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Each residential building has its own unique energy. If this energy is harmoniously combined with the vital energy of the people living in it, in their destiny everything develops safely. The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui is designed to organize the space in such a way as to neutralize the destructive energy of the sha and to activate the flow of positive qi energy.

The problem of harmonization of energy flows is especially relevant for residents of modern high-rise buildings, small apartments in which are entangled by a whole network of all kinds of wires and communications.

A favorable feng shui apartment is also important for the normal life of a person, like air, food and sunlight, because with its help you can improve both the quantity and quality of qi energy.

Learn more about the concept of qi in feng shui and life:

A man instinctively lacks this energy outside the walls of his apartment, the longer one is lingering at work or in a company of friends, going on nature or wandering around the shops.

Using a whole arsenal of special tools of feng shui, you can achieve an additional influx of positive energy, as well as neutralization of negative energy. This goal can be achieved with the help of mirrors, special screens, bells, mobile phones and live pictures.

Feng Shui apartments on the sides of the world

  1. To orient the apartment around the world, it is necessary to get a compass and first of all to determine which side is the north: this will become the beginning of the layout of the room. However, in modern apartments, the compass can behave unpredictably: the fact is that the metal armaments contained in the walls of the room can influence the readings of its needle and, by determining the directions in different rooms, one can get a very contradictory picture.
  2. You can simplify the task with the help of maps on the Internet. It is enough to find your house on the services of online maps( in Yandex or Google) and determine its location in relation to parts of the world. Schematically, the sides of the world on the map are located as follows: at the top - north, at the bottom - south, on the right side - east, on the left - west. Intermediate directions are as follows: in the upper right corner - north-east, in the right bottom corner - south-east. In the upper left corner - north-west, in the lower left corner - south-west.
  3. Taking the plan of the apartment, determine its center: it will be located at the intersection of diagonals, if the room has the form of a regular rectangle. If the layout of the apartment has an irregular shape, you should finish the missing part of the correct rectangle, and then find the center by drawing a diagonal on the corrected plan.
  4. Next, the layout of the apartment( true or corrected) should be divided into nine equal rectangles( or squares), dividing the opposite sides of the plan into three identical parts and drawing straight lines through the marked points.
  5. Now the plan of the flat marked in the above way should be checked with the Yandex card in order to determine the angle of the apartment's rotation relative to the AB axis( where A is the center of the plan and B is the north).This angle will indicate the true orientation of the apartment relative to the parts of the world.

View the video, how to make the layout of the apartment by Feng Shui:

Feng Shui apartments: how to define the zones

To divide the entire area of ​​the dwelling into conditional zones, as required by the feng shui apartment, you can use the magic square( square Lo-shu) or the Bagua grid.

What is the Bagua Mesh?

According to an ancient legend, this net was traced by the gods on the armor of a huge turtle. Decipher the essence of the mysterious trigrams on each side of the regular octagon was succeeded only by the great sage Fu Xi almost two thousand years ago.

The practice of feng shui claims that all events of human life can be conditionally reduced to nine life categories. Collected in a strictly defined order, they constitute a symbol( or grid) of Bagua. Each of the nine zones has the same value, corresponds to a certain area of ​​life and is responsible for health, love, career, etc.
  • By imposing the Bagua grid on the marked out plan of the apartment, you can determine the location of certain zones in different parts of it, as well as theirinfluence on the behavior and health status of its inhabitants. First of all determine the Career Zone: you can do this by aligning the north on the Yandex-map and the north on the apartment plan.

  • Guided by the compass directions of the map and the Bagua grid, you can easily determine the location of the remaining eight zones.
  • In apartments that are irregularly shaped, the presence of south-western and south-eastern zones is desirable, but sometimes this is not possible.
If a particular area of ​​the Bagua grid is not on the floor plan of the apartment, falling out of it, this absence can be harmonized by strengthening the sector in the living room by overlaying the layout of this room and determining the location of the missing sector in a particular room.
  • When determining areas of a dwelling, it should be noted that the apartment plan should fit in the square, regardless of the configuration of this room. In the case of using the Bagua grid, which has the shape of an octagon, its sides must be extended to the shape of a square: this will facilitate the identification of missing zones.

Feng Shui apartments: front door

The entrance door plays a big role in the process of circulation of vital energy, because it is she who gives access to the house to this life-giving force.

