With what you can wear women's losers

  • What kind of shoes is it, what it is
  • With what to wear classic losers?
  • On the platform
  • On the platform
  • On the tractor sole
  • On the heel
  • Brown losers
  • Lacquer
  • Leopards
  • Red
  • Black

Modern women like to try on men's professions, habits, clothes and even shoes. For example, shoes-loffers used to be exclusively men's shoes, however, in the 60s, the fair sex decided that on their legs they would look much better.

What kind of shoes, what it is

Lofer in the classical version is a low-heeled shoes with a wide heel. Today it is a stylish and fashionable kind of footwear, but, unfortunately, not particularly sexy. Therefore, many beauties categorically rejected them for quite a long time and were called simply "grandmother's shoes".And all because not everyone knows with what it is possible to wear female loons to feel "on top" even without heels.

In addition, if you try very hard, you can find on the sale more advanced and modern models - on a platform, a wedge and even on a heel. In general, there are lofers of the following types:

  1. On thick soles.
  2. On high heels.
  3. On low heels.
  4. On the wedge.

Shoes on a thick sole, in turn, have one more kind - on a tractor sole. And loffers without a heel, with a flat sole, are called moccasins.

With what to wear classic losers?

Most often, women choose classic female losers. With what to wear these shoes? Interestingly, they look great both in sports and business style.

You can make bows roughly according to the same rules as for ballet or boat, and, therefore, they will perfectly look like with jeans, and with trousers, skirts, dresses and shorts.

If you need to pick up outerwear for lolors, then you can wear jeans and leather jackets, trench coats( preferably short ones), vests made of natural or artificial fur.

It is worth noting that under these shoes you can wear not only tights, but also socks, various gaiters and even socks.

Loafers on the platform

Girls of short stature who do not like shoes on a flat sole, have an excellent opportunity to wear comfortable platform shoes that visually make them taller and feminine.

  • Strangely enough, loffers on a high platform look good with dresses made of thin chiffon or lace fabrics.
  • Also, short shorts with an extended down shirt will suit them.
  • It should be taken into account that trousers made from heavy fabrics will make your image somewhat rude, so it is better to refuse them.
  • This kind of footwear is better for wearing only slender ladies, since on a full leg it will look a bit heavy and awkward.

On the

wedge the wadding has great advantages compared to a high heel: it simultaneously makes you slightly taller and slimmer and at the same time very comfortable in walking.

  • This model is suitable for any clothing - from jeans of all shapes to pants, dresses, skirts and shorts.
  • It should be remembered that the owner of narrow ankles shoes on the wedge can spoil, making them visually even more subtle.
  • In addition, too high a wedge on a graceful tall girl can look bad and create inconvenience when walking.

On the tractor sole

The first impression that can occur when you see such shoes is brutality, rudeness and inconvenience of the model. But with properly selected clothes the girl will look in lofts on the tractor sole light and cute.

  • Do not think that this shoe is suitable only for walking in the park, you can safely go to a festive event. In this case, your image will be chic and stylish, if, for example, wear a dress with a train of thin chiffon fabric to such shoes.
  • To create a daily image, you can choose short jeans shorts or a short skirt.
  • And in the cool season they will fit well with a truncated jacket, a classic jacket or a denim jacket.
This model is not recommended for girls with rounded shapes, because in this case they risk to look heavily and mundane.

On the heel of the

Under the loafers on the heel, you can wear the same outfits as for ordinary shoes. It is best to choose skirts and straight silhouette trousers, suits in a business style.

For everyday onions, you also need to add to the image elements of business clothing: tight trousers, office jacket, jacket, vest or man's tie.

Brown lofers

The brown color for loffers is considered classic. There is a huge number of the most diverse shades of this color - it can be very light, and almost black shoes.

  • Under brown, it is best to choose clothes in tone, as well as beige, white, shades of red( especially dark varieties).
  • Socks for brown lolfers should be matched in brown or in tone to shoes. In this case, the color of socks should be chosen a little lighter than shoes.


The special feature of the patent leather is that in the summer it looks somewhat elaborate and difficult, and, therefore, lacquer losers are more appropriate to wear in autumn or spring. Therefore, dresses for them should be selected according to the time of the year.

  • With lacquer shoes look great wool short skirts and shorts, short jeans or trousers.
  • With such models, any top clothes made of tweed or rather expensive wool - a coat or a short coat in classical style looks good. Add this outfit with a beautiful scarf - and you will have a chic, perfect bow.


Leopard shoes look bright, catchy, playful. Therefore, you should carefully think over the outfits to which you can put on such loffers. With what is it best to wear them?

  • Shoes with leopard print look great with clothes of brown, beige and dark yellow colors.
  • Any jeans clothes will also be appropriate.
  • With such shoes it will be nice to look some leopard accessory - scarf, belt, clutch, umbrella or neck scarf.


Red shoes always attract attention, so in clothes should avoid too bright accents.

With red loafers, the white outfit will look perfect - it can be jeans or shorts with a T-shirt, as well as a white dress.
  • Modern trends allow you to combine orange, pink and even green with red. Therefore, to red shoes you can wear outfits in these colors or clothes with print in orange, pink or green tones.
  • In addition, it should be borne in mind that if the color of your loffers is quite rich, then clothes should be saturated shades. If the color of shoes is not very bright, for example, coral, then the best approach to them is an outfit in pastel.
  • Shoes of bright colors always need to be balanced with calmer clothing colors.


The feature of black shoes is its versatility and the fact that it is appropriate always and everywhere. Black clothes are suitable for almost any color, except, perhaps, a dark brown, in combination with which you risk acquiring a somewhat gloomy look.

But if the fashionista decides to put on her favorite brown skirt or trousers, then just add a few bright accessories.
In this case, their color must necessarily be combined with brown.

Thus, it can be concluded that this stylish and comfortable look of shoes can be combined with almost all types of clothing:

  1. Wear with socks and without them.
  2. With tights.
  3. Trousers.
  4. with skirts.
  5. Shorts.

So do not be afraid to experiment and create new images every day!

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