Lip Makeup

Today we will discuss a very important issue in the life of women. Take the lipstick and pencil in hand to make any of our lips just perfect.
"Thin lips"
In order to emphasize the thin lips, you need to circle them with a pencil, slightly overstepping the boundaries, and then carefully paint the new contour of our lips with lipstick. Lipstick should be chosen not too light and not too dark shade, so a light tint is able to blur the boundaries of the lips, and from the lipstick of a dark hue the lips will turn out to be a reduced form.
"Small mouth"
To emphasize lips in all its glory, you need to go slightly beyond the borders of your lips, circle them with a pencil from the middle of the borders of the upper and lower lips, leading the contour to the corners. Next, take the shine and bright lipstick pearlescent shade to paint the lips and corners in particular.
"Full upper lip"
It is necessary to circle the upper and lower lips with a pencil below the natural line. Then use two different lipsticks, but with shades of the same color: for the upper lip is dark, and for the lower lip it is 1 or 2 times lighter. Gloss should be used only for the lower lip.

"Unsymmetrical lips"
In order to bring this kind of lips to a beautiful view, it is necessary to take a pencil and circle one of the lips that suits you most. Then, just circle and copy the lines of the lips of the other side. Use a bright and saturated lipstick for the lips, this will help to make the lips clear.
"Wide mouth"
For such lips, it is necessary to disguise the corners with a corrector or tonal tool, circling them from the middle of the contour of the lower and upper lips, gradually reducing the initial size of the lips. In this case, the corners of the lips do not need to be stained. For this kind of lips, you should choose dark lipsticks, but the shade should not be bright. Pearly, with glitter and light lipsticks with a bright tinge is better not to use.
"The corners of the lips are lowered downwards"
The upper lip should be traced with a pencil, leading from the center, and as soon as you approach the corners, you need to slightly go beyond the upper border of the lips. And the lower lip should be encircled as usual, along the natural contour of the lip. Lipsticks should be chosen in two shades, but different in brightness. In the center of the lips you need to apply a lipstick bright shade, and in the corners to spend lipstick less bright. Next, you need to take a lip brush and shade the border. At the end, apply a shine to the very center of the lips.
"Thin upper lip"
It is necessary to circle both lips with a pencil just above the contour. Apply lipstick on the lower lip should be 1 or 2 shades darker than on the upper lip, in order to outwardly look at the lower lip in size. On the upper lip, apply a shine of the same shade.

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