  • The area in front of the entrance to the house must be open and large enough so that the beneficial energy can accumulate on it, and the unencumbered entrance door must open unhindered, letting in the flow of accumulated energy. The process of accumulating energy before the entrance door occurs continuously, and the flow is caused by people entering and leaving the room.
In order for vital energy to enter the house in a wide flow, the entrance door must open into the room. If this is not the case, you can hang the door on the other side, previously moving the door hinges to it.
  • The front door protecting the apartment must be solid and reliable. Feng Shui does not recommend the use of a glass door as an input.
  • The size of the front door is of no small importance, since its too large size will be a source of financial problems, and an excessively small door can provoke quarrels and conflicts among household members. The best option is the entrance door of medium size.
  • In order not to block the flow of beneficial qi energy, the front door must open without any difficulty. Skewed and creaking entrance doors, blocking access to a flow of positive energy, can provoke adverse consequences( both for the inhabitants of the apartment and for the dwelling itself).
The entrance door should be beautiful, because along with the beauty of the design of the entrance to the life of all households, harmony, prosperity and success will enter. The use of Feng Shui symbols before entering the house will prevent the penetration of negative energy.
  • Since the entrance door in the practice of Feng Shui is called the "Qi Gate", it is necessary to take into account some relationship between its direction and the direction of the flow of qi energy penetrating into the room. From this aspect, the relationships within the family and the life achievements of each of its members also largely depend. Using the technique of the "compass method"( by means of which we divided the space of the apartment into zones), it is easy to determine which source of energy is the entrance door of your apartment.
  • The color in which the entrance door to the room is painted can also exert a strong enough influence on the fate of its inhabitants. The door of the brown color brings harmony into family relationships, and shades of red stabilize them.

Feng Shui experts recommend choosing the color for the entrance door, according to the side of the light it goes to:

  1. Doors facing south can be painted with red or green paint( yellow and brown are also acceptable).
  2. Black, blue or green colors are suitable for oriental doors.
  3. Doors of the northern orientation can be painted white, black or blue( but brown or green for them are contraindicated).
  4. Doors facing west can be painted with metallic paint. Very impressive will be the doors painted in white with light shades of gold or silver.
  • If the door of your apartment is unsuccessful( from the point of view of experts in feng shui) and you are not able to make your own adjustments to the layout of the room, you can try to fix the situation with the help of symbolic attributes.

It can be a horseshoe, suspended upside down, "wind music", having 7 to 9 tubes or several bundles of Chinese coins. And if you hang a small crystal ball at the door( under the ceiling of the hallway), he will take on the role of a converter of negative energy into a positive one and, in passing, will dissipate it.

Feng Shui rules for the apartment

In order to harmonize the flow of positive energy in your home, it is not enough to activate the zones in it, in accordance with the Bagua grid. There are simple rules, observing which, you can achieve complete harmony with the surrounding reality.

  • One of the basic requirements of feng shui is the maintaining the cleanliness and order in each of the living rooms of the , as this is directly related to the state of the souls of the people living in them.
    It is forbidden to store unnecessary trash in front of the apartment by the rules of feng shui, as it attracts a stream of destructive energy.
    For the same reason, there should not be any brooms, rags, mops and dirty shoes in the hallway. The content of the front door in a neat condition will save the house from the influence of evil forces, and its strength and reliability - from the penetration of thieves.

Feng Shui attaches great importance to the size and cleanliness of the windows( the "eye of the house").If they are large - it is very good for penetration of sunlight and circulation of beneficial qi energy inside the premises. Dust and dirt on the window panes indicate the accumulation of negative energy, you can get rid of it by regularly washing them.

On the windows there should be no grids, no heavy curtains, no blinds - nothing that can prevent the arrival of a life-giving energy flow into the house.

It is equally unacceptable to block up the window sills with a large number of flower pots: this can also create obstacles to free circulation of qi energy. A mistress can confine herself to a pair of beautiful and healthy plants. Exceptions are only cacti: in no case should they be placed near the window.

  • Another important rule of the practice of feng shui is the creation of conditions for the unhindered circulation of the life-giving qi energy throughout the apartment. You can do this by regularly releasing your home from unnecessary things .
Old and broken items that have disappeared have the ability to accumulate negative energy around themselves, so from time to time you need to put things in order in cabinets, on kitchen shelves, in drawers of desks and chests of drawers.

No regrets should be left with the accumulated trash in them( especially with dozens of empty glass jars, years of dusting on the mezzanines) and expired products.

In the home medicine chest and personal cosmetic bag, too often accumulates a mass of expired drugs and cosmetics, getting rid of which you improve the situation of their own housing.

  • Periodic rearrangement of objects in the rooms( on the deep belief of the Chinese) is able to prevent the stagnation of qi energy. Moving furniture at the same time is not necessary: ​​it is enough to change the location of twenty-seven items in the apartment: for example, change the place of a vase and a frame for photographs or put a banquet to the opposite wall.
Owners of home libraries should take into account that a large number of books attracts negative energy. It can be dispersed, from time to time rearranging the books on the shelves and wiping them with a cloth moistened with a solution of ordinary salt, which is capable of destroying mental pollution.
  • Positive energy in the apartment necessarily requires an ideal condition of plumbing and impeccable cleanliness in the bathroom and toilet rooms, because this is the most unfavorable zone in the whole apartment.

