Italian technology of hair extensions

The Italian technology of hair extensions is David Gold's invention: the hairdresser-stylist was so tired from the complaints of clients that the resin capsules used in the English technique do not hold loose strands badly, that he invented his way of artificial hair extension in 1991.The essence of it is that the donor locks connect with the client's hair with the help of special capsules based on organic keratin. The master separates a thin strand of native hair and, at a distance of several millimeters from the roots, applies a donor strand to it, heats the capsule with special tongs to the desired temperature and tightly clamps it for 2-3 seconds. The heating temperature of the forceps can be adjusted, taking into account the structure and condition of the client's hair, it can vary from 90 to 180 degrees. Since then, his company "Great Lengths" has gained worldwide recognition and great popularity. After some time, strong competitors appeared on the market. For example, the company "So. Cap, So. Cap Original "and" Euro So. Cap ", founded by three brothers. Currently, they are considered leaders in the manufacture of locks for Italian hair extensions. Their hair is of the highest quality. They always use only natural hair, mostly of European origin. The palette of hair from these manufacturers totals 64 various shades that allows to choose without problems a necessary hair color, including the most extreme colors.

Extension technology

The Italian technology of hair extensions is one of the directions of hot hair extension with the help of strands with keratin capsules. Keratin - fibrillar protein, which is the basis of natural hair, is an ideal material that has a beneficial effect on the structure of a natural hairstyle. The melting point of keratin is 140-160 degrees( for comparison - t hair dryer 200; t curling 210; t ironing 230).To soften the keratin use a special heating device in the form of two clips( the temperature at the clamps is adjustable, so the harm to their own hair is not caused).When the keratin is softened, the strand is secured with tweezers to their own hair. At the fixing site, small transparent capsules are formed. Frozen capsules are almost imperceptible, and, importantly, soft and flexible - they do not interfere with combing your hair, do not harm your hair. To the touch they are like small seals on the hair. The hair in the capsules is fastened firmly enough, providing reliable fastening of the native and escalating ringlets, therefore it is simple so they will not fall out. To create a good, lush hair, about 120 strands are enough.

Hot Italian hair extensions are one of the most effective and popular techniques today. The popularity of capsular technology is explained by the simplicity of execution and the brilliant results that it allows to achieve: the overhead strands look very natural, they are absolutely indistinguishable from natural hair, since they coincide with them both in color and structure, do not require special care and make their owner happy for a long timetime.

Hair extensions according to the Italian technology allow you to visit the sauna, solarium, you can use a hairdryer. The term of wearing the hair extensions is up to 4 months. After that, the strands can be easily removed and corrected. Correction should be done 3 months after the build-up.

The Italian method of hair extensions is rightfully considered to be the most harmless and most sparing in comparison with other hot methods. If you chose it on it, professional masters using high-quality materials can not only lengthen your curls, but also increase their volume several times, while ensuring the safety of the procedure and the quality of the result obtained. Customer feedback on Italian hair extension technology is the most positive, and prices are very affordable and depend on the number and length of build-up strands.

Another advantage of Italian technology is that it allows hair to grow not only on the temples and the back of the head, but also near the parting. And thin strands and absolutely inconspicuous microcapsules that are used in professional technology "Euro So. Cap ", allow you to build even a bang, especially if the hair is not thick enough. The Italian technology of hair extensions on microcapsules is a unique innovative technique. It implies a finer work of the master, and the capsules that are used, as a rule, make twice as thin and smaller than the standard ones.

Hair extensions in Italian technology allow you to visit the sauna, solarium, you can use a hairdryer. The term of wearing the hair extensions is up to 4 months. After that, the strands can be easily removed and corrected.

Hair correction

Hair extension using Italian technology( microcapsule including) requires timely and regular correction. Depending on the growth rate and the condition of your own hair, you need to do it every 2-4 months. For correction, the same strands are used as in the first build-up. This procedure is absolutely harmless for living hair, on places of fastening of artificial and native locks there are no ugly creases. How it looks: the master applies a special, absolutely harmless solvent to the capsule, which softens the keratin, tweezers like pliers, gently breaks it and, holding the hair at the roots, pulls the strand downward, after which the hair is washed with a special cleansing shampoo, and then -standard procedure of building.

Advantages of the Italian hair extension technology

  • Allows you to get both the desired length - up to 70 cm, and increase the volume - up to 3 times.
  • The procedure is absolutely safe and does not damage the hair.
  • Keratin capsules can be selected in any shade, size and shape.
  • Fastenings are obtained flat and inconspicuous.
  • Hair is used only natural and practically not combed.
  • You can visit the solarium, sauna, sauna, swimming pool, beach.
  • Keratin does not cause allergies.
  • Capsules based on keratin are the most reliable, flexible and durable.
  • If the hair is thick, they can grow not only on the back of the head and temples, but near the parting.
  • Long term socks of a new hairstyle - from 5 and more months.
  • Simplicity of removal of false curls.
  • Accreted hair can be cut, laid, painted, curled.

Cons of Italian hair extensions

  • The process of building up is a time-consuming and time-consuming procedure.
  • The guarantee of a good result is the skill of the performer.
  • Correction takes much longer than the build-up itself.
  • In the first days of the capsule can bring discomfort.
  • It is undesirable to rub the care products into hair roots and apply them to capsules.
  • Cautious should be with straightening hair ironing and chemical wave.


  • Hair extension by Italian technology is not recommended for vegetative-vascular dystonia, dermatitis, seborrhea, severe hair loss and increased sensitivity of the scalp.
  • Italian technology is undesirable to use if the hair is badly damaged due to repeated painting, straightening and curling, weakened after taking antibiotics or chemotherapy.

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