Graduation in kindergarten: how to prepare what to give

  • Features of the children's final
  • Decoration of the hall and the group
  • Services of the photographer and video cameraman
  • Example of filming a graduation in kindergarten - video
  • How to choose a holiday scenario?
  • The role of the solemn part at the children's graduation party
  • What is the final one that can be called unusual?
  • The Role of Games at the Children's Holiday
  • Presenting to the Teachers of
  • Attention to Children
  • Festive Buffet
  • It is important to take into account

Psychologists call the graduation ceremony in kindergarten the completion of the first stage of socialization of the child. Methodists and educators say that the event needs to be carefully planned: beautifully to decorate the hall, find a place for a children's banquet, think over a script and gifts for everyone. The end of the kindergarten is a bright and memorable holiday, and parents whose children are released in 2017 need to know several important points.

Features of the children's graduation

Kids receive proof that they have already grown up, learned a lot. For parents, this day becomes an opportunity to become full participants in an important event in the life of the child. Graduates, seeing them in the audience, feel confident.

In this important holiday for the kids take part:

  • children themselves - demonstrate what they learned in the kindergarten;
  • teachers - they know and can prove the preparation of pupils for school, they create a final script;
  • parents - are convinced that their children have the required level of knowledge, perform organizational functions, decorate the group, assembly hall, cafe premises.
Graduation in the Dow is different in that there is no emphasis on further schooling. Teachers create one more exciting game for pupils, but everyone is involved in it.

Preparation for the event should be dealt with from the beginning of the school year: to hold a parent meeting, determine what is really needed, and what can be abstained from. The teachers are invited to the meeting, whose experience will help to organize the graduation.

Decoration of the hall and the group

Here everyone is welcome: handmade, balloons, figures from paper and much more. What to choose? All that you find in stores. To make the group's room not too colorful, you need to properly decorate it:

  • pompoms , balls and ribbons decorate the curtains and the surface of the walls;
  • garlands place above the ceiling;
  • flowers from corrugated paper, pigeons look best on windows;
  • decorative figures and letters - on the central wall of the room in which the event will take place;
  • balls and fresh flowers - anywhere;
  • special buffets are worn on chairs, but only in case the "sweet table" is organized in a group;
  • drapes with spectacular ornaments in the form of flowers, dragonflies, butterflies are placed on the back wall;
  • the traditional inscription "Good-bye, kindergarten!" Is executed in the form of a stretch and fastened on the back wall or at the entrance to the room.

Preparation for registration is better to start a couple of months before the children's graduation. This time will be enough to decide on the decoration of the hall. Balls under the ceiling, garlands or compositions filled with helium must be delivered on the day of the graduation.

Services of photographer and videographer

  • An important part of the children's holiday. The need is not even specified: a fun and responsible moment in your child's life must be imprinted. Amateur shots, of course, will, but they place in the family archive. Quality photos can be placed at home, show friends, grandmothers and grandfathers.
  • Parents plan to shoot video in kindergarten in different ways. Someone starts to agree on making records of the everyday life of the kids a few days before the event.
  • Methodists and organizers of children's events advise us to record the brightest events of the group, its educational process and walks from the very beginning of the academic year. Together with the final one, you will get a unique film about the life of your baby.

Example of filming a graduation in kindergarten - video

How to choose a holiday scenario?

There is no universal recommendation on how to hold matinees in kindergarten. Teachers simply follow the rules of structuring the event. Usually the scenario of a fun graduate for preschoolers consists of four parts:

  1. Solemn. The children go out into the hall, the tutor says a welcome word. Then songs, dances, verses are performed.
  2. Costume performance. At this time a fairy tale is being created, in which the children themselves play a role.
    In the scenes on the graduation, adults, educators or guest animators participate. A variety of games can be played.
  3. The climax. The penultimate, most touching part. Here, too, there are moments of creativity: the children sing, dance, read poetry.
  4. Graduation ceremony. Educators give future students the diploma, gifts. Parents give PRA employees small presents and flowers.

