Hairstyles with braids for girls

  • For medium to long hair
  • Weaving braids - video
  • Hair for short hair
  • Some simple hairpins from braids
  • Pins of zizi

Those who have a daughter, are familiar with the thoughts of what a haircut to make a small fashionista, combining the beauty, simplicity and speed of execution. The answer to this question is very simple: stylish pigtails for girls. Weaving today at the peak of popularity, and almost any barber owns such skills.

Hairstyles designed for little girls are distinguished by the fact that they are not wasted for their execution, and the principles of weaving are clear even to beginners in this matter. And there are many kinds of braids and techniques for different lengths of hair, you can braid even short strands.

Weaving braids to girls. BEAUTY SALON Master class. Fashionable hairstyles. Braid braid, video braiding
3 beautiful and fast hairstyles for girls to school |Family is. ..
Hairstyle Basket( with sponge). Hairstyle. Basket. Braids. Tutorial.
WHEELS-HANGED-HAIRDING hairdo for each day video lesson
Braid rope
  1. Take a thick strand that is divided into four identical parts.
  2. The central strand on the right is superimposed on the two left.
  3. After that, put the right strand on the right center lock.
  4. Put the left center strand on the right.
  5. Place the left strand on the left center. In this way we weave to the end.

French harness

Hairstyle French harness. Flagellum of hair. Hairstyles. Issue 2.
Stylish tail - tourniquet / Beautiful hairstyle for every day for 5 minutes
  1. Thick strand is divided into two parts.
  2. Each of the parts is twisted in the same direction.
  3. Now twist the harness in the other direction.
  4. After each twisting add one, also twisted, strand.
  5. We weave to the end and we tie.

Tail with a ladder

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Hairstyles with weaving on the tail: a scythe and a bunch of long hair with your own hands

Tie a pony tail. On the right side of the tail we take a small string and spin the spikelets. But take the strings only on the left side, as if from under the tail.

Before you braid the child's hair, practice. Do not do your hair in the last minute: you will spoil the child's mood and do not have time on time.

Holiday version of spikelet

Evening version of hairstyle with weave "Kolosok"( 1)
Master-class "Braid-weaving technique" How to do braiding
Training of hair-ear spikes. Very beautiful festive and everyday hairstyle with weaving.
  1. Comb with a long thin handle we draw a line from ear to ear, thereby dividing the hair into two parts.
  2. The bottom part is fastened with a hair clip or elastic band.
  3. The upper part is divided into two parts by a vertical line. These two are also divided in half.
  4. All the tails are fastened with elastic bands so that they do not get confused.
  5. From the left strand we begin to weave not too dense spikelets inside out. We stretch strands.
  6. Repeat this with all other upper parts. We fix all spikelets with a common rubber band.

Unusual braid

First we part the part. For best effect, the suction line can go in a zigzag.

  1. Separate the left part with a horizontal part, tie two tails.
  2. From the upper tail we weave two pigtails. We tie them with an invisible rubber band, when the braids reach the lower tail.
  3. Untying the lower tail and connecting its strands with strands of braids. From them we weave already three braids. We fix each elastic band.
  4. Now they need to be connected with elastic bands together in several places.
  5. The braids need to be pulled out in such a way that the three-dimensional figures turn out.


Summer hairstyle with weave ★ Crown / wreath of hair for every day
Curly wreath | simple children's haircut / Kos wreath |simple children's hairstyle
Very lovely and practical hairstyle for little girl. Quick and easy hairstyle # 6

Any girl at least once in her life wore a wreath of flowers. Why not make no less beautiful hair, besides, it will last longer.

Take two strands near the temple. One of the strands is wrapped around the other. Connect the strands and again divide, but in a different way. We repeat the same operations. When you have finished weaving a braid, fix its end with a thin band and invisible.

Flower from hair

Hairdo for 20 minutes 😄 super stacking 😘 flowers rose
Flower of hair with your own hands
Flower from hairs. Prička for medium and long hair to herself for every day in school, to work

With this flower you can decorate the end of the spikelet, tail and any other hair with the use of braids. Make it very simple.

We wove the usual pigtail, while gently pulling the strands from only one, the outer side. We twist the flower, fixing it with several invisibles.


French braid braided with snake or zigzag. Zig-Zag Braiding
Hair Weave Spikelet 'Snake'
Weaving braids of snake and fishtail
  1. Separate a small strand from the temple and divide it into three parts. We begin to weave spikes, adding strands only from the forehead.
  2. When we reach the ear, gently turn the braid and weave further.
  3. So that the scythe looks even more beautiful, we pull the strings.

