How to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins at home?

Internal organs of a person suffer greatly from the accumulation of toxins and need a thorough and competent cleaning.


  • Where do slags and toxins in the body come from?
  • How to remove slags and toxins: cleaning methods
  • Diet for cleansing the body of toxins and toxins
  • Cleaning the body with folk remedies
  • How to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins at home? Recipes
    • Recipe 1. Rice jelly
    • Recipe 2. Juice cleansing
    • Recipe 3. Garlic cleansing
  • Body cleansing preparations
  • Body cleansing: advice and feedback
  • Video: Cleansing the intestines with apples
  • Video: Cleansing the body with rice

Stresses, irrational nutrition, polluted environment - all these factors adversely affect the state of our health. As a result, we become irritable, the immunity decreases and a chronic fatigue syndrome appears. In this article, we will understand how to cleanse our body of accumulated poisons.

Where do slags and toxins in the body come from?

The human body is affected by many harmful substances, and it absorbs them as a sponge. It's not just about food, saturated with genetic and chemical impurities. We inhale harmful substances from the air, absorb them with the skin. Our body, as it can, fights toxic elements, but does not always cope. As a result, toxins and slags accumulate inside the body.

The contamination of the body with poisonous substances carries a real threat. This causes a decrease in immunity, apathy, the appearance of disruptions in the work of internal systems and individual organs.

How to remove slags and toxins: how to clean

There are many ways to cleanse your body, both folk methods and medications. Among them:

  • use of diaphoretic and diuretic herbal decoctions.
  • juice therapy.
  • regular visits to the sauna or sauna.
  • cleansing massage.
  • purification by enterosorbents.

But there are also the most safe, natural ways of detoxification, aimed at unloading the body and filling it with liquid.

If you remove some of the negative factors and adhere to the enhanced drinking regime, then the body is fully capable of cleaning yourself. For this you need:

  • to switch to dietary, easily assimilated food.
  • reduce servings in a plate.
  • drink plenty of fluids.
  • to lead an active lifestyle.
  • abandon alcohol, cigarettes and uncontrolled drug intake.

Diet for cleansing the body of toxins and toxins

Proper nutrition is the most safe and natural way to purify all the systems of our body.

And it does not require you to make significant efforts, you just need to give up harmful food, drink at least 2 liters of water per day and adhere to the principles of separate food.

Namely, do not mix protein and carbohydrate foods.

Harmful products Products for cleansing
Fatty, sharp, smoked, salted dishes Fresh vegetables, fruits and berries
Sweets, confectionery Whole grains cereals and bread, bran
Alcohol Unrefined vegetable oils
Pizza, hamburgers and other fast food Low-fatfermented milk products
Carbonated drinks and juice from the packages Herbal teas and infusions, freshly squeezed juices
Coffee, tea Clear water

If you treat this mode of nutrition not as a restriction, but as a way of life, then slagging the body does not threaten you.

Cleansing the body with folk remedies

A traditional folk remedy for detoxifying the body is visiting a sauna or a sauna. There, purification is carried out through the sweat glands, the more fluid you lose, the more harmful substances will be released. Only take with you to the bath you need not beer and fish, but clean water to make up for the loss of fluid.

It is recommended to visit the steam room 2-3 times a week for 2 weeks, and it can be longer.

IMPORTANT: It is necessary to know that along with the liquid, vitamins and minerals are washed out of the body. Therefore, in the period of regular thermal procedures, take a multivitamin complex or improve the quality of nutrition.

Another effective wrestler with slag is apple cider vinegar, necessarily natural. Add 1-2 teaspoons of vinegar to the tea after eating, this will help to adjust the metabolism and improve the digestion of food.

Let's look at a few more recipes to bring the body back to normal.

How do I cleanse my body of toxins and toxins at home? Recipes

Regular use of rice jelly helps to adjust the work of the intestines, get rid of constipation or diarrhea, lose a couple of extra pounds. Kissel gently envelops the walls of the stomach and intestines, cleans and relieves inflammation.

Recipe 1. Rice jelly

  • In order to prepare the jelly, in the evening we take half a glass of rice and
  • pour a liter of cold water.
  • In the morning cook rice on low heat without any additives.
  • Cook for 1.5-2 hours, until the individual grains are boiled.
  • Let the broth cool and drink in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • After this 4-5 hours we do not eat anything, and then the food should be easily assimilated.

