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  • How to choose the shape of the eyebrows by the type of face?
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Which girl does not dream of an ideal make-up? Beautiful thick eyebrows - one of its most important components. They emphasize the eyes and make the look more expressive and profound. What is it, the perfect shape of the eyebrows? How to choose the right shape of eyebrows for different types of face? We share secrets in our article.

Fashionable eyebrow shape

The desire to always be in a trend makes you follow fashion not only in the wardrobe, but also in make-up. The exception was not and the eyebrows. The fashionable shape of the eyebrows is, first of all, natural, natural contours, supplemented by a healthy density and natural shine.

The fashion trend of the last few years - a broad, thick eyebrows, with carefully combed growth of hairs. They undoubtedly add to the face of femininity and sensuality.

To emphasize the natural density, you can use special shade shades or a cosmetic pencil. Beautifully lay and fix the hairs will help a special gel or wax for styling.

In order to maintain the ideal shape of the eyebrows, regular and regular care is required:

  • Daily combing in different directions with a special comb.
  • Masks made from olive, burdock or castor oil, which make each hair thicker and strengthen bulbs. Make such a mask is recommended every other day, at least once a week.
Removing makeup before bedtime is a must. Pencil, shadows and other cosmetics, although considered harmless, do not carry the benefits of hairs.

If the density of the hairs is not enough, this is no reason to abandon the fashion trend. To date, there are many different ways to solve such a problem.

  • To activate the growth of hairs will help modern means, widespread in the market. The mechanism of their action consists in the "awakening" of sleeping hair follicles.
  • An alternative method can be a daily mask of alcohol tincture of red pepper. Apply it with a cotton swab directly on the skin. The layer must be very thin, so that the liquid does not spread and does not hit the eyes. Tincture causes the flow of blood to the site of application. As a result, hair follicles get extra nutrition from the inside. Using tincture, you should be ready for burning and a little redness.
  • You can also increase the density of eyebrows with the help of augmentation. During this salon procedure, the hairs are glued directly to the skin or to the existing thin hairs. The result lasts about two weeks.
  • Long-term and fast alternative - permanent make-up. Modern
    techniques in the form of hair or tone tattoo will help to maximize the result to a natural look.

The main idea of ​​the fashionable shape of the eyebrows is smooth, soft lines with minimal bending. Brightly drawn, "dense" eyebrows remained in the past. Contours should be smoky and gentle. This does not mean that you need to get rid of tweezers. To the edges do not turn into sloppy, you need to adjust their shape.

What kind of eyebrows are there?

The fashion for the shape of the eyebrows is constantly changing and it is extremely important not just to follow the trends, but to choose the shape that will harmoniously blend with the rest of the features.

For the eyebrows distinguish such basic forms:

  1. S-shaped - very complex bending. Make a beautiful shape can only be a real professional. Undoubtedly, these eyebrows look very sexy and elegant.
  2. "House" - have a very sharp break in the middle, which gives the look of some kind of openness and coquetry.
  3. With a break - have a smooth, ascending line. The outer tail is usually much thinner than the inside.
  4. Arcs - have a very smooth bend in the middle, without forming an angle.
  5. Horizontal - straight line without bending.
  6. Ascending - they have a form without bending, the tail tends upwards.
The natural shape of the eyebrows can be changed by correction, staining or permanent make-up.
It should be borne in mind that if you make arcs out of straight lines by nature, then they will look unnatural.

How to choose the shape of the eyebrows by the type of face?

To properly choose the shape of the eyebrows, first we will determine what types of face exist and what is characteristic for them:

  • oval - correct, with the widest part - cheekbones, and the chin and forehead are slightly narrowed;
  • round - the width and height of the face are approximately the same, the contours are smooth, the chin is rounded;
  • rectangular - forehead, cheekbones and cheeks are approximately the same, jaw with angular edges;
  • triangular - the forehead is much wider than the lower part of the face, the pointed chin;
  • in the form of heart - an oval face with a pronounced, elongated chin.

The make-up artist will help you choose the right eyebrow shape by the face type, however, knowing the basic rules, you can do it at home.

The correct form of eyebrows for the oval face

Not for nothing that such an oval face is called ideal. What shape does the eyebrow fit for the oval face? Any! There can be only one restriction for the oval face: too wide, straight eyebrows. They can visually shorten the face and make the features coarse and stiff.