Scenes of the script are different: a journey on a magical train to the Land of Knowledge, a meeting with sorceresses, a story about fairy-tale characters, etc. The modern scenario of the graduation is often used: kids come to visit their favorite cartoon characters - latchies, Luntik, Dasha the tracker, Barboskins, Masha and the bear. ..

The most important condition of the graduation in the kindergarten: all the guys should take part in it. The event should be as interesting for them as possible, so it is worthwhile to abstain from the long farewell words of educators and the gratitude of the parent committee.

The role of the solemn part at the children's graduate school

The official part is necessary in any scenario of the holiday. It is important to hold it at the very beginning, when the children are not yet tired, are interested in what is happening. The solemn part necessarily provides the word of the director of the kindergarten and the teacher, but no more than 5 minutes, otherwise the parents and kids will be bored. Further the scenario of the prom( or matinee) is held according to the algorithm:

  1. At the very beginning, parents and guests are accommodated in the hall or in the room of the group.
  2. kids come out to music, dance a short moving dance, prepared in advance.
  3. Children sit on the stools on stage.
  4. The director of a pre-school institution gives a welcoming speech, then the teacher comes along. He announces the beginning of the holiday.
  5. The presenter comes out. His candidacy is endless options: a cat scientist;producer;Dunno, which children should help to learn;a fairy godmother who will transform an ordinary child into a future schoolboy;locks, etc.

The host announces the end of the official part and the beginning of the entertainment. It can take place in the form most interesting for the child. Unusual graduation provides for mobile games, songs or dances, but it needs to be properly developed.

What graduation can be called unusual?

Preschoolers of our days are much more "advanced" than their parents. That is why it is important to interest them, and unusual scenarios are created for this. If you feel in yourself a writer's vein, look for inspiration in the surrounding life. If the topic and the plot does not occur, pay attention to the following options:

  • "Child locomotive".At the heart of the graduation is a journey by train along the Knowledge Road. Stops are made at different stations: musical, fairytale, sports and others. Children should confirm that they are ready for school: guessing puzzles, participating in contests, performing a dance or a song.
  • "Presentation of the Oscar - 2017".The event provides for the rewarding of all pupils. The presentation of awards should be interspersed with games, dances and sketches, in between which to be called "The most obedient girl of the year", "The best fidget", "The smartest pupil", "The sportsman of the group", etc. The leading children are the children of the second group orLast year's graduates( if you're lucky to find them).
  • «Journey to the Planet School».It is carried out as a journey of researchers from the planet Kindergarten to the unknown planet of the School. Upon termination of a holiday children receive medals «the First-grader-tester».
  • «Ship of Desires».Leading( adults) collect brigantine, then twist her steering wheel and make a wish to start the graduation party. Then the children take turns turning the steering wheel and also make a wish - to go on a trip. On their way they meet different islands and fairy-tale heroes.
  • Thematic scenarios are welcomed: cowboy, about the life of fairy-tale characters, nautical themes, in the spirit of "styligas".

There are a few options, but they all have to be connected with the school somehow and provide game elements.

The role of games at the children's holiday

  • Playing moments not only entertain, but also show how a graduate of a kindergarten is ready for school. Toddlers attract all the interesting, unexplored, unusual, and the games are perfectly combined with this.
  • Game tasks should be associated with the theme of the graduation, weave into the concept of the script. They are conducted by the main characters, animators, characters, but not the educator and parents. The themes of games are most often fairy tales, famous children's works, cartoons and phenomena of the surrounding world. Before the games are necessarily held interesting sketches, smoothly leading to the fulfillment of tasks.
  • Preschoolers can search for figures hidden in figures, collect geometric figures, draw, add words, guess pantomimes, or compose words from existing letters. Gaming tasks are not only a repetitive learning nature, but also develop communication skills, because the participants are divided into teams.

After the completion of the game round, a song and dance program is conducted. Then gifts are given. They are even on an unusual graduate receive future students and teaching staff.