It is possible to spend such rice unloading days 1-2 times a week.

Recipe 2. Juice cleansing

Very well detoxifies a mixture of equal parts of orange, lemon and grapefruit juices. After cooking, mix this mixture with water in a ratio of 1 liter of water to 200 ml of juice, if you are just starting cleaning procedures. Gradually increase the proportion to 600 ml of juice per 1 liter of water. We drink this mixture strictly in the first half of the day for 10 days.

Well affect the general condition of the body and freshly squeezed vegetable juices. You can do unloading juice days once a week. Just drink 1.5 liters of juice a day in small portions. Juices can be alternated and mixed. The rest of the food should be dietary.

Cucumber juice - displays harmful substances that have accumulated in the liver, kidneys, bladder, gastrointestinal tract, lowers arterial pressure.

Juice zucchini - enhances the intestinal peristalsis and helps to adjust the work of the entire gastrointestinal tract.

Cauliflower juice - cleanses the liver and kidneys, strengthens the immune system.

Beet juice - cleanses the lymphatic system, vessels, gall bladder, liver and kidneys. It removes heavy metals from the body, protects them from the effects of radiation. Drink it with diluted carrot juice in a proportion of 1: 4.

Carrot juice - it is rarely used for purification, only in combination with other juices, but it fills the body with vitamins, macro- and microelements and antioxidants.

You only need to prepare the juice before you drink it, and only for one meal. For cleansing, you can not use packaged juices, so you only pollute your body even more.

Recipe 3. Garlic cleansing

Garlic strengthens the bile secretion, and thereby helps the body's natural detoxification. In addition, it improves digestion and makes the skin clean and smooth.

  • Take 40 g of garlic, peel it and chop it in a blender or grinder.
  • Transfer the gruel into glassware and pour 100 ml of vodka.
  • Move to a cool dark place for 10 days.
  • Take 10 drops for half an hour before meals 2-3 times a day.

Course duration - 10-30 days.

This drug is contraindicated for pregnant women and people with gallbladder disease and inflammation of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract.

Preparations for the body's cleansing

A group of drugs that promote the excretion of poisonous substances from the body is called enterosorbents .

Before you start taking any medication, check with your doctor.

IMPORTANT: Some sorbents do not have selectivity, i.e.they absorb both harmful and useful substances. Therefore, self-medication is not worth it.

The most famous sorbents are enterosgel , activated carbon , polysorb , polyphepan .You need to take them according to the instructions and not longer than 7-10 days.

After completing the course, you may need to drink some remedy to restore the intestinal microflora.

Do not get involved in sorbents, long-term use can lead to constipation, hypovitaminosis and discomfort of the whole digestive tract.

Body cleaning: advice and feedback

Here are some simple rules, following which you can easily cope with the detoxification procedure:

  1. You need to start with a trip to the doctor, because the diagnosis should be set by a specialist.
    When treating with folk remedies, be sure to carefully study the methods of treatment. Learn all the contraindications and side effects.
  2. If in the process of treatment you become worse, discontinue this method immediately and consult a doctor.
  3. Do not expect results immediately. The more gradual the cleansing will be, the more sparing it will be for your body.

Someone chooses to clean themselves with folk methods, and someone easier to swallow a pill with a sorbent, but both of them respond positively about their condition after detoxification. Here are a few reviews.

Svetlana : After receiving rice decoction, I began to feel much better. In the abdomen, everything went well and began to work like a clock. What can I say about the appearance: the skin became smooth, all sorts of pimples were gone, hair shines - beauty!

Tanya : Accepted Polysorb, very satisfied with the result. For 14 days of admission, weight in the abdomen left, meteorism disappeared, the chair became regular. And due to diet during the intake of 2 kg more lost! I will definitely repeat the course.

Natalia : I switched to a healthy diet. Soon I realized that drowsiness and apathy had disappeared, I became brisk, more active. Inside, there was a feeling of lightness. Now I plan to visit the sauna.

Video: Cleansing the intestines with apples

Video: Cleansing the body with rice

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