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To emphasize the shape of the face and make it easier for modern girls, henna for eyebrows helps. The painting procedure, called biotatuazha, is traditional for women of fashion in India and North Africa. The substances in the composition penetrate the skin, remaining there for several weeks. Painting with plant pigments is safe, stable and relatively inexpensive. The procedure is performed in the salons, but knowing the technology, you can achieve a beautiful effect and at home.


It would seem, how can henna - dried and shredded leaves of laussonia - be used for tattoo make-up? After all, in the classical view, the tattoo is applied to the skin, piercing it. The salon tattoo of the contour of eyebrows is carried out on the same principle and remains on the face for several months and even years.

Tattooing is painful, and biotagging henna excludes "sharp" sensations. Application of the composition on the skin does not involve punctures. Pigment applied with a special brush is absorbed into the skin, not penetrating the inner layer of the epidermis.

Henna does not just paint eyebrows, it strengthens them, improves microcirculation in the capillaries, restores the structure of the hair and gives the eyelashes and eyebrows a natural look. Biotage recommended for:

  • asymmetry of eyebrows;
  • the presence of scars;
  • a rare hairline and voids;
  • allergies to synthetic dyes;
  • need to recover from substandard procedures using chemical paints.

Biotatuazh with henna for eyelashes and eyebrows is absolutely safe. Paint consists of plant components. Occasionally, chemical substances are added to the cosmetic product, but it depends only on the manufacturer. In order not to harm the skin, carefully read the label where the composition is indicated. The natural dye for the cast includes:

  • chrysophanol, it is necessary for giving a shade, as well as for the removal of inflammation and the prevention of fungal diseases;
  • emodin, it is responsible for the natural shine of the hairs;
  • aloe-emodin, it activates the growth of hair, makes the eyebrows thick and natural;
  • carotene, which is needed to restore brittle cilia;
  • betaine, zeaxanthin and rutin moisturize the skin, protecting it from chemical burns, strengthen hair follicles;
  • fisalen - natural antiseptic, protects against germs.

All components of natural henna have a positive effect on the eyebrows. Unique therapeutic and cosmetic properties of substances will ensure the care of your appearance without visiting the salon. Staining will not only emphasize the best features of the face, it will give the eyebrows a natural, improve their structure.

On the benefits and harms of

Self-painting is no worse than a salon, because an organic natural product is used. Henna will correct the irregular shape of the eyebrows, will make their color saturated. In addition, the remedy has many useful advantages:

  • hypoallergenic components do not cause skin irritations;
  • hair strengthening and smoothing of frontal wrinkles;
  • color palette has several shades( you can choose the tone by mixing several components);
  • safety for pregnant and lactating mothers;
  • painless procedure - natural dye does not cause itching and burning of the skin;
  • eyebrows look thick and beautiful;
  • low cost of the composition.

Thinking about whether it's harmful to stain eyebrows with henna, remember some of the shortcomings of the product:

  1. Color is adjustable only when the paint is applied to the skin.
  2. The hairs can get too dark.
  3. Pigment can overdry the skin. It is recommended to use oil 12 hours before painting, apply a greasy cream before the procedure, and then apply cosmetic oil again.

To clean up your appearance and visually adjust the shape of the face biotatuazhem can almost everyone. Staining is contraindicated if:

  • is observed individual sensitivity to henna, it is worthwhile to test the pigment, applying it to the skin area near the elbow;
  • for eye diseases - conjunctivitis, inflammation;
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding it is better to consult with a specialist;
If chemical painting was performed, the reaction of the powder henna with it will give an unexpected color to the hairs or lead to their loss.

To prevent negative aspects, you need to carefully study the composition of the tool and the timing of manufacturing. Try to buy a quality pigment without synthetic additives. Natural tattooing should be done no more than twice a month.

Features of salon and home procedures

Many girls resort to eyebrow coloring with herbal preparations in beauty parlors. Find a good master who knows the technology of preparation and application of a tool is quite difficult. But if you happen to get such an expert, he:

  1. Will pick up the shade of the product based on the color-type of your appearance.
  2. Adjusts the shape of the eyebrows individually.
  3. Draws the composition strictly along the contour.

