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Puppet make-up is beautiful, impeccable, bright and very popular. Look like a recognized beauty Barbie or a porcelain doll, once every girl dreamed. Thanks to modern cosmetics, any girl can fulfill the desire. We learn all the secrets of the makeup of Barbie, to try on a new interesting image!

Features of puppet make-up

There are different dolls, so make-up can be done in different techniques, using a unique color palette. There are two kinds of doll makeup:

  • Barbie. This character has an adult face, and this underlines the makeup. Multilayered shadows on the eyelids, a seductive cut of the eyes, necessarily bright lips. This is a real woman in the prime of her beauty: bold, charming, alluring and fatal.
  • Porcelain pupa. At this young lady, on the contrary, the face is underlined childish, pretty. Therefore, the technique of makeup is different. Its main goal is to make the eyes childishly large, expressive and emphasize a healthy blush. This style of applying cosmetics is close to the Japanese anime.

Both methods are suitable, rather, for festive events, than for everyday output. This image is not exactly called business. But dressing up for a party, a festival, a graduation party or a photo shoot is a great original idea.

Think about the whole image. Allow enough time for hair styling and wardrobe selection. Make-up must necessarily correspond to these elements of the image. Browse the photos of the dolls on the Internet, select the ones you like and embody the desired. You can try to repeat the appearance of your favorite doll, which has remained since childhood.

One more important nuance: who will go to puppet make-up? Most of all he faces young girls. Bold and loving experiments ladies over 35 years old can also try this make-up.

Make up, like in Barbie

We tell you step by step how to make the beauty of Barbie:

  1. We start with the skin tone. As you know, dolls always have perfect skin. We will achieve this with well-known means: a corrector, tonal basis and powder. To make the skin look fresh and healthy, we prepare it by thorough washing and moisturizing. We put the cream with moisturizing ingredients and wait until it is completely absorbed. Then point with the help of a tonal corrector masking acne, redness and other defects. Under the eyes, we apply a concealer to hide the dark circles and refresh the look. The tonal layer and loose powder with reflective particles complete the skin make-up.
  2. You can use the technique of contouring the face. It is so easy to achieve the effect of an oval face, a small nose and thin cheekbones. Bronzing rouge covers the wings of the nose, whiskey and cheekbones.
  3. Do not forget your eyebrows. At Barbie they are thin enough and nazet. Tint eyebrows with special shadows or pencil. Eyebrows should remain natural, but well visible on the face and neat.
  4. The eyes of Barbie with bright shadows and lush lashes. You can take the most unimaginable colors of shadows: soft blue, purple, green with silvery sparkles. But Barbie's favorite color, of course, is pink. We cover the upper mobile eyelid with pink shadows. By the line of the growth of the eyelashes we carry out the hands. Add a look of brilliance and playful lights - in the corners of your eyes, dot the pearly light shadows.
  5. Eyelashes dye black mascara with the effect of additional volume. So you can do without false eyelashes.
  6. Blush. Unambiguously put aside the dark colors of blush. It is better to prefer lighter - peach or pink. If you are a girl with a winter or summer type of appearance, paint a pink blush. Ladies with an autumn or spring color scheme will approach a warm shade of peach.
  7. We paint puffy lips. If you are unhappy with the volume of your lips, use one trick. With a pencil of lipstick, draw a contour that slightly goes beyond the natural line of the lips. After that, make your lips glossy pink shine. Color fuchsia or pastel pink - choose to your taste. Seductive juicy lips complete the makeup of Barbie.

Make-up in the style of Barbie - video

Makeup "Porcelain doll"

To make the makeup like a doll, follow this step-by-step instruction:

  1. We clean the face, apply a moisturizer.
  2. You can use lenses to create the effect of large eyes. Take special color or shade lenses with a large iris. After they are worn, proceed to the make-up procedure.
  3. After masking the imperfections of the skin, impose a layer of tone on the sponge. Choose the lightest flesh color. Ideal for porcelain foundation. Skin, prone to fat, must be covered with light beige powder. It is necessary to powder the T-zone and chin.
  4. Eyebrows at the pupa are natural, somewhat childish. We use a pencil in color as close as possible to the shade of your hair. Let's sum up the line of growth of eyebrows in several strokes and carefully grow.
  5. Drawing eyes. As you remember, they should seem maximally open and expressive. Another secret is how to achieve this: the lower eyelid mucosa is colored with a white pencil. Then, with a brush, we put shadows on the upper eyelid: first they are light, above them in the line of growth of the eyelashes - dark. For both centuries we'll draw a black or gray pencil. Accurately shade the drawn lines. The final touch is the clear arrows with the help of the liner.
  6. I paint eyelashes. We comb them with a brush, tweak tweezers. We apply several layers of carcass. Do not ignore the lower eyelashes. They are also covered with several layers of carcass. An alternative and very successful option is to use false eyelashes.
  7. Let's move on to the make-up of our lips. The porcelain dolls lips look very natural. Therefore, do not try to make a bright accent on the lips with the help of intense lipstick color. Warm pinkish shades, solid colors will do. We will put a layer of gloss on top of the lipstick. Sponges with a bow are an original puppet feature. To make the lips so, apply a solid shine along the contour, on the incision of the mouth - scarlet. A beautiful gradient will make your lips really like a doll's.
  8. Add a fresh blush. With the help of a gentle pink tone brush several times over the cheekbones.

We finish puppet makeup with clothes and accessories

Hair and clothes, like the dolls

What needs to be changed in its natural appearance for a 100% embodiment of the Barbie style? Besides make-up, it's about hairstyles.

  • The dolls are curvy, often curly. Also perfectly suited children's thick straight bangs and perfectly even long curls. Rims, bows, hats and cute little hairpins - all this is in use. You can tie two high tails or twist two shards.
  • Styling for Barbie - loose curly hair curled hair. A high pony tail is also a good hairstyle.
  • Courageous people can wear a bright wig. Red, blond or brown - choose according to your taste.

As for clothes, it needs to be selected as feminine as possible. No strict trouser suits and coarse denim! Light dresses with a lush skirt, summer short sarafans;an abundance of ruffles, sparkles, ribbons in dresses - all this will help to get used to the role of the pupa.

Accessories - a small lacquer bag, a clutch with rhinestones or sequins, a basket, a summer umbrella.

Make up, as in Barbie, you demonstrate to others not only their beauty, but also their readiness for bold actor's reincarnations. This make-up is now very fashionable, and girls who choose this style, instantly find admirers and imitators.

Look like an American beauty Barbie or an expensive antique doll - attractive and unusual. So do not be afraid of new experiments in make-up and style. Perhaps, it is the puppet image that appeals to you most. He will emphasize the natural beauty and tell you about your good, a little naive, but very feminine and gentle character.

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