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Each of usdreams of a smart figure with no extra centimeters and cellulite. To exhaust yourself with diets and daily trips to the fitness club is not desirable for everyone, so many women lose weight with the help of wraps. Today, there are many types of wraps, differing in the components of masks, however, to achieve the desired result, each of them provides for the use of food film.

Body wrapping with slimming film

Wrapping food film is one way to improve the lines of your own body. Without changing the way of life, it is unlikely to achieve stunning results thanks to this method, however, correcting the figure and improving the appearance of the skin are quite real results.

The use of food film creates a certain greenhouse effect, which leads to increased sweating and, accordingly, weight reduction. During the procedure, it improves blood circulation, which means that the skin on the problem areas becomes more taut and elastic. After a few procedures, women notice a decrease in volume by several centimeters, as well as a decrease in cellulite.

However, with all the positive qualities, wrapping the food film can lead to some problems, especially if the usage is too frequent and prolonged. Some dehydration of the body during the procedure can cause problems with the kidneys and pancreas. Therefore, diabetes, metabolic disorders, varicose veins - the main contraindications to this method of weight loss.

Wrap at home

Today, wrapping with slimming film is very popular not only because of the positive results, but also due to the simplicity of this procedure. For its carrying out it is not obligatory to address in interior - wrapping it is possible to spend and houses.

For carrying out the procedure for wrapping the house you will need a food film, a warm blanket, a body scrub, an anti-cellulite cream and certain components, depending on the type of procedure chosen. It can be honey, mustard, seaweed, clay and many other useful products.

It is very important during the procedure not to walk around the apartment and do not do household chores. After wrapping the film, it's best to lie down, after spending time reading a book or watching a movie.

Anti-cellulite wrap at home

For the fight against cellulite in the home environment, wraps are actively used. They can be very different depending on the preferences of a woman.

The most popular are anti-cellulite wraps based on blue clay and a mixture of honey and milk. Honey can also be mixed with egg yolk, adding various essential oils. Useful in the fight against cellulite will be green tea and coffee grounds.

Among the variants of anti-cellulite wrapping is also called the use of algae, raw potatoes, fat-free cottage cheese. These products are not so convenient to use, but they have a very positive effect on the skin in problem areas.

An anti-cellulite wrap with pepper is considered effective, but this method can not be used if the skin is too sensitive or prone to allergies. At the first signs of cellulite, many cosmeticians advise wraps with grape juice, which help smooth the skin and improve its tone.

Honey body wrap for slimming

A honey wrap is a pleasant and effective method of getting rid of excess weight. This procedure not only promotes weight loss, but also improves the condition of the whole body, will give the skin a healthy appearance. It is proved that wrapping with honey stimulates metabolic processes in skin cells - lipolysis - the process of splitting fats into constituent fatty acids. Due to this, extra pounds are lost, slags and toxins are removed from the body, the body contours are strengthened. In addition, honey nourishes, moisturizes and softens the skin, has an antimicrobial and restoring effect. As a result, the skin after the honey wrap becomes soft and smooth.

However, the honey wrap is not suitable for everyone, there are some contraindications. You can not do this procedure with gynecological diseases, fungal skin lesions, varicose veins, and also in the presence of allergic reactions to honey.

Honey-mustard wrap

In addition to the usual honey wraps, the wrapping with mustard and honey is also actively used. The procedure can be repeated daily during the first week and once in 2 days during the following month. After regular honey-mustard wrapping, the volume of the problem area should be reduced by 3-4 centimeters.

For honey-mustard wrapping it is necessary to mix the same amount of honey and mustard powder. If the honey is too thick, it is better to dilute mustard powder with a small amount of water. An orange essential oil can also be added to the resulting mixture.

Honey-mustard wrap is not recommended for individual intolerance to honey or mustard, cardiovascular disease and varicose veins. Pregnancy, lactation and too sensitive skin are also contraindications to this procedure. In case of various wounds or rashes, the wrapping should be postponed.

Honey wrap at home

Before carrying out honey wrapping at home, it is recommended to take a shower, steaming the skin to redness. This will enhance the effect of the procedure.

For "classical" honey wraps, use fresh honey, slightly warmed to room temperature, which is applied to the problem areas of the legs, buttocks and abdomen. The layer of applied honey should not be too thick and drip off. The place of application of honey is wrapped with food polyethylene film and wrapped in a blanket. You can also get under the blanket, include pleasant music and drink green tea. Lying with a honey wrap for losing weight at home can be from one hour to five.

Occupation with household chores in a honey wrap will further warm up the body, thereby maximizing the effect of the procedure. Wash the applied honey with warm water, after which a 15-minute contrast shower is recommended.

Mustard wrap for slimming

Is actively used for weight loss mustard wrap, which can be held in the salon or at home. Mustard is considered an excellent tool in the struggle for a beautiful figure. Upon contact with the skin, it promotes excellent softening and careful removal of the upper layer of keratinized cells. This makes the skin silky and smooth.

In addition, wrapping with mustard also gives a thermal effect that improves metabolic processes in skin cells and throughout the body as a whole. This wrapping helps to remove unnecessary liquid from the body and get rid of fatty shine. All these results in general lead to a correction of the figure.

To create mixtures for mustard wraps, there are several recipes in which ordinary mustard powder is mixed with fatty sour cream, olive oil or milk and starch. Regardless of the selected recipe, the duration of the procedure should not exceed 20 minutes.

Hot wrap

From the name of this procedure it becomes clear that exposure to the skin and the body as a whole is due to a rise in temperature. However, the temperature should not be too high to avoid burns, the optimum option is 38 degrees.

Carrying out a hot wrap helps to expand the blood vessels, which means better circulation. This in turn leads to the splitting of fat cells, the opening of pores, the improvement of all metabolic processes.

Before the hot wrapping procedure, the body is heated in a sauna or a bath, but you can also use a bath for this purpose. After cleansing the skin with a scrub, apply a mask on the body. It can be made on the basis of chocolate, honey, algae, sea mud or clay with the addition of other different components. After applying the mask, the body is wrapped in film and waiting 40 minutes. Then the mask is washed in the shower, and anti-cellulite cream is applied to the problem areas.

Algal wrap

This type of wrap is popular with many women due to the beneficial properties of algae. The content of iodine, magnesium, potassium, sulfur and other substances in them ensures a positive effect of algae on the body. In addition, seawater contained in algae improves metabolism and contributes to the release of excess tissue fluid. This leads to an increase in the tone and elasticity of the skin, improve the appearance, reduce cellulite.

The algal wrap can be cold or hot. For both types of procedures, the algae is soaked in water: 2-3 hours at a temperature of 18-20 degrees for cold wrapping and 30 minutes at a temperature of 36-38 degrees for hot wrapping.

Cold seaweed wraps are most often designed for a specific area of ​​the body. They contribute to reducing swelling, improving the outflow of lymphatic fluid, reducing the feeling of fatigue.

Hot seaweed wraps activate blood circulation and stimulate the process of fat splitting. This is a great way to combat cellulite and various forms of obesity.

Each of these types of wraps, of course, has its advantages and can be used to lose weight and fight cellulite. Adhere to the recommendations, do the procedure of wrapping regularly, and the result will definitely not keep you waiting!

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