When and how to plant strawberries in the ground

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There are many ways of planting strawberries, and each of them deserves a separateattention. Before choosing the most suitable option, you should find out when and how you can plant strawberries so that it yields a rich harvest in late spring or early summer.

What determines the timing?

The planting of strawberries can be done in spring, summer or autumn. Time is chosen based on climatic conditions of the terrain, weather and other factors. Most often this is May, mid-July or the end of August. In these periods, as a rule, there is no strong heat, due to which the plant is perfectly rooted and gives a good harvest for the next year.

Time is also chosen depending on the type of plant root system. Seedlings with open roots should be used in the spring, at the latest - in the middle of summer. Seedlings with a closed system - throughout the year.

In the next few weeks after planting, it is necessary to regularly water strawberries and also feed it with organic or mineral fertilizers. Most often for this purpose use humus, manure, potassium and nitrogen fertilizers.

Spring season

Planting strawberries in the spring - at its very beginning - allows the bushes to develop much better and faster than if it were carried out in a later period. This event can be started as soon as warm sunny weather sets in and there will be an opportunity to make field work.

When planting seedlings in spring, it is necessary to correctly calculate the period of its implementation. If this process is delayed, the seedlings may die.
Planting should be done before the heat. As a rule, the best period is at the end of April and the beginning of May.

Autumn period

Some experienced gardeners prefer to work with strawberries in autumn or late summer. The best time to plant is the period from August 15 to September 20.In the time remaining until the onset of frost, the plants will have time to start and will be strong enough to give a good harvest for the next year.

Before work, it is necessary to moisten the soil well, filling it with plenty of clean and warm water. For this purpose, you can use an ordinary garden watering can or hose.

Autumn planting of strawberries - video

Several important rules of

Before planting strawberries in spring or autumn, it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • About a month before the beginning of field work, the land should be disinfected. For this purpose, special chemicals are used to prevent the development of strawberry diseases such as gray mold, powdery mildew, etc.
  • Saplings should be stored in a plastic bag or in a container filled with a small amount of pure water( approximately 100 ml).
The land is thoroughly cleaned from the roots of plants, weeds, as they can cause considerable damage to the strawberry during the fruiting process. It is desirable, that on the ground earlier did not grow solanaceous cultures. In no case should you use those plots of land where potatoes were grown earlier.
  • If, after planting strawberries in the ground, there is a risk of a significant drop in air temperature, the seedlings should be protected with a polyethylene film.
  • When selecting seedlings, pay attention to the root system. It should have been well developed. In addition, carefully inspect the leaves, which should not be affected by any disease( for example, brown or white patches).The leaves of the seedlings must necessarily be even and healthy.
  • When planting strawberries, it is necessary to spread the roots so that they are not wrapped.
  • Saplings are best planted in a soil that contains peat and sand.

Many people are interested in planting strawberries. For this purpose, the place where onions, garlic, marigolds, petunias, dill, beans or grains previously grew. In this case, the seedlings will be provided with the necessary microelements for nutrition. As a result, the harvest will be large and abundant.

Where else can you plant strawberries? To obtain a good harvest, experienced gardeners are advised to give preference to shaded and well-ventilated places. For example, the ideal option will be a site near the garden.

Selection of strawberry

You can obtain quality material for planting using the following methods:

  • Buy seedlings from a trusted supplier. It is recommended that you select elite varieties of plants with a closed root system( in cups).Pick up should be a bush with two or three well-developed leaves and roots, the length of which does not exceed 5 cm. If the plant already has peduncles, they must be removed.
  • Self-grow seedlings from seeds. Excellent yields are given by the following varieties: Yellow miracle, Sashenka, Baron Solemaher, Fresco and Moscow delicacy. Usually the seeds are sown in early March. For their germination, light is necessary. With artificial lighting, seeds can be sown already in January.
  • Transplant on the previously prepared land of antennae, taken from other bushes of strawberries.
  • Carry out the division of bushes. This method is suitable if the strawberry does not form the antennae.