Presenters for caregivers

The organizational plan of the graduation scenario provides for the selection of gifts for employees of a pre-school institution. What to give to people who have paid attention to the upbringing, development and training of children for several years? Presenters are:

  • Symbolic. These are medals, diplomas and other trifles within the graduation ceremony. This group includes tea sets, sweets, rugs for cooks, laundresses, nannies and nurses.
  • Showing respect to the administration, in particular, to the director or the manager. You need to choose from things that will not be used at home, but in the garden. A laptop, a picture, a decorative vase, curtains, a printer, a carpet-gift depends only on the financial capabilities of the parents.
  • Thanks to the educator. If the teacher and parents have established a trusting relationship, you can present practical presents. Household appliances, bed linen, gift certificates and vouchers will be appropriate. Do you personally want to thank the teacher? A modest jewelry, expensive coffee, perfume or a stylish diary should be presented during a buffet table.

If you understand everything with adults, then with the guys - another story. Let the modern children from the cradle understand the gadgets, they need to give something that will show your concern.

Attention - children

Gifts given to students, also come in several forms. Most often parents stop at individual and group. Individual moms and dads get their own, and give during the matinee. So, children's presents are:

  1. Useful or practical. School attributes and various accessories will be useful for future first-graders. Nobody forbids to give a pencil case with filling, but think whether he will please the child. It is better to buy a beautiful book stand, stylish satchel, colorful encyclopedia, a table lamp, an unusual globe or a set for children's scientific experiments.
  2. Cognitive. This is a compromise solution, as it develops the child's intellectual abilities, encourages his interest in useful pursuits and is suitable for delivery at a kindergarten graduation. This category of gifts includes table games, handmade sets, interactive posters. Their bright design will attract a future first-grader, and teaching materials will develop it.
  3. Sports. Rolling, roller skating or scooter is always interesting. Hockey stick will make you feel like a real goalkeeper, and a high-quality soccer ball will make your son the first guy in the yard.
  4. "Adults".Your child has already grown, so he should get a wristwatch, his own umbrella or a beautiful alarm clock.
Group gifts - memorabilia: medals, cups, ribbons, graduation albums, diplomas - will remind you of the time spent in kindergarten.
But it's important for parents, kids want to get attention. Therefore, it is better to dwell on personal presentations and remember that the main gift to the graduate is your support in preparing for the holiday.

Festive buffet table

As it is called by parents, "sweet table".They themselves plan snacks, sweets, drinks, calculate the amount of money for an adult and a child.

  1. The easiest option, practiced by moms and dads, is a buffet table in the group.
  2. A picnic is in nature. Outdoor games, conversations of parents and educators in an informal atmosphere - at first glance, it's wonderful. But think about what you and your child need to change, and the sunny weather can spoil the rain.
  3. A banquet in the cafe is considered the best option for celebrating the graduation. Usually, two rooms are rented: one is for parents, and the other for children. Registration, date and time of the event are agreed in advance. In the cafe is to invite the animators - they will play with the children, giving parents a bit of free time.

Various tricks, soap bubbles show, funny clowns, outdoor games - this will be the best graduation for your child.

It is important to take into account

Organizing a graduation in kindergarten, you need to pay attention to small things. Event organizers, methodologists, stylists and parents themselves advise:

  • Thoroughly think over the outfit of the child. The girl needs to choose a beautiful, magnificent and at the same time comfortable dress. The boy does not need to wear a jacket, since he will interfere during active games.
  • To decorate the room of the group and the banquet hall is best in advance, and leave the holiday for other matters.
  • Being in different halls with children, it is necessary to check how they conduct themselves, whether competitions are safe, whether there are enough drinks and sweets.

  • The responsibilities of parents should be distributed: some are engaged in the table, others - purchases of presents, and others - design of the hall.
  • Baby and adult menus need to be coordinated, the elementary reason for disagreements is an allergy to some products.
  • Preschoolers need to be allowed to sit down the way they want.

Taking into account all the details, carefully thought out the script and design of the hall, choosing the right gifts, you will make the graduation child the best in the world.

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