying to get everything that she wants from life. She is beautiful, intelligent, very graceful and bitchy - her hobby.

Why do men like bitch?

And now, based on the above, we will try to answer the question posed. Think: we are always attracted to life by what is unknown and unknown. Having solved the mystery, we are no longer interested in her anymore. That's the question: is it worth revealing yourself completely at the first contact or keep intrigue?

Men are hunters by nature. They need to be given the opportunity to "hunt" for you, to get you. If there is a choice between relations and dignity, the bitch will choose the second one.

A man, when a woman can not achieve, wants to conquer her even more. The impossibility of getting something causes a desire to achieve this. Bitch plays very skillfully at its visible availability. She is always welcome and sweet to invite her first on a date. But it is not always available. And what from this? She does not belong to him. So, he will again and again achieve it.

Bugs are independent and always give enough space for a man so he is not afraid to find himself in a cage. Then he tries his best to get there. Men like independent women who respect and love themselves.

Men love a bitch, they like that a woman chooses them not out of necessity, but because she took this decision. This is exactly how true bitch behaves: mysterious, independent of man's desires, they have their own career and hobbies, their own opinion, which they are not afraid to voice. They do not hold men around, give them space, freedom and at the same time do not allow them to control themselves.

Bitterness, living by their own rules, will not think about the opinion of the people around them. They do not care what they say about them. They make their own decisions, enjoying their successes and achievements. No matter how beautiful a woman is, the man most attracts her is her independence. He is afraid of losing it, because it is not always available and absolutely inaccessible.

A woman who gives herself completely in a relationship with a man, leaves him the impression that she relies more on him than on herself. Thus, she places responsibility on him and repels him. Men do not like to take responsibility for the relationship.

Bitch, who always plays by his own rules, knows what needs to be done for his own interests. She does not need anyone and nothing, neither in advice, nor in comments. She is here, and this is her own choice, she wants so much, she likes it. All these qualities in it and love men. Such women live on the edge, which men admire so much. And they do not have to search for quality somewhere, they are present in their nature and in their nature.

This bitch is an exclusive woman, who is always on top. Do not forget that a man is a hunter by nature. Seeing an expensive and elegant beast before him, he is unlikely to back down: this is his cherished goal and the object of competition.

Remember the old film "The Queen of the Gas Station" or "Unattainable" with the participation of Nadezhda Rumiantseva: the main heroine of the films had to add to her character bitchiness, as the men were at her feet. A modern film "Always say always"?Remember, the soft character of the main character brought her to the prison, and, becoming a bitch, she achieves success. The whole film that is worth a woman to relax, as a man immediately takes a great interest in a woman-bitch. Similar examples in life are enough: relaxed - get a bitch in a rival.

Bugs are perfect in everything! To possess a bitch is man's aerobatics. So, dear Cinderella women, learn the science of "bitchiness" and apply knowledge in practice, conquering the hearts of men without effort and loss.

I want to be a bitch! How to become it?

The most simple rules of success for in "bastardology":

  1. Confidence.
  2. Lack of pity for surrounding people and regrets about anything.
  3. Love yourself and your goals.

In every woman there is and lives a bitch. It just needs to be awakened to become desirable and irresistible.

Today there is an opinion that a bitch becomes a woman because of the modern rhythm of life. Of course, there is some truth in this. To achieve something in our days, a woman has to take herself into an iron grip and bring up bitchiness. As soon as she feels the first results of her reincarnation, it becomes a signal for her to become a bitch.

There are many books and even instructions on how to become a bitch. This is now almost the most developed and fashionable topic in the world. But it is quite possible to achieve the most certain results by following only the rules of a bitch.

Bitch rules:
  • The first thing to start with is to stop constantly thinking and taking care of other people's goals and interests.

Own interests and goals should be in the first place. This is inherent in any person, which is quite natural and normal for us. It is necessary to understand that by helping someone to cope with the work entrusted to him at an inopportune time, you are wasting your energy, taking them away from yourself, pushing back your goal.

  • Self-confident woman will never discuss the problem with others, especially since her, bitch, this is of little concern.

We spend our time, energy, money, emotions only on ourselves and our achievements, and not on others' goals. And, as soon as you understand that there is nothing reprehensible about this, you are ready to become a bitch.

  • A bitchiness is a refusal to help those who are not needed to achieve their own goals.

Spending yourself on those who are not of interest on this path is an impermissible luxury for a bitch.

You ask: "A relative, how to be with them?"

