Dress at the prom in kindergarten: how to sew, how to decorate yourself

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and their parents( mainly mothers) begin to prepare almost from the beginning of the last year of training. And if the guys treat this evening more or less calmly, then the girls begin almost "pre-wedding jim."The main part of the experience concerns, of course, the attire for the prom.

Do you think that girls who are going to graduation in kindergarten behave differently? No matter how it is! Little fashionistas are even more whimsical than almost adult girls and ballroom toilets are chosen with the same quibbling.

And if the high school students are more or less independent, then the whole responsibility for preparing the girl for the kindergarten graduation party falls on the shoulders of the mother. The parent has to think over the image for her daughter, take care of all the small details of the outfit. To decide, at the end of the day, to sew a dress at the graduation to a kindergarten independently, or to buy all the toilet articles for, say, a considerable price.

There is one more important point. Each mother comes to a choice of a holiday dress for a daughter on a graduation party in own way. Someone is guided solely by their own taste preferences, others try to involve the graduates in this process, negotiating with them all the nuances.

Sew a dress at the prom: pros, stages

The fashion for evening and elegant dresses changes. However, some tendencies are stable, especially for children's holiday bows.2017god is no exception. Therefore, many mothers, roughly representing what should go to the graduation in the kindergarten daughter, try to sew the attire yourself.

This is beneficial and not as difficult as it may seem. In addition, the self-made dress is the guarantor of exclusivity. The outfit will be unique, and the risk of encountering a similar dress on another girl is excluded.

How does dressing for graduation begin?

1. The first step in creating a solemn image is choosing the dress style. The space for imagination here is almost unlimited. The main thing is that the dress looked good on the figure, it was beautiful and liked the very culprit of the celebration. Adult women are more sophisticated in these matters, so the starting point for choosing a suitable dress for a matinee on such a solemn occasion should still be the individual data of the child. That is, the outfit should be chosen so that the graduate felt comfortable in him, the image was to her face and corresponded to her temperament.

You can stop the choice of a ball dress with a complex cut, multi-layered puffy skirt, train, etc., or look at more sophisticated and elegant models with a minimum of complicated details and decor. And the one and the other option is relevant. You can also sew yourself a more practical dress, which the girl will be able to put on after graduation to other, less solemn events.

2. After determining the style, you need to go to the choice of fabric.

  • If the cut of the dress is light, airy and gentle, for example, in the Greek style, flowing fabrics - polyester, chiffon, silk, are more suitable for it.
  • To create lush skirts you will need tulle, for long voluminous dresses a la princess from a fairy tale or ball gowns - satin, brocade, fabrics with a brilliant impregnation of lurex, cotton with the addition of elastane.
  • We also need decor elements - lace, beads, beads, embroidery sequins, artificial flowers, bows, appliques, etc.
  • Do not forget about the threads of the corresponding color, elastic bands, tight belt inserts and other smallvery important details, without which it is impossible to sew a dress.

3. Now you can make a pattern on paper, cut out the fabric and start sewing. All stages of the process must be performed carefully and with a soul. Be careful with the tissues that "pour".The edges of the details of a dress made of such a material must necessarily be tucked and twisted, so that the threads do not unfold.

To sew a long ball gown on the prom in the garden, you will need considerable sewing skills and some skill. Plus jewelry, the creation of which also requires experience. Therefore, if the girl really wants to dress up for the last matinee in the garden in the dress of the princess, you need to start sewing it in advance, so that time will suffice for everything.

We create an individual design without sewing

If you do not have sufficient skills in sewing the mother of the future graduate, or you do not have time to sew dresses for her graduation, you can go in a simple way: buy a favorite dress in the store and turn it into a smart decoration with the help of various decor elements.

As decorations for the girls dresses on the prom dress matched perfectly:

  • all kinds of sequins;
  • sequins;
  • beads;
  • rhinestones;
  • glossy multi-colored braid( wide and thin);
  • ruches;
  • lace and ready-made lace prints;
  • embroidery elements;
  • tissue applications;
  • flowers;
  • beads and more.

Problems with the choice can arise only due to the fact that today in the shops the assortment of goods of this group is unusually wide, so it is difficult to dwell on something specific.

