Red trousers: with what to wear a spectacular wardrobe item

  • How to choose red trousers
  • With what, when and how to wear red trousers
  • Red trousers with other wardrobe items

Stylish red trousers are clothes for courageous women of fashion who are not afraid of experiments. This bright, provocative thing will not only emphasize the magnificent taste and personality of its owner and set it apart from the crowd, but will also bring a positive effect to life, color the gray, dull everyday life. With what to wear red pants to make the image irresistible and always be in a trend? Read on.

How to choose red pants

Having decided on the purchase of this unusual thing, you need to understand that it will attract attention. A woman in bright crimson trousers will inevitably attract the views of others, which means her bow must be flawless. One ridiculous mistake, even in small things - jewelry, accessories, make-up, can destroy the image, make it insipid.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the actuality of the model and the invoice. The red thing immediately catches your eye, so the discrepancy with fashion trends will look somewhat ridiculous. In the coming year in the trend red trousers:

  • straight, slightly narrower down;
  • are narrow;
  • shortened 7/8;
  • wide.

The red color is multifaceted and contradictory, some shades are full, the latter, on the contrary, are more supportive and have the ability to build a figure.

  • Warm tones are tricky in that they add volume, so they will not suit ladies with magnificent shapes, but they look very good on graceful slender girls.
  • It is better for women to give preference to trousers of rich noble shades( it is burgundy, wine, cherry).They not only diversify the wardrobe, but also hide the weaknesses of the build.

You need to choose trousers in accordance with the peculiarities of your physique. They should not publicize what is recommended to hide from prying eyes, namely imperfection of the figure.

Tips for stylists:

  1. Hide thinness and add volume to the hips pants-bananas and models, decorated with various elements of decor.
  2. To divert attention from the lush hips help straight or flared trousers.
  3. The bulging stomach will hide loose pants with a high fit.
  4. Visually add the growth of long straight, not too wide pants.
  5. Models 7/8 look great on tall, slender girls, full of young ladies, they are not recommended, because they visibly shake their legs. By the way, even long-legged babes with these pants need to wear a heel.

With what, when and how to wear red pants

  • By the time of the year.

In the coming year, all models of red pants are fashionable - from classic to shocking models. Very popular are exquisite maroon trousers, which can perform in a duet with a jacket. In an elegant suit, you can go to work and to a solemn event. The burgundy color looks very impressive, besides it allows to make some dynamics in the image.

For the spring-summer period, intense intense shades are relevant, such as scarlet, red-orange, rich raspberry. Trousers of such shades will look great on tall slender women. But the full ladies should not take risks, so as not to emphasize some defects in the figure, and choose quiet, muted tones, as if slightly dusted.

In the autumn-winter period, shades of darkness will be more appropriate: wine, brick, burgundy. Agree, the girl in fiery red pants, boots and a warm jacket will look, at least, strange.

  • Color solutions.

1. Red pants + things of universal color scale.

Pants of a bright, saturated shade are the dominant detail of the image. In order not to overload the bow, do not make it screaming and tasteless, you need to make up the ensemble so that the rest of the wardrobe items and accessories, as they say, do not pull the blanket over.

With red trousers, neutral clothes are perfectly matched. A duet of red with a gray or brown looks stylish and harmonious.
For best effect, the accessories are selected in a tone to a calm top. To create a festive image, you can put on red shoes, but they should be darker than trousers.

2. Red pants + white color.

One of the most stylish and elegant combinations. With the help of this exquisite color scheme you can create romantic, everyday, evening and even sports images.

White color is perfectly refreshing and adds a touch of freshness, lightness and true spring mood to the image. Red trousers and a feminine white blouse or tunic look unusually spectacular and festive.

If you need a bow simpler, then you can pick up the top of a red, not white, but, for example, with a greyish or beige shade.

3. Red pants + black color.

Another classic combination. Dramatic black gives red pants a special chic and style, but at the same time makes the image gloomy and slightly aggressive. For this reason, the outfits in the red-black range are more intended for solemn occasions. Stylists recommend to dilute them with elegant ornaments and accessories. You can refresh the ensemble, adding to it any details of white color, for example, a blouse.

This year, actual pants in a red and black cage, worn with black turtlenecks, tops, short sweaters.

4. Red pants + gray color.

This combination will appeal to women who do not want to create excessively bright bows and focus on one thing, in this case, on red pants. Gray color softens the scarlet bravado and gives the image an aristocratic look.

5. Red pants + beige, brown color.

This exquisite range will give the ensemble a stylish and casual feel. There is one nuance here. Pants of very bright calling colors will look great with rich hues, for example, chocolate, coffee, and red muffled tones - with reserved, such as cream, beige-golden.

Excellent looks and tri-color combination of red, beige or brown and white colors. Effectively looks ensemble of red trousers, cardigan sand color and a dazzling white blouse, serving in this case an effective addition.

No less stylish outfit will come if you put on a pale-beige blouse, black shoes and accessories to the red pants.

6. Red pants + with a striped print.

In 2017, the sea style is in fashion, hence, the vests are the trend of the season. With red trousers this thing will look great! A blue fitted shortened jacket will make the image harmonious and complete.

7. Red pants + bright shades.

To create a successful bow, it is not necessary to adhere to classical combinations. You can experiment with bright colors, the main thing is to observe the measure. So, red pants can be worn, for example, with blue or yellow color, as well as with clothes decorated with prints.

The brighter the pants, the more intense the top or accessories. You can not combine juicy and muted shades. To the reserved red tones, dark green, mustard, deep blue, gray will suit.

8. Red pants + red color.

Scandalous girls often wear red trousers with an equally bright red top. The image should be compiled competently, otherwise you can be branded as a special one, devoid of sense of style and taste. So, red is recommended to dilute with restrained contrast decorations.

Red trousers with other items of the

wardrobe. The narrow stylish trousers are worn with light loose blouses, tunics, romantic blouses.
Slender girls can afford and a short tight top: in a cool time - thin sweaters and turtlenecks, in the summer - tops and T-shirts.
  • In cool weather, the ensemble is complemented by cardigans, large home sweaters. As for shoes, you can equally like coquettish ballet shoes, and exquisite shoes on a stud, in autumn and winter you can wear neat boots with a round nose. No rough shoes!
  • Straight classic pants are combined with a fitted top - shirts and blouses. But too loose blouses and tunics with such a model of trousers are not worn, as this can give the figure an extra volume.
  • Spectacular short trousers should not be worn with long tunics, this will make even a tall girl lower than she really is. Crop-tops are not recommended, this outfit will seem defiant. Best of all with these pants look tucked shirts or blouses to the middle of the thigh. For men, this outfit seems much more sexy than a frank duo of tight trousers and a short top, between which a strip of naked body is visible.
  • To trousers with wide trousers it is necessary to select a tight top: turtlenecks, t-shirts, short fitted jackets and jackets.

Stylish young ladies who are not afraid of daring solutions, are happy to wear red jeans, skillfully combining them with t-shirts, tops, short jackets and jackets-jackets. For the evening out to the shocking pants of red denim, bright tops with paillettes, rhinestones are perfect. Shoes can be both on a heel, and on a flat sole.

You can wear red trousers with almost anything, the main thing is to learn how to correctly compose ensembles.

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