The following options will look good:

  1. The horizontal shape of the eyebrows slightly smoothes out the elongation of the oval face and visually makes it rounder. To make the look not look gloomy, the inside should not be too low. Eyebrows should be located strictly symmetrical. To make this shape, you need to remove several hairs at the bend.
  2. Arc lines can soften sharp features. It is necessary to carefully balance the ratio of length and thickness, as well as the height of the bend. Of course, if the arch is initially low, it can not be made much higher.
  3. Lines with a kink make the look romantic and feminine. When creating a break, it is very important not to overdo it and make it soft. Too sharp angle can make from the open look very hard and even spiteful.

Form correction starts with determining the correct length. This will require a long pencil. One end of it is applied to the wing of the nose, and the other to the inner corner of the eye. The intersection of the pencil with the eyebrow will indicate where the beginning should be.

To determine the end of the tail of the eyebrow, the pencil is applied from the nostril to the outer corner of the eye.

Eyebrow shape for round face

A lot of reasoning can be found on the subject of what shape of eyebrows fits a round face. The main task is to visually draw a round face and bring it closer to the oval, so the not too wide eyebrows of such forms will fit:

  1. Lines with a noticeable, pronounced kink. To create them, you can pull a few hairs on top of the inside corner and over the tail. Thus, it will be possible to increase the bend if it is not large by nature. It is important to have a sense of proportion not to turn a bend into an acute angle.
  2. Rising lines with a wide base, a sharp angle of rise and a thin tail. If by nature the tail is significantly omitted, it should be plucked. In this case, it is important to keep the length, so as not to get short fat commas. If necessary, the tail can be tinted with a pencil or with henna.

For a round person, wide straight lines are not strictly suitable, as they will make the face visually even more voluminous. Not recommended and high arcs, repeating the roundness of the face.

The shape of the eyebrows for a square face

The rigid lines of a square face should necessarily be diluted with soft, arcuate lines.

The bend angle must be sharp, high up. Ideally, if the fracture is closer to the outer corner of the eye or above its middle.

Lines should not be short. It is allowed that the tail is slightly longer than recommended for other types of face.

The width should be average and greater. Do not allow too thin arcs. Wide, straight lines can visually expand the face and make it somewhat rectangular and coarse. Therefore, it is better to abandon them.

Eyebrow shape for a triangular face

The main task in the case of a triangular face is to make the top part visually already, therefore it is better to abandon long lines.

Ideally, the eyebrows will look s-shaped. To create them, you need the appropriate initial data - a natural enough bend in the middle, a good density of hairs.

  1. First of all, we work out a break. To do this, remove the tweezers in the inner part of the fracture, creating a noticeable angle.
  2. Above the inner part from above we remove a few hairs to create an easy, graceful deflection.
  3. To visually wrap the tail inward, remove the hairs above its tip. It is extremely important to make everything symmetrical, so you should first outline the point at which there will be a break, as well as the beginning and end of the arc.

The second option for a triangular face is not too long eyebrows with a natural curve. The optimal width will be one centimeter. The thickness should gradually decrease to the tail.

Eyebrow shape for a heart-shaped heart

The right eyebrows for a heart-shaped face should visually balance the width of the forehead and chin. With this task will help to cope uplink.

  • If by nature the eyebrows have a fracture, you should make a smooth arc or bend in the direction up. To lower the tails down is strictly not recommended: it will emphasize too wide a forehead and cheekbones.
  • For straight lines, a simple correction is required. First, you should lower the inner part a little, removing a few hairs from above. The second stage is raising the tail. Starting from the middle of the arc, we remove the hairs towards the outer edge. The tail should be thin and tending to the temples.

Holders of a person in the form of the heart should not give excessive thickness to the eyebrows, as this will visually weight the forehead and highlight shortcomings.

Forms of eyebrows for elongated and trapezoidal face

In addition to the basic, also allocate an elongated and trapezoidal shape of the face. The eyes play a special role in correcting the oval. In this case, choose the shape of the eyebrows should be strictly according to the type of person.

  • For an elongated face, straight, wide eyebrows will work best. They should not be located close to each other. To maximize the face, you can remove the hairs from the bridge of the nose. The tail should not be made too thin.
  • Another option for such a person is the uplink. To soften the look, you can add a small bend. High fractures and arcs are not recommended.

For a trapezoid face, chubby cheeks, massive wide chin and jaw are characteristic. The main task in this case is to balance the upper and lower parts of the face:

  • Eyebrows with this type of face should be well painted, have a sufficient density and a clear shape. It is best to give preference to wide and long lines.
  • The break depends on the features of your face: for a soft bend is suitable, and for clearer ones - light, barely noticeable. Thus, massive eyebrows visually make the upper part of the face wider.

To maintain a healthy appearance and shape of the eyebrows, you should treat them carefully and carefully. Correction should be trusted professionals. Stains do not need to be performed more often than once every three weeks. It is important to choose only high-quality dyes.

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