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Blond women have always attracted the attention of the stronger sex with tenderness and charm. By nature, their appearance is not as bright as that of burning brunettes, but it is this elusive charm that makes them especially attractive and sexy. How to make makeup for blondes? This is not an easy task, especially if the natural color of the girl's hair is far from the blond, and the luxurious light hair is the result of staining. To make the bow more expressive and advantageous to emphasize the advantages of spectacular appearance, makeup artists recommend to build on the color of the eyes, hair and skin.

Blondes with gray eyes

Gray-eyed blondes - very common type, at least in Russia. When creating makeup for these girls, the most important thing is to remember that the combination of blond hair and light eyes looks extremely touching. Abuse of decorative means will drown out natural charm and impose an imprint of vulgarity on appearance.

Meikap blonde should be at the maximum natural and at the same time emphasize the beauty of appearance. Happy owners of gray eyes that are popularly called "chameleons" should be chosen in favor of a palette that is close to natural shades - green and brown, violet and pink tones will also look good.

Lipstick is preferable to peach or muted pink.

In the evening make-up for blondes radiant charm to the skin will give meteorites( GUERLAIN Meteorites) - a delightful powder-veil.

Blue-eyed blondes

Often, these girls have very light skin, so they are suitable for pinkish body shades of powder and corrective. Lining and mascara are preferable to soft brown or gray. They will look on a gentle face very naturally and not aggressively, like black.

When choosing eye shadows, you should focus on the color of the curls. To light gray, silver, brown, violet and sandy shades will suit, they will make the look dreamy and romantic. The blue color scheme should be avoided, these shades simply discolor the appearance, merging with the color of the eyes.

As for lipstick, for blondes with blue eyes, all shades of pink are the most suitable.

Green-eyed blonde

This combination looks very impressive and is rare. Happy owners of this original type of appearance are shades of brown color ranging from beige to chocolate. Green color will also emphasize bright eyes and make them even more expressive. Also suitable are purple, copper, silver metallic, golden, mustard, khaki. Avoid should be a saturated turquoise and reddish shades, they do not combine with green eyes.

With regard to voice-frequency means, for the blonde with green eyes sand colors are most suitable.

It is recommended to use not only a dark color in the make-up of eyes, but also light, for example, green eyes, penciled in white, will be very attractive.

Blondes with brown eyes

A brown-eyed blond girl in nature is rare. And this means that you need to make every effort to emphasize this spectacular and rare combination. The perfect solution for evening makeup will be the use of golden brown and peach shadows, and for everyday use shades of pink, purple and mustard.

Mascara can be not only brown, but also black. But blue and green, ideally suited to light eyes, it is better not to paint.

Dark eyes are very expressive, so it is undesirable to make the makeup too bright. For blondes with brown eyes, gentle shades of lipstick are an ideal option. If the eyes are light, with a brownish tinge, then you can use red.

Fashionable makeup trends for blondes

Make-up artists recommend that blondes follow in make-up fashion trends, due to which they will look great.

Flashing mother of pearl

Pearl shadows are a trend of 2017.Most of all, they are suitable for blondes. Mother of pearl on the eyelids makes the eyes shining and expressive. For everyday make-up, all light shades from milky to light brown are suitable. They can be used in evening make-up, if the girl puts an emphasis on naturalness and does not want her bow to be too bright.

The best way is to apply light pearlescent shadows to both the upper eyelid and the lower one to emphasize the contour of the eyes.

Mother of pearl can be used not only with the make-up of eyes, but also the lips. So, a slight shine of shine or lipstick soft muted shades will add to the image of femininity and romance.

Pink shadows - classics of the genre

Blondes, especially blue-eyed, are unusually pink shadows. Pink can be used in various forms, from a gentle pastel shade and ending with a saturated burgundy. True, the exception is blond women with green eyes, pink is contraindicated for them.

When creating makeup, remember that in this case it's important not to go too far with it, otherwise the eyes will look tearful, this is the cunning of pink color. However, the best option for everyday makeup can not be imagined.

In the evening, the expressiveness of the eyes can be emphasized with a few shades, combining light and dark and thoroughly shading them to make the transition smooth.

Using pink pearl or matte lipstick, you can create a very attractive and feminine image.