Hairstyles for short hair

Many believe that with a haircut plaits plaiting does not work. Of course, some hairstyles are suitable only for long hair, but also to trimmed to actually find a hair. On short hair, you can braid various variations of braids, spikes and harnesses. So, do not despair!


✦ Hairstyles for 5min: Spit Waterfall - fast and easy!/ Cascade Braid in 5min
Spit the waterfall. Hairstyles with weaving for medium and long hair
♥ ♥ 9 Short Hair Styles ♥ ♥( simple hairstyles to school)( on SHORT hair)
  1. First we make a horizontal parting. Hair from the top is divided into three bundles.
  2. We begin to weave like a regular braid.
  3. Then the right strand is superimposed on the center, from above we pick up a thin curl and let down the just used right.
  4. We continue in the same spirit.
  5. We fix the hair with an elastic band and invisible.

Web Web

Hairstyle for the girl "Basket" for thin short hair
Hair with weaving tails
Inner braiding for short hair

This braid is braided from the bottom up. From the temples we separate the strands that will be woven into it. From below we begin to make spikelets. We tie the hair in a high tail. Or in another way, look at the photo below.


HAIRST like Cayley Jennner!
French braids / French braids
Dragons, a hairstyle to herself ☺️

These braids are weaving like a French one. The only difference is that the dragons are made small from very thin sticks. Therefore, they can fit quite a lot on their heads. Usually they are not added to the end, but tied in the middle of the head.

In the summer, not to spend a lot of time on the hair, weave many small, small braids after the dragons. This hairstyle can last a few days.

Clover leaf

🍀Four Strand braid with ribbon - How to braid a child to school?
Three-Leaf Clover |St. Patrick's Day |Cute Girls Hairstyles
  1. We tie the ponytail.
  2. We divide it into three parts, each of which we braid into a braid.
  3. Tails left minimal, we attach them under the elastic band with invisible.


stylist Marusya # hairstyle elf #
Scythe waterfall, how to weave the hair of the elves
Hairstyle like the elves for a minute
  1. We wove a few( from 5) braids to half the head.
  2. On the top of the head we take two strands of hair. The right is superimposed on the pigtails, the left one - under them.
  3. We tie the ends of the braids in a ponytail. With the help of laying tools we form beautiful strands.

A few simple hairstyles from braids

Beautiful hairstyle 10 simple braids. KOSAYA spit / Fishtail / French spit
3 beautiful and fast hairstyles for girls to school |Family is. ..
  • We loose four thin plaits on our loose hair. At the base and on the tail we catch crabs.
  • We make two tails, from which we weave braids. We decorate with beautiful elastic bands.
  • We tie the tail on the vertex, leaving the hair at the edges. We divide them into strands, each - two more curls. Take two locks from the neighboring strands and twist them into bundles. In the opposite direction we twist the original braid. We bring the scythe to the tail. So we do with all the hair.
  • Take the strand from the tail, form a loop and its ends pass through the elastic. With all the hair we do the same.

In order to keep braids longer, children's hair should be braided more tightly. In the course of execution, the hair can be sprinkled with water. A nice bonus after the weaving of many types of braids are small attractive curls.

Braids zizi

Zizi pigtails
Afrocoins • Zizi • That's what they are silent about • 10 day
Zizi: from start to. .. braids!

This is a hairstyle from a large number of thin small plaits, reminiscent of the usual African. The difference is that the zizi are ready-made braids, which are weaved in a special way, which significantly reduces the time of creation of the hairstyle.

Zizi come in several varieties:

  • straight;
  • wavy( small curl in the form of a light wave);
  • corrugation( very fine spiral);
  • zizi sue( spiral curl, gives voluminous curls).

The main advantage of zizi is their ease. They are easier than afrokosichek almost twice. At the same time the number of braids is from 500 to 650 pieces, the hairdo is thick and dense. The palette of Zizi flowers has more than 25 shades - both natural and bright.

To weave zizi pigtails, only 5 cm of your hair is enough. The length of braids of a zizi is about 70-80 cm. They do not need special care. More than 3 months to wear such pigtails is not recommended. If you carefully untwist the braids, they can be used again.

Hairstyles with beautiful pigtails add the appearance of a neat child, are great for school and give hair the opportunity to stay clean longer. To master the technique of weaving braids to girls on the strength of anyone who is not difficult to show a little patience and perseverance.

The braids can be weaved though daily, they are comfortable, the hair does not get tangled in them. Maiden braid - it's beautiful! Related Videos:

3 beautiful and fast hairstyles for girls to school |Family is. ..
Hairstyle Basket( with sponge). Hairstyle. Basket. Braids. Tutorial.
Weaving braids to girls. BEAUTY SALON Master class. Fashionable hairstyles. Braid braid, video weaving
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