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Magic Italy is a country with extraordinary traditions, color and unforgettable atmosphere. In this hot country there is a whole cult dedicated to feminine elegance, elegance and beauty. Many fashion trends are emerging here. Hairstyles, invented here a few decades ago, remain relevant. As, for example, a haircut Italian, created by Milanese A. Tossi.

The master showed his new creation at the famous pop festival in San Remo, where he was invited as an official hairdresser. Just once appeared on the stage, this original hairstyle gained universal popularity. Aurora, or the Italian cascade, as it is called, remains one of the most popular and actual haircuts and now.

Pros of this hairstyle

The technique of haircuts, which first appeared in the last century, has now changed a little. Masters-hairdressers and stylists slightly improved it, gave it a modern sound. It has become even more interesting, elegant and elegant.

Italian haircut is very similar to the classic cascade, the so-called traditional avalanche. The difference between these hairstyles is the width of the step. Such an almost unnoticeable nuance must be recognized by a qualified master.

The main advantages of a haircut are:

  1. Simple styling. You do not have to spend a lot of time every day to bring your locks in order. You just need to wash your head and dry your hair using a hair dryer and a brashing machine. And everything, a neat and stylish hairstyle is ready.
  2. The special cutting technique gives an additional volume to the roots.
  3. To maintain the shape, you do not need to visit the salon often and spend time on constant haircuts. It is enough to cut off dry tips from time to time, to refresh your hair.
  4. Can be made on ringlets of different lengths. It fits perfectly with long, medium or short hair.
  5. Haircut harmoniously fits into any image. You can safely go to work in the office, meet with friends or, for example, after making a tail, go to the gym.
  6. You can adjust the face oval or hide small flaws.
  7. It looks great on wavy or straight hair. In the first case, you get neat curls that are not confused, and in the second there is the necessary splendor.
  8. Unlimited number of options for laying. Aurora can be worn in different ways: wind, straighten, collect. Any version will be beautiful and stylish.
  9. And the last but not least advantage: when making this haircut, you keep the length.
As for the shortcomings, they are not. The Italian cascade has remained popular for many years, because it is able to hide the flaws of the exterior and pay attention to its dignity. And these are the main indicators that we pay attention to when choosing a hairstyle.

It is noteworthy that such a haircut does not bypass the strong and extraordinary representatives of the stronger sex. The Italian is really universal!

To whom is suitable

This hairstyle creates the effect of layering the dowels along the entire length.

  • It should be chosen first of all for women who want to get a good volume of head of hair without using stowage tools and appropriate appliances.
  • It will suit girls with any form of face and become their worthy decoration. A narrow face with such a hairdo can be slightly adjusted and given it a shape that resembles the oval. Sharp cheekbones hide curls that fall to the face, rounding corners. The same applies to the square shape. Chubby girls should choose aurora without a bang, the roots should be lifted well when stacked. Such tricks will help to stretch the face a little.
  • The Italian cascade on curly, wavy hair looks simply magnificent, therefore owners of a smart head of hear can safely choose this hairstyle.

Options for hair of different lengths

This versatile hairstyle is great for hair of any length. There are several options for the Italian. The technique of execution and the end result are a bit like a cascade. In both cases strands of different length are made, from short to long.

In the Italian staircase is made more smooth, step - less short, the size of the steps is minimal. Be sure to carefully cut the ends of the hair.
Thanks to this technique, you get a lush, voluminous hairdo that looks feminine and neat.

Italian and long hair

Often before the master there is practically impossible task: to make a beautiful haircut on the roughened hair, create a new silhouette and at the same time leave the length. Aurora is an excellent solution to this problem. Hair is trimmed layers equally throughout the head, and this makes it unusual.

Owners of long curls will appreciate the haircut, which looks great both in loose and in assembled form. Romantic people can twist the strands around the face a little, you will get a gentle image.

Italian cascade and medium length hair

After you cut an Italian hair on medium hair, you will get an expressive image that can be modified daily. The air cascade will be beautifully laid on the shoulders and poured during movement. This option is the ideal solution for girls who want to stretch the face oval a little.

Very interesting Aurora looks combined with melirovaniem, coloring, fashionable in the style of ombre. Choosing this haircut, you can temporarily forget about the correction of hair, make a variety of styling, which will be appropriate at work and during the rest.

Hair of medium length is ideal for creating an Italian. The canonical silhouette is optimally suited for such curls and allows them to be gracefully decorated.

Aurora on short hair

Freedom-loving girls often choose this bold and brave version of the Italian. Its main advantage is that it is not necessary to use special styling products to give the hair volume and lightness.

The final touch for emphasizing the individuality will be the original painting. It's very easy to change with the Italian cascade. Curl the entire hair or individual strands, do volume or remove it, level the hair. You can fascinate and admire people every day!

Aurora and bangs

Girls who like to complement a hairdo with a bang can not give up their preferences. You just need to choose the right shape.

Since the Italian looks rather uncomfortable, a straight fringe can introduce some imbalance in her silhouette. In this case, the torn fringe of an oblique shape is better.

It is not necessary to trim the bangs to the owners of curly hair. It will have to be stacked constantly with the use of brashing or ironing, a combination of straight and curly hair, and this is considered a mauveton.

Options for laying

Of course, the haircut of the Aurora is self-sufficient, and, if performed by an experienced hairdresser, almost does not need to be stacked. But which woman will not take the opportunity to make her image even more interesting? Every now and again a variety is introduced into the hairdo.

  1. The classic way. This laying is done with a hairdryer and a round comb. Curls are worked out in circular motions in the direction from the base to the ends. The strands are laid in the direction of the face, the hair is raised at the top of the head. The result is fixed with lacquer. This method is suitable for daily wear.
  2. Wave laying. This option looks very nice. Screw the strands on the curlers. Their size depends on what curls you want to get. Or you can make curls ironing. First, comb the hair well and start wrapping. With the iron you get accurate waves without too much volume. Result fix with a varnish.
  3. Based on straight hair extensions. Using this device, you can make a simple and concise styling, which will be appropriate both at work and at the solemn event.
  4. Perfectly straight hair is the basis for another styling. Collect the locks in a bilberry or a ponytail, releasing a few locks of the face. Decorate with accessories - and the evening hairstyle is ready.
  5. In the style of the 90s. This is a variation of the classical style. Give the hair a great splendor, twist the ends of the strands to the face and make a side part.

To make the styling look nice and neat, follow these tips:

  • always use a hairdryer and a round hairbrush;
  • dry hair by lifting it at the base;
  • apply a little mousse to the roots to give the hair volume;
  • separate small strands and dry them, slightly spinning inside or out;
  • when laying is ready, dry hair with cold air, this mode is now in most modern hair dryers.
The stylish hairstyle of the Italian is able to decorate a woman of any age. With its help, you can give the curls necessary volume and refresh the image.
Despite the fact that the hairstyle appeared more than 30 years ago, it is considered to be one of the most universal and relevant. Feel free to experiment, and then you will always be in a trend.

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