In addition, salon biotatuazh longer remains on the face. No time to visit a professional? Knowing the technology of paint mixing, you can perform the procedure yourself. Do not forget about the rules of choosing the color of henna and its saturation. Blondes with fair skin can stay on warm brown shades. Brown-haired women should choose a color that is lighter or darker than curls. Brunettes can get a composition of dark brown and flowers or black.

Preparation henna for eyebrows the right shade easily:

  • A mixture of henna and basma in a 3: 1 ratio. A beautiful chestnut color will come out.
  • 1 tbsp.a spoonful of walnut leaves boiled in 100 ml of water and mixed with paint until pasty. You will get a chocolate shade.
  • 4 tsp.ground coffee pour 200 ml of boiling water and heat for 5 minutes. Add the main powder to get a dark chestnut color.
  • 4 tbsp.l.cocoa, mixed with natural product in equal proportions, will give a noble shade of mahogany.
  • Black color can be obtained if you apply henna on hairs, and on top of it - basma.

When choosing powder paint, stop at Indian. She has more shades than Iranian or Turkish. Do not forget about the combination of color curls and eyebrows.

Self-staining technology

Before starting the procedure, take care that you have:

  • plastic or glass container for solution( metal and ceramics will be more difficult to wash, and there are risks of chemical reaction);
  • disposable plastic spoon or skewer, which is mixed with the coloring composition;
  • beveled tassel with short and hard pile to paint well the cilia and eyebrows;
  • cotton wool wheels and sticks that will help to erase sloppy brush strokes and correct the shape;
  • polyethylene gloves to prevent the solution from remaining on the skin;
  • strips of polyethylene bags or food film;
  • old clothes or apron.

Having conceived to color the eyebrows with henna, choose their shape. The bend is purely individual, it needs to be chosen, focusing on the shape of the face, the cut of the eyes, the nose, the contour of the lips. Do not make the eyebrows "thread", avoid polylines or unnecessary arcs. Stay on the natural density and volume. Remove with the help of tweezers separate hairs, forming a line, and then proceed to staining:

  1. Pour a little warm water into the styling tank. Add a few drops of lemon juice to it.
  2. Pour a pinch of the dye composition, stir with a spoon. The agent for biotatuazha should have the consistency of sour cream, so adjust its density. The mixture should be infused for about 15 minutes.
  3. At this time, prepare: remove all make-up from the face, dry it with a soft towel. Pull out the extra hairs. Be sure to degrease the hairs with alcohol or antiseptic.
  4. Circle the eyebrow contour with a white cosmetic pencil. To make the outline even, you can use a special stencil.
Do not go beyond the contour, apply a thick cream on the skin. This will prevent the absorption of the paint on the epithelial tissue.
  1. Carefully draw lines along the eyebrow contour. Swim lines should be removed with a cotton swab or a napkin.
  2. After completing the procedure, cover the hair with food film or cut into pieces with a plastic bag.
  3. Adjust the duration of the composition individually, depending on the desired shade of the brooch. The minimum is 15 minutes, and the maximum is 45.
  4. Lift the edge of the sachet and look at the color of the hairs. If he arranged you, start washing off henna.
  5. First, the solution is removed from the base of the eyebrows, closer to the bridge of the nose. The rest of the eyebrow remains a solution, you can even lighten the hairs a little. The natural form will be obtained if the tone of the hairs is obscured from the bridge of the nose to the tail.
  6. Remove the remaining henna. If the color is uneven, darken the desired area. Hold it a few minutes under the package and delete everything finally.

After finishing the eyebrow dyeing, henna hair can not be wetted, and on the face - apply peelings and scrubs.

Henna eyebrow coloration at home,

video Result and care

The time of the composition's impact is determined only by the quality of the paint preparation and the observance of the technology. The use of pigment, diluted coffee and basma, will give beauty for 10-14 days. Professional dyes create a clear contour of eyebrows for 30-60 days.

Much depends on the correct care. Frequent effects on the skin with milk to remove make-up, foam or tonic, swimming lessons shorten the terms of socks biotatuazha. Therefore, do not forget to properly care for the brow: apply after the procedure, soft cosmetic oil - sandalwood, coconut or jasmine. The same remedy daily soften the skin, and your eyebrows will remain beautiful for a long time.

Henna has many advantages. Having correctly executed the coloring, you will get a beautiful saturated color of the eyebrows, an even contour. In addition, biotagging reduces the time for the morning makeup. The first time the procedure will take a long time, but a little later the manipulation will be easier, because you will get your hands on.

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