Do you want money in your wallet? Then do not forget to close the toilet lid and the door to the toilet.

The leakage of the flush tank or the faucet must be immediately rectified, as this malfunction is capable of provoking an outflow of well-being and cash.
  • Bright lighting attracts positive energy, therefore the apartment should be brightly lit by .Burnt out bulbs should be replaced immediately with new ones.
  • Periodic use of aromatic lamps and candles contributes to the enhancement of positive energy.

Feng Shui apartments: wealth zone

  • The wealth zone should be located in the south-eastern part of the dwelling. Its main element is a tree, therefore for the activation of this zone, wooden objects are necessarily used. The design of this corner of the apartment should be maintained in green, dark blue, black and purple tones.
  • The wealth zone is furnished with wooden furniture and indoor plants, the most popular of which is a peasant( "money tree").Instead of a living plant, the wealth zone can be emphasized by a souvenir imitating a tree made of coins.
  • Decorating the wealth sector, you can use photos with sumptuous landscapes and lush vegetation. Types of deserts are categorically unacceptable.
In the wealth zone, it is appropriate to have a fountain symbolizing abundance( or a picture with its image).A viable alternative to a fountain may be an aquarium with goldfish floating in it.
  • Activating the wealth zone, it is necessary to place in it several traditional symbols of abundance. Most often, a figure of a money frog holding gold coins in his mouth is chosen for this. Her head must necessarily be directed inside the room, so that a feeling arises that the frog jumped from the outside, bringing prosperity to the house. Formulating the wealth sector, you should show a sense of proportion and do not overload it with a lot of traditional Chinese symbols.
  • In this corner of the apartment you can put a hieroglyph of wealth and a bunch of Chinese coins tied with a red lace.

Feng Shui Apartment Number

Numerology is one of the tools used by Feng Shui experts to attract prosperity and success to the destiny of a person. The practice of feng shui claims that even the apartment number can influence its owner.

To determine the apartment number by Feng Shui, in turn, add up all the figures that make up the address of the person of interest. The resulting single-digit number is considered to be the apartment number for Feng Shui.

This number creates certain vibrations, which have a specific effect on the fate of people living in this apartment.

We will not dwell on the characteristics of each number, since this information can be easily found on the Internet. We only note that owners of private houses can also use this method to determine the number of their homes.

Feng Shui in a one-room apartment

It is not easy to observe all the requirements of feng shui in a small apartment, but something is possible:

  1. Getting rid of junk, you can ensure free circulation of qi energy. All general cleaning should be carried out during the period of the Moon's decay.
  2. Regularly conduct energy cleaning of the room, performing its fumigation with fragrant sticks, a candle or a bunch of grass. Such cleaning should be done after each spring cleaning. After fumigation, do not forget to take a cold shower to wash off the negative energy that has settled down.
  3. The use of oriental or Slavic amulets and amulets will allow to fix the result.
  4. Guided by your interests, determine the most relevant zones for you and activate them using the recommendations given in the previous sections of the article.
  5. Use the screen to zoning the room.
  6. Try to use every meter of useful space rationally, without cluttering it with unnecessary trash.
  7. The hostile elements of water and fire in a small kitchen are separated with a wooden partition.
  8. Every day, ventilate the apartment, without allowing drafts, which can disperse the positive energy.

Color of the apartment by Feng Shui

The correct feng shui of the apartment is unthinkable without a properly chosen color scheme.

  • The color design of living spaces, divided into zones, according to the requirements of feng shui, of course, should match the coloring of sectors on the Bagua grid, but you must also follow your own taste.
  • If you do not like this or that color, do not use it. Do not tolerate bright colors - choose shades and semitones.
  • Choose the coloring of walls in the rooms, based on their purpose, mood and associations, with which each color is associated.

How are feng shui colors interpreted?

  • Red: exciting, pushes to physical activity.
  • Yellow: stimulating the intellect, is associated with wisdom.
  • Orange: removing stiffness, is a success.
  • Blue: relaxing, encourages reflection.
  • Pink: Delicately calls for a romantic relationship.
  • Violet: activating intuition, soothes.

Picking up the color scheme for Feng Shui, sometimes you can limit the arrangement of only the color accents( in the form of a modest lamp, pillows or a beautiful picture on the wall), more reliant on your own intuition. It does not necessarily radically repaint all the premises in the apartment.

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