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Any graduation is a special holiday, which is remembered for life. Is not an exception and graduation in kindergarten. The peculiarity of this event is that it is beginning to be prepared for it practically from the beginning of the year. And one of the main tasks for parents of future graduates is the choice of a gift.

What should I remember when choosing a gift?

The question of what to give to children on the matinee, usually causes heated debate among adults. To avoid unnecessary disagreements and finally come to a compromise solution, the parents of future graduates should adopt several recommendations for choosing a gift.

  1. It should be remembered that it should be of interest to the child, not his parents. Adults often get bewildered by the fact that the child does not part with a simple toy and completely does not pay attention to the one that mom and dad liked so much in the store.
  2. You do not need to strive to buy a big thing( first of all it concerns toys).Children of 6-7 years prefer small subjects. It is best to buy a few small presents.
  3. is best to give practical and lasting things. They will last for a long time and will remind of the kindergarten in the following years.
  4. The gift should be memorable and have a symbolic meaning. It is more correct to choose what will help the child to acquire in his own eyes a new, "adult" status.
  5. Usually for children of the same group they prepare the same gifts. But sometimes this rule is violated. In this case, the presents should not differ too much in size and price and be of one category, for example: soft toys, cars, dolls, knapsacks.
  6. For graduation it is worthwhile to buy useful things that the child will later enjoy with pleasure.
  7. Watching souvenirs in the store, the members of the parent committee should focus on the financial capabilities of most parents. In most cases, you should not offer to buy too expensive things.
  8. Material present, which the pupil can take in hands, must be present on the matinee necessarily. Even if it is decided to give children a show with clowns, soap bubbles or a chocolate fountain.
  9. Designing children's gifts, you need to take care of beautiful packaging. A ribbon, a bright bow or a colorful bag will create an additional feeling of celebration.

Examples of gifts for children

Every year kindergartens say goodbye to their pupils. And each graduation party is special, largely due to new ideas of gifts that arise from parents. Gifts, which are handed to children in the kindergarten at the prom, can be divided into several main groups.


  • Books. If the choice fell on this category of presents, then you should take into account that it is worth buying not just collections of fairy tales, but cognitive literature. It can be thematic encyclopedias or works for extracurricular reading of junior schoolchildren, for example, from the "Rodnichok" or "School Library" series. Books should not only be interesting, but also beautifully designed. Colorful cover, a large font and an abundance of illustrations, for sure, like the future first-graders. It will be especially pleasant to receive such a gift if the tutors write personal wishes on the title page. But, unfortunately, the book as a memorable souvenir will not be interesting to all children. It will be appreciated only if the educators have devoted a lot of time to cognitive literature in the classroom.
  • The globe. Of course, he looks very presentable. But, the child will start using the globe much later than the first class. To ensure that such a gift does not seem boring to children, it is necessary to choose not a standard layout, but a modern one, with additional functions. It can be a model of the globe with a relief image of the continents or with training programs. In addition, on sale there are globes with illumination, which can easily replace the night light.
  • Interactive thematic posters."Talking map of the world", "Space", "Zoo" very much like preschoolers of any age. They will not only decorate the children's room, but also help the child to acquire new knowledge.
  • Sets for creativity. To date, manufacturers offer a lot of different versions of similar products.

    Graduates of 2017 will like not only the traditional sets of the artist, but also sets with decorative plates, rhinestones, kinematic sand or felt. An original idea for the gift will be a set for growing colorful crystals.

For future students, the

  • Stationery is considered a classic option. Giving them, you need to say a small accompanying speech about how all these subjects will help the child to study perfectly. It is worth mentioning about each subject separately.
  • School backpack. It should be fashionable, bright and comfortable. It can be decorated with pendants or badges, as well as filled with stationery. Choosing a backpack, you need to consider that many children from the garden will study in the same school. Therefore, backpacks are better to purchase different, preliminarily finding out the preferences of each child.
  • Bag for shoes. It is no less practical gift than stationery and a backpack. Of course, to give a child at the prom in the kindergarten you need a bag for shoes of good quality, decorated with a fashionable print. In addition, inside the bag you need to put and additional souvenirs, for example, a toy, pencils or markers.
  • Table lamp will be very useful during school. A preschooler is useful as a night lamp. As a souvenir table lamps in the form of animals or having bright plafonds are suitable.