Preparatory work for

Before starting to plant strawberries in spring or autumn, the following set of measures is carried out:

  • We carefully weed the soil, removing it from the roots of weeds and the remains of various plants.
  • Organic fertilizers are applied to the soil. Most often use chicken manure, reparted manure, wood ash or humus.
  • Prepare the wells and fill them with water. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the liquid does not shift the previously introduced fertilizers, since in this case they will not be available to the root system of plants for a long time.

Only after carrying out all the above actions, you can proceed to plant strawberry bushes. When planning this event in spring, preliminary preparation of the land plot is recommended to be carried out at the end of summer. Accordingly, if the work is planned for the fall, the site is prepared in the spring.

Types of planting strawberries

There are 2 main varieties:

  • Traditional.
    This option promotes harvesting for the next 3-4 years.
    After this period, the strawberry completely "degenerates" and ceases to yield. Therefore, the berries are transplanted to another place. Please note that the most suitable time for planting strawberries with this method is spring.
  • Natural agrotechnical. It includes special care for strawberries and constant top dressing. As a result, a good harvest can be obtained on the same site for 7-8 years.

Traditionally, the planting of strawberries in the ground is carried out by bands consisting of two rows. In addition, it can be produced by wide beds, on which strawberry bushes are placed in checkerboard pattern.

With the agrotechnical method, beds are made, which should be placed from the north to the south. Between the seedlings leave an indentation, which at first sight may seem too broad. However, it should be remembered that the bushes will grow in the next 5-8 years and eventually take up all the free space.

Parameters of beds

Let's take a closer look at the distance to plant strawberries. This point is important enough, because if you leave too little space between the seedlings, they will have nowhere to grow. On the other hand, if you take too much space for them, most of the land will be wasted.

  • When planting strawberries in rows make between the seedlings intervals of 15-25 cm between the rows leave a distance of 40-60 cm
If you use beds 1 m wide, the strawberries are planted in staggered order so that between the bush left 50 cm between the beds themselves makewidths of 50 cm.
  • With the agrotechnical method, rows of 50 cm in width are made. There should be a distance of at least 50 cm between them. The bushes of plants are planted in a row, leaving an indentation of 50 cm between them.


To get goodits harvest of berries requires the correct planting of strawberries. Before the procedure, prepare the seedlings:

  • If the strawberry is in a plastic pot or a glass, it should be poured an hour before the work is done.
  • If plants with an open root system are planned to be used, they should be lowered for 10 hours in a solution of HB-101( 3 drops of the drug are taken per 1 liter of water).
If the seedlings are in peat pots, it should be immersed in water for 30 seconds.

Now consider how to plant a strawberry properly:

  • After preparing the seedlings, it is necessary to prune the roots so that their length does not exceed 10 cm. This is required to prevent the root system from wrapping.
  • Before starting work you need to dig holes up to 25 cm deep. At the bottom form a small and accurate mound, which is planted with a seedling, while ensuring that the root system does not bend. She should descend smoothly on the slopes of the mound.
  • After planting the soil, the soil should be well moistened with water, pour 0.5 l of HB-101 solution under each bush( 1 to 2 drops of drug per liter of clean water).
  • The surface of the ground after performing all the operations is mulched with a thin layer of compost. Then the plants are covered with a thin cover material for 14 days. This is necessary in order to create a greenhouse effect and prevent the seedlings from drying out.

Features of correct planting of strawberries - video lessons

Please note, strawberries should be watered and weeded regularly from weeds. The best time for watering is considered to be the morning hours. In this case, the soil at the roots of the plant dries up only in the evening. Of all the techniques of irrigation, sprinkling is often used.

Thus, the time when you can plant strawberries, directly depends on the type of root system of seedlings, climatic features of the region, personal preferences of the owner of the garden plot. If seedlings have a closed root system, planting can be done at any time of the year, if open - in the spring. Before work, it is necessary to properly prepare the plot of land, so that the berries yield a good harvest.

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