Fashionable female haircuts for short hair

  • Pros and cons of minimum length
  • Options for girls
  • Options for girls
  • Options for women
  • Original variants of
  • Options for very short hair
  • Variants for curly and curly hair
  • Variants with bang
  • Choosing the right option depending on the face shape
  • The choice of option depending on the type and structure of the hair
  • Laying

Modern short female haircuts are diverse. Having learned their varieties and features, you can choose a good option for yourself much easier. In addition, having mastered the subtleties of the right choice and choosing a successful stacking, you can create a harmonious and stylish image that will surely attract the attention of others.

Pros and cons of the minimum length

Recently, more and more girls and women prefer short haircuts. This is mainly due to the minimum amount of time that must be spent on hair care and styling. The high popularity of these hairstyles is due to their other advantages:

  • Many options for styling.
  • Easy to clean( you can quickly wash and dry hair without using a hair dryer).
  • Minimal waste of cosmetics for daily care.
  • Versatility: hair cuts on short hair will look great both in everyday life and at a solemn event. In addition, they are suitable for women of all ages and complexions.
  • Ease: in the summer it will not be as hot as with long and thick hair.

Contrary to popular belief, short female haircuts often look gentle and feminine. In addition, thanks to them, their owners look younger.

However, such haircuts also have several drawbacks:

  • In case of unprofessional work of the hairdresser, the image will be spoiled, and it will not be possible to fix it until the hair grows.
  • Than a hairstyle shorter, the faster it loses its shape. Therefore, often enough to attend a hair salon.
  • You can not go to bed with a wet head. Before going to bed, the hair must be dried. Otherwise, the morning hair will get a terrible look, which can only be corrected after a second wash.
  • If you want to radically change your hairstyle, it will take a long time: it will be necessary that the hair of the industry.

Variants for girls

Among the small fair sex representatives you can often meet owners of long hair. However, not everyone likes this option. Luxurious long locks bring inconvenience to naughty and agile girls. As a result of an active day, the hairstyle can get a lamentable and neglected appearance. Therefore, some mothers sometimes take a difficult decision - to make their baby a beautiful haircut.

Below are some interesting options for girls:

  • Short cut, decorated with a thick bang, made with a blunt cut technique. This hairstyle will suit first of all those who possess perfectly straight curls.
  • Graduated quads, which will look charming even on a slightly ruffled girl after a quick run. This is a stylish haircut, which is good for both smooth and wavy ringlets.
  • Garzon is an ultra-short boyish haircut. It is ideal for women with straight hair.

Some original mothers make their girls creative haircuts, making out their torn or asymmetrical strands. However, these options require constant piling and special care, which is not always to the taste of small mischief-makers.

All the above types of short haircuts for girls can be modified, supplementing them with ragged strands, bangs, filirovkoy, etc. The main thing is that the result liked the child and did not cause him any discomfort.

Variants for girls

As today there are a lot of varieties of youth haircuts for short hair, we will consider only the most popular of them.

  1. Haircut bob that fits girls with any shape of face. It is characterized by a short occipital region and anterior elongated locks, the length of which, as a rule, reaches the line of the chin. Depending on your wishes, you can make a fringe or not.
  2. Kare is one of the most popular options. It is characterized by a length above the shoulders and a straight cut of straight strands. If a girl by nature curly locks, in this case it is recommended to add a straight bang.
  3. Haircut for a Bob-car is an option that is relevant in the current season. This is an exquisite symbiosis of the two previous hairstyles. It is very versatile, because it suits absolutely all the girls. Cutting can be done both on perfect straight lines, and on curly unruly hair. Both options will look impressive and interesting.
  4. Cascade - stepped trimmed strands, which are embossed and attractive on hair. For smooth curls, a smooth and neat cascade is best suited, and for wavy ones - a torn one.
  5. Ultra-short female haircut "for a boy".This option is suitable for owners of the right features. This is a good choice for fussy, young and cheerful girls. The haircut will look beautiful if you arrange it with graduated strands.

Especially popular among girls are asymmetrical haircuts. For example, it would be very interesting to look like a bean-car, one of the front strands of which is much longer than the other. With the help of such a hairstyle you can mask the flaws of the face and emphasize its dignity.

Options for women

In most cases after 35 years, the fair sex is engaged in a family or career. Therefore, they do not have enough time for daily styling and hair care. They are more suitable for practical hairstyles, which are characterized by rational minimalism: washed her head, quickly dried her hair dryer - and you can go to work.

Let's look at the most popular haircut options for middle-aged women:

  • Classic Bob-kara with long front strands, bangs, and a short cropped neck. This haircut looks stylish and makes its owner young.
  • Cascade with graduated strands made on the sides and laid out in such a way as to maximally open the face. The image can be supplemented by coloring or discoloration of individual ringlets.
  • Conventional square with smooth cut. It will look good with an even bang, and at all without it.

For women of more mature age, strangely enough, a youthful haircut of a pixie with long locks, a short crown and temples is suitable. However, in this case, do not bang, since the forehead should be left as open as possible.

Original variants of

Let's take a look at creative short haircuts:

  1. A punk style haircut with shaved temples, a short cropped occiput and left on the top of the head with long locks.
  2. Iroquois, which is characterized by long strands on the crown, laid in the form of a comb. They can be filed in bulk or make carelessly protruding needles with special styling tools.
  3. Emo style hair with torn strands, and also with a long bang covering one eye.

Similar options will suit teenagers and girls who are not afraid to experiment with their appearance, prefer shocking and originality.

However, creative haircuts have several drawbacks: the need for daily styling and frequent visits to the hairdressing salon to maintain their shape.