They do not fit into these concepts. Any, even the most bitchy woman, needs support and support in difficult times for her. Without the support of relatives, everything loses its meaning, and in this struggle for oneself a successful place should be a quiet place, where you can rest from storms, passions and battles, where you are loved and understood.

Relatives and relatives are the exception to the rules, they are not used as goals.

  • To talk about you as a bitch, with admiration, you need to know the extent of the art of being a bitch.

Bitch, who knows how to preserve independence, does not hide his opinion about those who surround her and uses their weaknesses for his own good, differs from the others with special success and attention from men. But, it is only necessary to exceed the doses of bitchiness, as quite unflattering epithets sprinkle into her side instead of the usual admiration.

Observe the limits of what is allowed, and you will be admired. Otherwise, the results will be very deplorable.

Impeccable, well-groomed appearance is one of the main features of a bitch, but all this should look natural:

  1. Bright make-up paints, carnivorous shape and nail coloring, hairpins - this is not her style. The less noticeable the changes in appearance, the better.
  2. The wardrobe should also not be bright and catchy. It should be distinguished by business sophistication, style and quality. Everything should be at a high level.
  3. Expensive accessories and shoes are indispensable attributes of a female bitch. The success of a woman dictates it to be just this.

If desired, perseverance and motivation bitch can be any woman. To become a real bitch, you need, oh how, to work hard on yourself.

Bitchiness is not only a character trait, it's a mindset, a way of thinking and a special attitude to yourself and others.

Self-sufficiency is considered the main feature of a bitch's character. Without it, it is difficult to be morally independent from society. You must be confident in your actions and clearly understand that your aggressiveness in behavior is justified in achieving the goal. Only then can you achieve success without getting a nervous breakdown.

Do not imitate bitchiness. Manners bitch only suitable for those who are already internally ready for serious changes.

To be ready for serious changes means to be able to sacrifice girlfriends for the benefit of the new, perhaps refuse to get married, change the environment and become independent. To become a bitch or not, every woman decides for herself.

Only bards are not shy about their not the best traits of character and even extol them. They show them in a suitable situation, considering it to be normal.

Bitch is a complete image, a harmonious combination of character, appearance, actions and their motivation. It's one thing to look like a bitch, and it's quite another to be her. Any woman can be indifferent to the opinion of others, but with great pleasure, only a bitch can do it.

Intending to become a bitch, remember that this is a way of life and thinking. If you think just for a while "try on" this skin on yourself, then remember: then you will have to reap the fruits, long time restoring the damaged relationship with a close environment.

If the "skin" of bitchiness has approached, and you are satisfied with a new life, then there is nothing to restore: it is simply not necessary for a bitch. But there will be no way back. If there is no confidence in you and the hardness of the character, an acute desire to go a long way along the chosen path to becoming a bitch, it is better not to start.

It is very important to understand: becoming a bitch for a while, the fruits of what was done and said will have to be reaped for a long time.

Maybe you just need to cultivate some of the character traits of a bitch for success in their affairs? After all, such traits of character as purposefulness in setting goals, perseverance in achieving them, only complement the image of a woman and make him more desirable.

Find out whether a woman should be a bitch:

Try to increase your self-esteem, contact stylists, change not only internally, but also externally. Visit personal development trainings, educate yourself as a self-sufficient and independent woman leader.

Love yourself, finally. As you treat yourself, so men will treat you.

When you understand this, everything will fall into place. Success in love completely depends on the properties of the character. Learn to be "irreverent" not to people, but to what they say and think.

The independence of thinking will help you become yourself, not be like everyone else, will set you apart from the crowd. Themselves, in the first place, consider yourself the best gift of fate for men, and they will believe it. The most attractive in you is personal dignity. Strong personalities do not communicate with those who do not respect them.

And yet, the level of their bitchiness, every woman chooses herself. The woman who thanks to her intelligence and character of character achieves its goal and happiness, in a good sense of the word - a bitch.

The poem about the bitch

The spines are the eyes, and the voice is metal,

The bitch so loves the new scandal.

Study, career and. .. mind training,

Everything else is diathesis and plague.

Dolls broke with a heavy skating rink,

Awards, prizes - a turn for the revolution.

In the house alone, like a ghost, lives,

Do not cry, do not whine, the example gives.

She is a virtuoso psychologist and ace,

Shoots not in the eyebrow, but aims at the eye.

The service ladder is anesthesia,

It is based on a business symbiosis.

Does not want to fall in love and nurse children,

To love, believes - the fate of weak people.

So, like her, the family is not needed!

And the old bitch meets one. ..

Bitology: You are first of all

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