All shades of red

Make-up for a blonde is unthinkable without red lipstick. Blond charmens are suitable for all shades of red. When applying a bright lipstick, it is very important to follow a clear contour, it is thanks to him that the lips will become sensual and seductive.

For everyday make-up with red lipstick, it is better to use reserved tones, but for the evening it is appropriate saturated. Eyes in this case it is enough just to touch the shadows on the upper eyelids, so as not to distract attention from the bright lips.

Glamorous Smoke Ice

Makeup for blonde women allows for a retreat from the rule that smokey ice is traditionally performed in smoky tones. Many blondes are very brown, so you can use them, for example, they will look great in make-up to a red dress. The pencil can be a darker shade.

Smokey ice in the brown color scheme will make the image of the blond girl refined and mysterious and at the same time will not be too provocative. For an evening out, it can be used in combination with a rich lipstick, but not red. For a cool skin tone, a Burgundy tint is suitable, for a warm one - chocolate.

Do not get involved with blushes. To a person does not look flat, it is better to slightly emphasize the cheekbones with the blushes of a gentle peach shade.

  • Smokey Ice assumes an ideal tone of the face, so carefully choose the tone of the tonal remedy, use the corrector if necessary. A light shimmer will give the skin a spectacular glow.
  • Smokey Ice in smoky tones is designed for girls who prefer the classics. The main rule of a competently executed make-up is a thorough shading of the shades and a smooth transition from one to the other. For everyday make-up, you can use a light version with light tones, leaving only a black pencil or eyeliner, for a more bold evening it is not forbidden to experiment with saturated dark shades.
  • Another rule for the ice-cream apple: the main accent in the make-up is on the eyes, so the bright lipstick will make the image vulgar. The ideal option - a transparent lip gloss or lipstick neutral tones.

Luxury gold

Golden shadows go very well to blondes, and you can use them not only for evening, but everyday makeup. The choice of tone in this case depends on the color of the hair, for example, girls with an ashy Scandinavian shade are better to use cold tones, golden, copper is ideal for luxurious sunny locks.

To make the shadows look good, it is necessary to paint the upper and lower eyelid with a dark brown or black eyeliner. Lipstick in combination with golden shadows is better to use red or light brown.

Powder and blush

  • For blondes with blue eyes and porcelain skin suitable powder of pink natural shade, which will give the face a well-groomed appearance and hide the pallor inherent in this type of appearance. Without blush in makeup can not do, make-up artists recommend pink-coral shades.
  • Gray-eyed girls are better to use light peach or pink powder. Blush should be a shade closer to the peach.
  • An ash blond is suitable for beige powder of cold or neutral shades. Blush should be pink, but in no way a puppet shade, it will look ridiculous, but cold, muffled.

Wedding Makeup

Such a significant event in the life of any girl requires carefully performed makeup.

The first step in creating an ideal make-up is a well-groomed face with a perfectly even tone. For oily skin, it is better to choose light tonal remedies, non-blocking pores, for dry - moisturizing creams with the most dense structure.

Wedding makeup for blondes should not be bright, but it is obliged to emphasize the appearance of the girl. The second step will be the creation of an attractive natural blush. Are bright pink, coral blush. To maximize their hue to the natural, you can use a mix of creamy and friable blush, which will add an image of lightness and romance.

To not be an onion, it is better not to use bright lipstick. The ideal solution is cold, restrained tone, emphasizing the brittleness and elegance of the bride. And that lipstick did not fail at the most crucial moment, makeup artists recommend applying it as follows:

  1. Apply a moisturizer on the lips.
  2. Walk on them with a puff with a light airy powder.
  3. Make a path.
  4. Use a wide brush to start painting your lips, moving from the center to the corners.
  5. Lightly soak lips with a tissue.
  6. Apply a second coat of lipstick.

Makeup can not be considered perfect if the eyebrows are not properly decorated. It is better to use a means for the eyebrows, the shade of which will be one tone darker than the hair.

Shadows are recommended to choose the lightest pastel tones, but eyelashes, in view of the exceptional nature of the moment, can be emphasized with both dark brown and black ink.

Wonderful blond curls look attractive and sexy. However, for such a delightful appearance as a rim of a gem, you need a well-made make-up to emphasize the natural beauty of the blonde.

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