On the other hand, with the help of simple decor elements, even the most common, everyday dress can be turned into a chic evening dress in a matter of hours.
  1. It will be appropriate to decorate the skirt with a scattering of small satin roses. Flowers can be selected in the color of the fabric or play with contrasts.
  2. You can sew lace on the bodice, decorate the hem with multilayer flounces of transparent weightless fabric.
  3. Look great on any dress intended for a solemn occasion, embroidery with beads, shimmering sequins, paillettes.
  4. Very effective dress with your hands on the graduation can be created from a conventional body without sleeves - white, pink, blue. Just something and you need to buy a cut of tulle or tulle fabric, measure the right length and put on a rubber band a magnificent skirt, like a ballerina."Hide" the rubber bands on the belt can be with the help of a wide satin ribbon, which on the side or on the back will be tied in an elegant bow. To decorate the top of this dress, you can use any of the above decor elements. Gorgeous skirt decorated with rhinestones, beads, flowers, embroider sequins, etc. The length of the attire can be varied at will.
  5. In order for the image to be harmonious, it is necessary to choose beautiful shoes in tone or neutral color to the dress. Buy accessories: handbag, bracelet, necklace. Finish the image will help hair, for the decoration of which you can use elegant hoops, flowers.

How to make a tulle from a tulle for a girl - video

The color and style of a dress at the prom

in the garden

  1. A classic version for a farewell party with a kindergarten is a white elegant dress. Original and fresh on the little girl will look a style "balloon" with a voluminous soft skirt, fitting top and butterfly sleeves or very fashionable this year "flashlights".The bodice of a snow-white dress can be decorated with miniature soft pink, blue, white flowers. The waistline will be emphasized by an elegant girdle tied in a large bow.
  2. Very elegant and actual at the prom dress look smart purple dress. Suitable for the graduate of the kindergarten is a dress made of cloth with an outflow - taffeta, satin, muslin. Regardless of the style, festive toilets in lilac shades look stylish, solemn and not at all "worn out", like pink.
  3. Beautiful and fashionable look the final plum dresses on girls with dark hair. The style can be chosen to taste, for example, a trapezoidal, non-shackling movement. In this outfit the girl will look very elegant. To complete the image under the plum dress, you can choose shoes of a neutral shade or tone of the dress. To decorate a hairdress with a satin ribbon, a bow, a hoop or a large flower in the same color scheme.
  4. To the little blondes to the face all shades of blue. Excellent option at the prom - light dress in three tiers, made of air chiffon. In addition to the fact that in such a weightless dress the girl will feel comfortable enough on a hot summer day, from the outside she looks very elegant and festive. To this model, shoes on a small wide heel or ballet shoes are ideal.
  5. Graduation dresses for girls can be made of fabrics with a metallic tint. Gold and silver are best cut off immediately: these outfits are too "heavy" and out of place at a children's party. But the dresses in the pastel range, for example gray-pearl color, look just great. Ideal for the prom dress in the garden dresses made of satin or taffeta with metallic shining, chiffon, batistovye models with elegant gold or silver embroidery.

The length of the skirt can be any: mini, to the middle of the roe, to the floor. Popular in recent years are the styles of evening dresses for girls with a multi-level hem, as if forming behind a small train.

Dress-transformers - beautiful and practical

Very popular in recent years, options for girls and girls on graduation steel dresses-transformers.

The peculiarity of them is that some parts can be attached and removed at the right time. In addition, if you do not buy a ready-made dress in a store, and sew it yourself or to order, this style allows you to realize any original ideas.
  • The base of the dress can be made of lightweight breathable fabric, and on top of it - flowing or curvy skirts. They can be sewn from any suitable fabric: silk, satin, taffeta, chiffon, tulle, etc. Decorate with embroidery, lace, braid, bows, flowers, rhinestones, beads. The top of this dress should also be decorated in the chosen style to create complete harmony in the outfit.
  • In addition to the skirt, dresses-transformers can have many other removable parts: flounces, pelerines, ruffles, sleeves, etc.
  • For emphasizing the waist, satin ribbon is usually used in tone or oncontrast with the basic details of the dress. You can also use embroidered braid, decorative braided laces as a girdle.

Every little girl will be very happy to wear a fairy princess with a tight bodice and a fluffy skirt on the floor. Such outfits, made of white, pink, cream, blue, pale lilac and richly embroidered with decorative elements, probably never lose their popularity and will not cease to be relevant for the graduation party in the kindergarten.

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