  • Notepad and pen. Such a gift will help the child feel like an adult.
    Notepads need to be chosen with beautiful pictures, with frames for photos, locks, trinkets and bookmarks.
    The handle must also have decorations. Children really like to make "notes" in notebooks. They can spend a lot of time on this occupation.
  • Watch. Real wrist watches will give the child the importance not only in their own eyes, but also in the eyes of peers. As a souvenir, watches with bright bracelets and images of the heroes of your favorite cartoons are suitable.


  • Developing board games. In them, the child will be able to play both independently and together with parents or future school friends.
  • Sports gifts( balls, accessories for swimming, hula-hoops of bright colors).Such presents, for sure, will be accepted by children with enthusiasm. After all, summer is ahead, and they will be useful for outdoor games.
  • "Smart" toys are very popular with children. They stimulate cognitive activity and develop fine motor skills.


  • T-shirt or mug with photos of children. Such an original present will be a real surprise for the child. Make it simple by contacting a photo studio. And it will cost quite cheaply.
  • Night light with unusual lighting. Each child will be happy to have in his room such a beautiful accessory, imitating the starry sky or an aquarium with fish floating in it.
  • Alarm clock. The school will require discipline from the child. It can perfectly accustom to the call of an unusual alarm clock in the form of a house or toy. In addition, by the big dial the child learns to learn time faster.
  • Children's cosmetics. In the stores of children's goods a large selection of sets for boys and girls in a beautiful package or special handbags is offered.
  • Fashion Accessories. Not only girls, but also boys are not indifferent to stylish trifles. Therefore, it is quite possible to present fashionable belts, bows, ties or bright umbrellas on the graduation day.
  • Discs with photos of the group and the wishes of children to each other and caregivers.
  • Balloons. On modern holidays, they have already become a traditional element of decor. Children as a concomitant souvenir are usually given balls of the original form, filled with helium. Sometimes at the end of the morning they are released into the sky.
  • A certificate for visiting an entertainment center, a toy store or sporting goods. This is perhaps the most modern kind of gift. It is well suited for those groups in which parents could not come to a consensus when discussing the issue of gifts.


At the final matinee you can not do without commemorative awards. It should not be allocated only to some children. It is necessary that every pupil is marked. For rewarding you can use personal medals or medals with funny texts, diplomas or diplomas, music cards or memorable greetings from the cartoon character. Sweets

Sweet surprises will always come in handy. It can be like everyone's favorite chocolate eggs with toys, and original delicacies. For example: cookies with school predictions, a bag of medals or figured candy.

Gifts for educators

All parents know that at graduation something is given not only to children, but also to educators. The simplest version of the presentation is a bouquet of flowers, sweets, an envelope with money or a certificate for a cosmetics shop. In this case, the bouquet is sometimes replaced with a potted flower in a pot. You can also give gold jewelry or a cosmetic set. In addition, educators are presented with shawls, stoles and rugs, inexpensive cameras.

An unusual gift can be an interesting solution. One of his options - a collage with photos of children and educators. In addition, the original tea service or decorative plate with photos and signatures of children will look original.

Souvenirs for garden workers

In addition to educators, memorable souvenirs are given to other employees of the kindergarten who worked with children: the head, choreographer, music director and speech therapist.

A gift for the manager usually does not differ much from the presentation to educators. Other employees tend to get more modest souvenirs: tea and coffee in a beautiful package, candy or pottery.

Commemorative gift to kindergarten

Each group, , as a rule, tries to leave a good memory of itself. It has become a tradition to make a gift to the kindergarten. Usually the question of presenting a kindergarten is discussed with the manager. She will tell you what is best to buy. This can be curtains, equipment, paintings, toys, sports equipment, garden sculptures, carpets.

A good gift for the garden will also be seedlings of plants that will decorate the territory, for example: rose bushes, rose hips, jasmine or flowers. During the holiday, children can put them together with their parents on the site and make memorable photos.

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