Options for very short hair

Boyish haircuts fit girls and women with the right features and an oval face. They should not be done by owners of short and thick neck, round and square face, since in this case such a hairdress will emphasize all the shortcomings.

There are several varieties of boyish haircuts. Among them:

  • Garzon is a classic variant, for which strands, decorated in a smooth and neat line, are characteristic. It is recommended to make it to girls with straight hair.
  • Pixie - an ultra-short haircut with slightly elongated strings on the back of the head and a short temporal part.
  • Gavroche is a very interesting and popular variant among business ladies, which young girls and women of age are happy to wear. It is characterized by a short-cropped vertex and elongated strands covering the neck.

Please note that very short haircuts with the right packing can look very romantic and feminine.

Options for Curly and Curly Hair

Holders of such curls should be cautious in choosing a short hairstyle. The fact is that with an unsuccessfully matched haircut on curly hair a girl can look like a "dandelion".Therefore, before going to the hairdresser is recommended to consult with the stylist.

So, let's consider stylish haircuts for curly ringlets:

  1. Classic square with straight bangs, which must be aligned with ironing.
  2. Bob-kar in grunge style, combining elegance and negligence, which emphasizes the natural beauty of curly hair. Cutting can be supplemented with an oblique or short torn bang.
  3. Cascade with strongly torn strands that will give the hair a slightly careless and charming look.

Variations with bang

Huge hair cut with bangs is very popular with the fair sex. Thanks to them, you can successfully mask some of the disadvantages of a person, for example, a long nose or disproportionate forms.

Let's look at the basic combinations of bangs with short haircuts:

  • Ragged bangs fit to a graduated bean-car and multi-layered hairstyles.
  • Bow-shaped bangs will look good with a hairdo.
  • Thick bangs should be selected for straight haircuts with symmetrical proportions.
  • The straight fringe will perfectly match the classic square.
Please note: hair cuts with a long bang should not be chosen by the owners of a low forehead, they look best on girls and women with an oval or rectangular face.

Women over 40 should be cautious about choosing a bang. At this age it is desirable that the forehead is as open as possible. If all the same the hairdress means presence of a bang, it is better to comb it on one side. Therefore, it should not be very short or torn.

Choosing the right option depending on the shape of the face

If you still do not decide which option to choose, it's best to ask the experienced hairdresser or stylist about this. The choice directly depends on various indicators: the type of hair, the shape of the face and personal preferences.

A short haircut for a girl or a woman in the shape of a face is selected as follows:

  • For a round person choose options that visually stretch it. For example, multi-layered and asymmetrical hairstyles will be an ideal choice. In no case should you comb your hair back or do a straight parting, as this will round your face even more. In addition, do not give preference to three-dimensional haircuts with curls and fleece.
  • For the oval the best choice will be the square and the haircut of the bean. It is worth noting that this form of face is considered ideal, so its owners can safely experiment with hairstyle options.

    Haircut for a square face type

  • For a square, asymmetric haircuts that half open the ears are ideal. Visually, you can lengthen the face with a slanting part and wavy ringlets. The fringe can be straight up to the eyebrow line or oblique.
  • For triangular it is desirable to choose haircuts in which the volume in the chin area will be created. Due to this, it is possible to balance the asymmetry of the face shape. It will be nice to look like a bob-kara with a braid or straight bang, and also curled with curls at the chin level.
  • For rectangular haircuts that completely cover the ears and have voluminous upper strands are chosen. You can supplement this option with a thick long bang.
  • For a very elongated oval, haircuts with voluminous temples and smooth curls on the crown are selected.
As can be seen from the above, for girls with an oval face fit almost all the options for haircuts. Everyone else is advised to consult a stylist or a professional hairdresser before choosing a hairstyle.

Variant selection depending on the type and structure of the hair.

  1. . For short, thin hair, three-dimensional haircuts are selected. As a rule, such an effect can be achieved by deep profiling.

    Ragged haircut

  2. You can prefer straight curls to the usual square or one of its variations. It will look beautiful with straight lines and straight smooth bangs.
  3. Curly hair is suitable for elongated and torn haircuts, which will help to give naughty locks a neat and romantic look.

It is worth noting that on healthy and shiny hair, regardless of their type, almost any, even very short, haircut will look good. Therefore, it is advisable for several weeks before going to the hairdressing salon to provide your locks with the right care.


Girls with short haircuts, as a rule, have a mischievous and somewhat bold appearance. However, if desired, with the help of properly selected laying, you can give their image a tenderness and a note of romanticism.

Please note that laying a short haircut does not take long if the hairstyle was done correctly. Otherwise, it will have to pay special attention to it every day, in order to disguise its shortcomings. Most often, gel or foam, a hair dryer or a straightener are required for styling( depending on the type of hair).

Short hair cuts for fine hair should be laid with foam and a hairdryer, giving them extra volume. For wavy ringlets, a rectifier may be required( depending on the desired effect).

Let's look at a couple of interesting options for styling haircuts made on short hair:

  • Greek hairstyle. To create it, it is necessary to slightly curl the hair with a curling iron or straightener, and then to gather most of the hair in a bun at the back of the head and fasten it with a beautiful hair clip. The laying can be decorated with a thin hoop or diadem.
  • Easy mess. This option is ideal for short youth haircuts. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to apply a small amount of mousse on damp hair, to dislodge the strands in different directions, to dry them with a hair dryer and fix it with varnish.

Short haircuts are universal, as they are suitable for different styles of clothing. They are popular among the fair sex of all ages and clans. The choice of a suitable hairstyle is usually made, depending on the type of hair, face shape and lifestyle. Related Videos:

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